Media Class Propaganda – Reporters at Work!

It is the claim of this website that the now-Ruling American Media Class uses its Mainstream News Media and its Entertainment Industry primarily for propaganda purposes.   Anything and everything that we read see and hear each day is poisoned by its subordination to an artfully concealed agenda. We include in our accusation of propaganda the output of the TV networks, almost all the Nation’s newspapers, the reports of AP and Reuters, the computer-service providers of news like Comcast, and ABC News. When a news story is first investigated by Mainstream Media (MSM) reporters, it is assessed as to its usefulness for the agenda or its harm to it. The agenda is a Leftist one politically and an amoral one socially. The effectiveness of the Media Class propaganda lies in its ubiquity, its consistency and its apparent neutrality. 

    Although many conservatives are aware that the News is tainted at best and wholly dishonest at worst, the vast majority of what Rush Limbaugh calls ‘low information voters’ believe that what they read, see and hear from the MSM is both factually correct and comprehensive, (by ‘comprehensive’, we mean that they believe they are getting ‘all’ the News that is available). It never crosses the minds of most citizens that there may be stacks of important news items that the Media Class is suppressing. Nor do they realize that almost all the MSM Entertainment they enjoy – everything from Hollywood to Broadway – or are simply exposed to, constantly promote a hidden and revolutionary agenda. 

    Besides peddling a hidden agenda, the MSM news and its Entertainment arm also relentlessly work to destroy those politicians and public figures who are considered dangerous to the ultimate victory of the new Rulers’ revolutionary program. Their destruction is achieved by everything from sneers, innuendo and ridicule to greatly-inflated ‘scandals’, gross misrepresentation and outright lies. And to rub salt into the wounds of the victims, members and allies of the Media Class are shamelessly protected. On this website we constantly give examples of this double standard but visitors may wish to compare the past MSM misrepresentation of many a Sarah Palin phrase, to last week’s speedy elimination from the records of an embarrassing Michelle Obama statement. Such examples are so commonplace that even Conservatives have ceased being outraged. In our previous article we once again reported how the Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case has been used by the MSM solely for propaganda purposes and with scant regard for facts, legal process and justice. 

    Few conservatives and certainly no low information voters are aware that the MSM has long circulated to its members guidelines which include that all news stories should show certain minorities in a positive light and avoid negativity towards these selected minorities. In America, African Americans and White homosexuals are the main beneficiaries of these guidelines. In the UK these guidelines are also commonplace and apply to the same groups plus Muslims. If the News Media owners and Editors did not employ these guidelines strictly (and they do), the reporters’ unions would in any case ensure that they were enforced. To underpin this manipulation of News, all Schools of Journalism teach them as essential rules of journalism. Journalists are taught that their calling is to radically change society Leftwards and to defeat Rightwing forces. There is therefore unity in the MSM industries concerning the manipulation and perversion of the news. The contents of this paragraph are beyond dispute. Guidelines that ensure the ‘news’ is slanted in favor of African Americans (or any other segment of American society) must result in dishonest news. How can it be otherwise? Whilst the MSM has one long open season systematically destroying the reputations and lives of Christians, Conservatives and Nationalists it is busy hiding other news. Here are two examples of hidden news and information (one in the USA and one in the UK) that, given a mere change of skin color and/or sexual orientation, would almost certainly have resulted in very different reporting and Media treatment. 

    For the first I am indebted to the Internet website Free Republic (and a reference March 4th posted by Bo Stinkss) 1 2 3. Last week in Clarksdale Miss. the body of Marco McMillian was found. He had been badly beaten, his body dragged and burned. Mr. McMillian was a former Alabama A&M Administrator and was running for Mayor of Clarksdale, a small town. Mr. McMillian is reported as being Black, openly homosexual and a Democrat. Now given the three adjectives, Black, Homosexual and Democrat one would have expected this gruesome and tragic death to have made as big headlines across the Nation (even in the UK MSM) as the Trayvon Martin death. Surely this is a story that should have been used to conjure up the Klan, Southern racism, 1860, Rightwing Republicans nurturing hate and bigotry and ‘gay victimization’. Yet the MSM has ignored it, proving that it does not cover stories just because they are gruesome, shocking and intriguing. The explanation for MSM concealment might have much to do with the fact that 22 year-old Jeremy Reed has already been charged with Mr. Mcmillian’s death. The families have confirmed that the two men knew each other and Mr. Reed is also Black. The police have said that this is not a ‘hate crime’. 

    We might conjecture from the paucity of information now coming from the local Clarksdale Media (and the absence of the MSM) that Mr. Reed is not only Black but homosexual too and that this is a crime of ‘passion’. Most likely, we shall never be told by the Media because news about Blacks and homosexuals must never be negative. If Mr. Reed had been a White heterosexual, we can be sure that not only the American MSM would be all over it but all the Western World’s Media. And surely President Obama would have injected himself into the story. Even if it transpires that Mr. Reed, the alleged killer, is heterosexual, the fact that he is Black will ensure that the MSM completely buries this very newsworthy story. 

    In the UK’s Birmingham this week, 16 year old Christina Edkins had just boarded a public bus to her Halesowen school when a man stabbed her in front of a busload of passengers. BBC News (a world leader in the art of Media propaganda) March 7th reported the killing with much detail about poor Miss Edkins. It minimally reported that “Officers have released a CCTV image of a man wearing a jacket with a tiger design on the back” and “West Midlands Police are investigating whether it was a random crime” 4

    Since the bus was packed with passengers we might conclude that the police and reporters would have obtained a detailed description of the killer. At the minimum they would know his skin color, yet the only Media identifying detail of him – and surely the Midlands public needed to know how best to identify him for self protection – is the back of his jacket? 

    We now know that a 22 year old man has been arrested in connection with the murder and he is – surprise, surprise – Black. In the UK – now a semi Police State – the Police and the BBC are as one in not mentioning race and skin color unless a perpetrator is White. We might suspect that Ms. Edkins’ murder is a race-hate crime but since she is White and the alleged killer is Black, this must be a ‘random’ incident. We can conclude that the new Orwellian word now employed by both the BBC and the police is ‘random’, which means any Black on White killing. Invariably, any White on Black killing – a rarity – is prima facie a ‘hate crime’. Of Course, we might be missing the most subtle meaning here! Perhaps poor Ms. Edkins was picked at random from among the White passengers. 

    Bearing in mind how in the USA any crime currently committed with a gun provides the Media Class and its Leftist allies with headlines calling for more gun control, we might note that in the UK – where guns are only provided to minority criminals and the police – this was a knife attack. Just to add to the Orwellian flavor of this tragic killing of a young girl whose life did not need ‘turning around’, the local Socialist MP, who cannot avoid making a public response in this case, has arranged a meeting with the bus company to discuss ‘bus safety’. Only here in this new Century of imposed racial enrichment can race-based crime be reduced to morning ‘bus safety’ in the midst of a busy city. 

    We should add ‘random’ to the list of Media Class words that now have a new meaning. It will sit nicely with ‘gay’, ‘inclusiveness’, ‘enrichment’, ‘hate’, ‘bigotry’, ‘pride’ and that happy duo ‘marriage equality’. 

    Here is some good news that seems either to have escaped the notice of the MSM or the MSM intends that it should escape your notice. In Finland, MP’s have rejected an attempt to make same-sex marriage legal. I couldn’t help noting that the Finnish Cabinet Minister who introduced the Bill, Alexander Stubb, looked decidedly homosexual. I may, of course, be wrong. 

    Last week, Poland’s anti-Communist hero Lech Walesa, had some forthright and accurate things to say to the Nation about homosexuality and its undesirability in public life. The MSM of the Western World was outraged and predicting that he had destroyed his legacy and alienated the Polish people. The MSM knows full well that he has not alienated Poland’s normal people but their reporters intend to create that impression and will surely work night and day and in lockstep across the Western World to ensure that his legacy is destroyed. He may find himself crucified, wholly misrepresented and demonized in history books along with America’s anti-Communist hero Joe McCarthy. 

    Weather – After a wet night it remains miserably cold here in middle California but warmer weather is said to be on the way. All across the fruited plain the weather continues cold and blizzards are commonplace in the North East. I see that the whole Northern Hemisphere remains gripped by low temperatures. Well, this is winter and normal but our weather is not supposed to be normal any longer and so all cold weather is now either under-reported or attributed to MMGW. I suppose our half of the globe is experiencing a ‘cold snap’. (How I love those BBC phrases. I picture the ‘luvvies’ of the BBC sat around on each other’s laps and brainstorming them). I have no report from the UK’s Starcross so I am wondering if that little estuary village is now under the rising seas. 

    Music Choice – Among the melodious British singers of the 1950’s was Norman Milne. Milne (born 1924) was a working class lad with talent from Merseyside before that area became famous for kids lacking talent but much confidence. Milne won a talent contest and launched a singing career under the name Michael Holliday. Holliday was a great fan of Bing Crosby and aspired to sound like him. Personally, I was never impressed by Crosby’s voice or style and I thought Holliday’s voice was far superior and in its own way just as distinctive. My favorite Holliday recording was ‘Starry Eyed’ written by Earl Shuman and Mort Garson and recorded in 1959. This pleasant and simple love-song rose to number 1 in the British Hit Parade. Holliday suffered from acute stage fright and depression and regrettably committed suicide in 1963. 

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