Media Class Preparing to Choose Next President

Tomorrow evening (Tuesday, 20th February) Barack Obama will arrive in Hollywood to attend a fundraiser for his Presidential campaign. Obama is the Great Black Hope of some rich white Democrats.

The fundraiser is being hosted by the Dreamworks gang of Stephen Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen, all of whom rank amongst the richest and most influential people in Hollywood. According to pundits, Obama is popular with some of the Hollywood elite because he has been anti-war throughout his short stint in Congress and is not amongst the Presidential hopefuls who voted for the war before they voted against the war. I assume all three of the Dreamworks gang are Jewish and one might have expected that they would be hawkish on the issue of the war against Islamic Imperialism, but as regular visitors to this website will long ago have learned, Media Class people generally prefer a fantasy world to the real thing. Spielberg, at least, has spent his life in fantasy, and has become rich as a result. I suppose he believes that if only the US had expressed remorse for its past after 9/11, all would have been resolved and the threat to his little cocooned world averted.

Anti-war sentiment is as strong in Hollywood (and in the Arts world in general) as it is anywhere, but we should not overlook how much of the emotion has to do with Iraq/Afghanistan being Bush’s War. If Clinton had been the architect of the invasions, Hollywood feelings might well have been different. We (Mr. Radical and Mr. Right) believe that for Media people other issues are far more important than foreign policy and national defense, when it comes to electing politicians. Bush’s proclaimed Christianity of the old-fashioned sort, is what has made him so hated by the Bohemians of Hollywood and indeed anywhere in the world where the Arty crowd collects. Obama passes the litmus tests as comprehensively as any of the other Democrat hopefuls. He is for same-sex marriage, easy abortion and all the other issues so crucial to the Media Class. He is also Black and supporting him will enhance the liberal credentials of his fundraisers.

In the recent 2006 elections, the entertainment industry is said to have donated more than $22m dollars to politicians and two thirds of that to Democrats. I expect the other third went to socially liberal Republicans. On this website we like the old English sayings, for they are invariably true and in this case “He who pays the piper calls the tune” seems very apt.

The Dreamworks gang will raise a lot of dollars for Obama, but he should not get carried away, for they can afford to buy him and still have plenty left to buy someone else, too. At some point Hillary will make the pilgrimage to Hollywood and her take will dwarf Obama’s. There are many very rich people in Hollywood and they are not all household names. She will come away with her already immense war chest spilling over.

The pundits are reporting that Obama is not resonating with the African American voters. It is our view that the African American vote, like the Jewish vote, is locked up for Hillary and that the only race in the Democrat primaries is between Obama and John Edwards—- for Hillary’s running mate. The Media Class bolstering of Obama at this time is all puff designed to make the race look interesting and to make Hillary look like she will have triumphed over tough opposition to take the flag.

The Media Class is more than happy with Hillary and will ensure that she wins the nomination. The war may be a big issue for many Leftist rank and file Democrat activists, but for the Media Class elections are all about permissive social policies, and in the end it is the Media Class that will annoint Hillary for President.

Regular visitors to our website will have noticed a lack of recent articles. Unfortunately, moving house with a U Haul truck last week left no time or energy for political commentary, but we are now back in action. The local election results in Bedworth and Burnley (UK) did not escape our notice and Tory leader David Cameron must be a worried man. Still one man’s poison is another man’s meat and BNP leader Nick Griffin must be looking forward to the May council elections with some confidence. The UK media has its work cut out to derail the BNP express and those BBC chaps will be burning the midnight oil with only 11 weeks to go.

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