Media Class – Its Power Permeates Everything

This website regularly warns our counter-revolutionary brethren that any and all exposure to the Media is dangerous to one’s health.   We also advise them to rely on such old-fashioned senses as the evidence of lying eyes and anecdotes from personal experience. Both are more reliable in these days of ubiquitous Media propaganda than anything that is promoted as news and/or entertainment by not just the Mainstream Media (MSM) but all Media. We adults who expose ourselves, even infrequently, to TV, Radio, Newsprint, Cinema, the Computer, Advertizing, pro-Sport, Pop Music and Theater are unwittingly absorbing dangerous and cunning propaganda that is as thorough and pernicious as that which is daily planted in the minds of the Nation’s school-children. The most alert and wary of counter-revolutionaries like to think they are too smart to be negatively influenced by the propaganda of the ruling Media Class but we warn that resisting the Media Class message requires rigorous avoidance and constant resistance. 

    The Media Class’ corrupting message is everywhere, often disguised as entertainment, and it comes to us in varying degrees of brazenness. Most dangerously it comes disguised as evolutionary, unstoppable progress. It also succeeds in corrupting us by omission. For an example of the latter here is one of those anecdotes I extolled in the opening paragraph. 

    Earlier this week I met an old friend for coffee. She lives in the East Bay about 30 miles from San Francisco. She and her husband are of Oriental origin but completely American. Both are very committed Christians and attend a large and popular Protestant Church every week. They move in Christian circles and have two young children who are being raised as Christian. They could be considered ‘struggling affluent’ and, like most Americans, get their news from the MSM. They consider the Democrat Party to be the ‘caring’ Party and have twice voted for Obama. I avoid getting into politics with them because I am sure they think that I – with no TV in my house – am poorly informed. What I believe and say seems to them to fly in the face of the reality of the daily news they hear and see. They are also very ‘aware’ of America’s history of White oppression of Black people and other minorities and probably assume that my opposition to Obama is unconscious racism. They have bought into MMGW because it is, they are informed by all news outlets, scientifically authenticated. 

    At the end of our talk about our respective families I asked my friend if she was aware that the previous Saturday there had been a pro-life march in SF and that it had been attended by many thousands of Christians from around the Bay. She was astonished, almost to the point of disbelief. She said she had no idea that there had been such a march. When I added that in Washington DC on the same day, hundreds of thousands of Christians had marched, she was equally astonished. I told her that the Media regularly suppresses news. As it happens I also did not know about the SF march until after the event for I would have joined it had I known. 

    None of the Churches I have attended (and the latest is very conservative) promote the march or mention it. Apart from the marchers, America (and the world) remains ignorant of these counter-revolutionary protests. Needless to say, if four nose-studded, tattooed Leftist exhibitionists demonstrate in Moscow for any kind of sexual ‘freedom’ the world is notified of their heroism. 

    There is another problem for those who attempt to reveal the agenda of the Media Class and its Leftist allies. It is the MSM’s skill in promoting its own and its allies conflicting policies. Thus it promotes mass immigration and environmental conservation simultaneously. It promotes the need for more workers from the Third World and simultaneously successfully claims to fight for the native unemployed. It demands health care for all and simultaneously promotes the availability of immediate health care for the latest AIDS sufferer to get off a plane from Africa. It demands an end to the growth of suburbs and the erection of housing blocks near mass transit yet uses building permits to get political subscriptions and subsidizes the Detroit car-makers and their unions. It fights the death penalty for killers (with heart-rending details of their last moments) and simultaneously promotes and finances the mass murder of babies (whilst banning the details of their deaths to avoid offending the sensitive). It plasters the identifying faces and personal details of any Republican politician who stands accused of a trivial crime yet will not mention the color of skin of a Black killer on the loose whose victim gave the police an identifying description. It tub-thumps about the conservative ‘war on women’ whilst conferring sainthood on the Kennedy’s and Bill Clinton. It expands the Government surveillance of all Americans in the war against terrorism whilst opening America’s doors to Muslim immigrants. It complains that Americans are spending too much on their own healthcare and celebrates the outrageous amounts that the same people are now spending on operations and medications for their dogs. The list of contradictions is endless but can successfully be run in tandem by an unchallenged Media. 

    In the WSJ two weekends ago I counted 3 different articles that were promoting the homosexual agenda. Nothing unusual about this, except that it was only three! On the TV page there was a TV review headed by a picture of three happy young men strolling along a street. Below is the first paragraph of the lengthy review that followed. 

    “The opening sequence of ‘Looking’ might not have been thinkable even a few years ago. The new HBO show about the lives of three gay men in San Francisco begins with one of them having a furtive sexual encounter with a stranger in a public park. In the past, such a scene might have been deemed offensive for contributing to a negative stereotype. But times have changed, and ‘Looking’ is what might be called a postmodern portrait of gays in America. The sex scene is played as comedy”. 

    This paragraph is packed with cunning propaganda. Certainly the whole series would have been unthinkable not so long ago, not because of stereotyping, but because the Nation had not yet been fully brainwashed about perverted lifestyles. As this series shows the public’s ‘stereotyping’ was accurate. True, a furtive sexual encounter with a stranger in a public park would have been suppressed by the MSM, but only because the public was being denied knowledge of the perverted, dangerous and disgusting practices of homosexuals. The MSM was busy promoting a false but sanitized depiction of male homosexuals. That such behavior is now being promoted as ‘entertainment’ for the masses reveals that the Media Class is now confident that the public has been sufficiently indoctrinated to be introduced to the next step downwards to the normalization and promotion of all perversion. 

    Wendy Davis, the Democrat who advocates the killing of babies in the womb and who is running for Governor of Texas, has been caught out ‘doing an Obama’, which is to say rewriting her personal history to bolster her political campaign. This dangerous extremist and heroine of the Feminazis is a formidable opponent for the Republicans for she is the darling of the MSM and the rich who now make up the ruling class of America. I see that Carolyn Oliver, a retired physician and philanthropist of Austin has donated $1m to her campaign and so have Steve and Amber Mostyn. Other donors include rich Media celebrities Barbra Streisand and Martine Navratilova. A million dollars is not chump change and is a reminder that counter-revolutionaries are resisting those with all the money and power. 

    Last week, briefly tucked away in the corner of the MSM, was a Reuters’ report of a mass killing in Yola, Nigeria. Muslims killed 62 Christians in an attack on a Church. Such killings of Christians are now commonplace around the world and seem to pass almost unremarked. The MSM of course consistently downplays Muslim violence and probably welcomes the death of Christians. But why is it that such crimes are not mentioned, let alone condemned, by pastors in Christian Churches? 

    This week, the Supreme Court of India ruled that a law banning homosexual behavior must be upheld. The Court insisted that any changes to legislation must be made by legislators and not Courts. The MSM is avoiding reporting this setback for India’s perverts, for America’s MSM reporting has to promote the idea of an unstoppable homosexual advance around the world. The British Imperialists obviously bequeathed India a respect for real democracy and separation of powers. Ironically, such respect has long since died in the UK and the USA, where judges now make law. 

    Weather – Warmer nights and a tiny amount of rain arrived in middle California last night but now even the Southern States of the USA are experiencing the extreme cold that precedes MMGW!! In the UK it is rain as usual.

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