Media Class Dumps Hillary


Despite a huge win in Puerto Rico and two Primary results still to be declared tonight, Senator Hillary Clinton is being counted out by the Media Class. All across the Mainstream Media and in almost every small corner too, the Media is pronouncing her dead and strongly advising her to be gracious in defeat. Side by side with the death announcements, the Media is busy advocating ways that the Democrat Party wounds can be quickly healed so that Obama can proceed triumphantly to the Presidency in November. Never has the Media Class been more united behind a candidate and more energetic in its campaign for him. McClain will face the most biased reporting ever experienced by a Republican candidate if he looks as though he has the remotest chance of winning. The vitriol poured on President Bush over the last eight years will be as nothing compared to the Media’s destruction of McCain if he seems like a serious competitor for the White House, for the Presidency is now being reserved for the Leftist empty suit from Chicago.

Although you would never know it from Media reporting, the Democrat Party is facing major problems. Yesterday, on conservative Talk Radio I heard reports from the weekend’s Democrat Rules committee and speeches being made by Democrat Feminazis outside the meeting. Never have I heard more angry outbursts, most of them openly racial, as the frustrated Clinton supporters foamed at the defeat of their idol through manipulation of the delegate arrangements for Florida and Michigan.

Let us look at the facts, something the Media’s reporters are keen to play down on Obama’s behalf. As the campaign went on and Obama became the front-runner by the narrowest of margins, Mrs. Clinton began racking up many overwhelming victories, the final one being in Puerto Rico. Leaving aside Florida and Michigan, she has matched Obama more or less in total votes cast and won almost all of the States that are safe Democrat States like New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and California. She would certainly have won Florida and Michigan had they had recognized contests. Obama has been very clearly rejected by whole swathes of the Democrat base and much of his support has come from the racially-based votes of Black America. Blacks have voted for him, not because of his policies (for they are no different than Mrs. Clinton’s) but because he is one of them. Dare I say it? They are not at all concerned whether his Presidency would make America safe or prosperous, only that he is Black. It is possible that he will do both as President, but it is very clear that 90% of Blacks do not care. They are voting for the color of his skin for he is not one of them in any other respect. He is wealthy, privileged, vain and calculating and the Party he represents has never lifted Blacks off the bottom rung of the ladder, despite years of political power in many cities. Intellectual White Leftists, who live in a world of ideology (not the real world) have voted for him in droves for the same symbolic reason. Much of Big Business and the Nation’s very wealthy people, sensing a Democrat landslide in November and craving Media Class approval have funded his campaign, despite Media propaganda about the contributions from ordinary people. He has outspent the well-funded Clintons by two-to-one and given that the US is reported to be reeling from poverty, unemployment and recession, I find it hard to believe that poor White people and even poorer Black people have been coughing up their meager dollars for him time and time again. I think it would be instructive to learn how much of his campaign has been funded by George Soros.

The picture at the moment is of a Democrat Party more divided than ever before and if Obama emerges the candidate, he faces the hostility of many White working class voters, Latino voters and perhaps many activist women. No doubt the baby-murdering policies of Obama will bring most Feminazis back into the fold by November, but the other two groups may not be open to seduction.

Regarding the Black vote, I have been surprised by the revelations from Trinity United Church. The latest video clips of the (White) Catholic preacher Father Michael Pfleger can be seen on the Michelle Malkin website. His rants to the congregation at Trinity will surely upset many White working class voters, if they are used by the Republican campaign. They will not surface in the MSM of course, for they are incendiary and extremely damaging to Obama. Pfleger himself is an Elmer Gantry- a man carried away with his own angry vanity and wallowing in his ability to arouse ignorant emotions by hate speech. His motivation has little to do with God and Religion and everything to do with narcissim. I would guess that he has long practiced his rants in front of the mirror and he is good at what he does, just as Hitler was. What is really devastating about these video clips is not Pfleger, but the shots of his audience, for they reveal Black hatred and jubilation at hearing the hate speech. Clearly the racial divide in the USA is as great as ever for many Blacks and Obama, his wife and children sat in this congregation for twenty years. It is estimated that Obama also donated and engineered earmarks of public funds of over $300,000 during that time. Disowning Trinity United Church now will not erase that long association with its people and its views.

The long Democrat campaign has taken the shine off Obama and his uplifting though empty message of change and national unity. Any smart observer will see him for what he is, a calculating, unprincipled, smooth-talking, ambitious politician who has a problem-filled political history. In a world where the Media did its job of reporting the truth he would be stone-cold dead before now and the unappealing Clintons would have won the nomination of their Party. However, we do not live in such a world, but one where the Media Class now rules and wields enormous political power. Obama is its man for he can be expected to advance the Media Class agenda on abortion, homosexual liberation, immigration, the weakening of America’s best people and commitment to supra-national law-making bodies like the UN. McCain once enjoyed some Media sunshine when he sniped at Bush and broke ranks with his Senate colleagues at crucial times. He will enjoy no more Media sunshine for hurricanes, tornadoes and torrential rainstorms are about to envelop him and his Party.

There is not much good news these days for Christians, conservatives and Nationalists, but just occasionally a little piece of news from the real world gives them a modest lift. Last week we learned that the Ford motor Company is in deep trouble and optimistic forecasts for its future have been dashed. As readers of this website and the AFA website will know, the Ford Motor Company under the influence of Bill Ford has been a huge donor to homosexual causes. One explanation for these many gifts to a ‘community’ that is already flush with money, is that the ‘pink’ dollar is worth pursuing. Personally, I don’t think that has anything to do with Bill Ford’s largesse and the gifts have never been inhibited by Ford Company losses and lay-offs. Now it transpires that the ‘pink’ dollars are not as important as we were led to believe and the withdrawal of custom by the ‘red-neck’ customers has hit Ford badly. Ford’s popularity with the Media, which loves to print good news for the Company, has not been able improve its bottom line (no pun intended!).

Whilst on the subject of sodomy, let us touch base in the UK, where the Media Class also rules and where the tax-funded BBC mostly sets the Leftist Media Class agenda along with the Guardian Newspaper. There has been a series of reports and tributes to an-ex BBC employee since last December. His name was Kevin Greening and at the early age of 44 he died suddenly in December 2007. Over several years with the BBC Greening was employed as a Radio 1 Breakfast DJ, worked on the BBC Radio 5 Live program and then for the BBC World Service. More recently he moved to another Media broadcasting job. He was therefore a ‘Media’ man and moved seamlessly from one Media job to another.

This week the findings of the Inquest into his death were made public. He “died from a drugs overdose after taking part in a gay bondage session” to quote the Inquest report. “He was found dead having indulged in unorthodox sexual behavior involving restraint equipment and illegal drugs.  In a leather sling attached to scaffolding in the bedroom of a flat occupied by his boyfriend Sean Griffin wearing a rubber suit and cling film in ‘gaffer tape’” I don’t know what gaffer tape is and what connection it has with sexual activity, but then I don’t know what sexual connections rubber suits and cling film have either. His boyfriend Sean Griffin has issued a statement on their sexual relationship saying “It was not conventional by heterosexual norms perhaps, but it was a sex life which was vigorous and imaginative and we enjoyed each other.”

We have long argued on this website that homosexual ‘relationships’ are based on fantasy and sado-masochism and this is why they should not be equated with normal heterosexual relationships that are fundamentally connected to procreation. Homosexual relationships would not be encouraged and promoted in a healthy society, which is not to say that they should be criminalized. God only knows why Greening and Griffin sought satisfaction in such dangerous and bizarre practices and one can only assume that they had bad childhood experiences or that each was corrupted and exploited at some vulnerable point in their lives. We should pity them and their families and leave it at that. Some people are driven to have sex with animals, some with the dead, some with close family members and some by anal intercourse. None of it is normal and no amount of sophistry can make it so, and deep down we all know it. The least said about such practices the better for society and we can accept that in the shadows and dark corners the afflicted will pursue them.

On this website we draw attention to the Greening tragedy to make three points. One is that same-sex marriage is a perversion of real marriage between a man and a woman and its only effect when legalized is to demean the real thing. It does not normalize sodomy.

The second point is that we believe that homosexuals are a powerful mafia in the BBC and across much of the Media. They have infiltrated the Media, where they find a welcome and recruit more of the same. We can be sure that Greening’s sexual appetites were well-known to his colleagues, that many shared them and that they were no impediment to his career.

The third and most important point is that this Media Class, infested with perverts, is now our ruling Class and busy promoting its social/sexual agenda on every TV channel, in nearly every newspaper, in every theater and increasingly in every classroom. It now has control over legislation in the US and the UK and I have no doubt that in the supra-national bodies like the UN. In the furtherance of its agenda, the Media Class is busy promoting legislation that will seek to normalize perversion. This can only be achieved by the suppression of truth and free speech, for ordinary people know what is normal and what is not and recoil from the latter. Read again Sean Griffin’s words for they reveal more than he intended. To go full circle in this article, one of the reasons the US Media Class is determined to put Obama in the White House and achieve an overwhelming Democrat majority in Congress, is that it is confident that Obama and his Party will press ahead with the agenda and at the same time suppress free speech.

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