Media Class Already Choosing Next President!

On this website we argue that political power now lies with the Media Class. Like all ruling classes throughout history, this one has its own internal divisions and rival power centers. In the USA, the print media has its tightest and most important centers of power in New York and Washington, where the New York Times and the Washington Post set out the daily agenda of political propaganda, as well as much seemingly non-political news.

Television, a more powerful and important propaganda arm of the Media Class (because it is able to indoctrinate the masses), is more decentralized. The technology of Television is more flexible and its output runs for 24 hours a day. Thus on a continent that has different times zones and big regional differences, there are powerful media centers on both coasts. The two concentrations of the Media Class that represent the East Coast and the West Coast are in New York and Los Angeles.

LA, which also has an important Media Class newspaper(The LA Times), is of course the home of the Movie industry. Since much of the stuff shown on TV as entertainment also originates in LA’s Hollywood, it is not surprising that Hollywood is where a big slice of the Media Class power and wealth are concentrated. The climate is also attractive for most of the year. Hollywood can legitimately lay claim to be home to the founding fathers of the Media Class, for in pre-television days, it created a world wide mass audience for its products, learned how to invent celebrities, developed visual news for the world and discovered that entertainment could be used to indoctrinate the masses and rewrite history.

Hollywood is also where the Bohemian arts world and the news world first came together and got married. It has created great wealth for Media people and has succeeded in making their wealth popular with the masses at the same time as it has created class envy for others. As we have pointed out in many previous articles, the Bohemian world that moved to Hollywood from the 1920’s onwards, brought with it a Leftist ideology that seems able to sit very comfortably with the ostentatious wealth, the unremitting greediness and the self-preoccupation of its members. We think that the co-existence of Leftist ideology and luxury can be explained by the presence of great hypocrisy, myopic narcissism, guilt appeasement, cynicism and confidence.

The rapid decline of the Bush Presidency, engineered by the relentless attacks of the Media Class, has led to an unusually early start to political campaigning amongst Democrats eager to become the next President in January 2009. Alterations in the rules governing the timetable of Democrat primary contests, together with new restrictions on campaign funding, have also radically rewritten the old calendar of Primaries.

The Clintons, whose ruthless ambition, greed, sleaziness and (typically Leftist) appetite for status has marked them out as appropriate Media Class puppet(s)/ candidate(s) must have assumed that Hillary’s path to the Presidency was unhindered. She has a huge war chest, a network of unprincipled political operatives, the contents of many FBI files and the green light from the newsprint bosses who shape the daily print news agenda. All political junkies understand that she has to pass off inconsistencies such as seeming to be tough on terrorism and unquestionably patriotic, yet against the war; supportive of Israel and pro-Jewish, yet pro-Palestinian and pro-Muslim; dedicated to honest government despite her personal financial history; devoutly religious yet for abortion and same-sex marriage; and a dedicated feminist who yet tolerates and uses a philandering husband.

None of these inconsistencies is a problem when a colluding Media Class has the power to control information and showcase its candidate at all times. Mostly, that is what has been happening and Hillary continues to be the Democratic frontrunner. However, the early start to campaigning, the ferocity of the Leftist anti-war movement (facilitated by the Internet) and the sudden appearance of Black anti-war candidate Barack Obama on the political scene, must be causing some consternation to the people at the New York Times, the Washington Post, Boston Herald and other Media Class centers of power.

It has been claimed that Organized Labor is behind John Edwards and offering its money and its troops on the ground. Big Deal! Al Gore, another past failure now has his film and his Global Warming credentials. Big Deal! Neither will get anywhere without Media Class endorsement and it is not forthcoming. But Obama has been doing well with some elements of the Media Class, notably in Hollywood, and we recently wrote about his trip to Beverly Hills to get endorsed and financed. He was quickly followed by Hillary playing catch-up.

The Weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal (March 16th and 17th) has a front page article headlined “Return to Treasure Island” We recommend it to all who take an interest in who is going to be the next President of the US and to those who have concerns about the defense of the Western World from Islamic Imperialism.

Hollywood, it seems is split over its support for Hillary and some big players have defected to Obama. We recently wrote on this website about the defection to Obama of three of Hollywood’s most powerful and wealthy members, Spielberg, Katzenberg and Geffen.

Now, according to the Journal’s very lengthy article, Spielberg is moving back to the Hillary camp where he will join other powerful Media manipulators like Movie Producer Mike Medavoy, cable-TV pioneer Marc Nathanson, billionaire Haim Saban (who made his money in children’s TV), Movie financier Stephen Bing, and News Corp. President Peter Chernin.

The naïve of this world may wonder why these hugely rich people in their lavish Hollywood homes are so motivated by politics and particularly for a candidate and Party that ostensibly exists to work for the poor and underprivileged. Of course, the enormous sums they donate do not involve any personal economizing, for they are rich beyond the comprehension of ordinary people and the media-generated money will keep pouring into their bank accounts. Furthermore, neither these paymasters and their Classmates, nor the candidates nor the Democrat Party have any genuine interest in the masses, poor or otherwise. The Media people are dedicated to creating a society in their own image and the politicians are jostling to serve them and bask in Media approval and the rewards that follow.

On this website, we are going to bet our couple of dollars on Hillary, for we believe the Media Class will, in the end, unite to get her elected in order to further its agenda. There is one wild card in the pack however, and that is George Soros. He is not a member of the Media Class but he is rich enough to influence events. Much of his social agenda is identical to theirs and who knows how far his tentacles reach into the Media Class, for he operates behind the scenes. Much of his political activity and money are channeled through front groups and he seems to be building his base outside the old Democrat structures. He may be putting his money and power behind Hillary but the public will have to wait and see and indeed may never see!

The WSJ article reads “The entertainment industry is one of the biggest sources of political donations” and “tilts heavily Democratic”. We will not disagree with that statement, but the entertainment industry is only a part of a bigger whole that includes, news, fashion, professional sport, the Arts and advertising. That is a Class and it is now engaging in choosing the next President of the USA.

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