Media Champions

Tony Blair is certainly “talking tough” about dealing with the threat of Muslim terrorism, and in Manchester recently a conference of 2000 Muslims discussed his proposals to prosecute and deport those who incite terrorism. According to Wall Street Journal reporter Marc Champion, Blair’s remedies were not well-received. Champion (as always reader, beware the Media agenda!) quotes Yvonne Ridley, a British reporter who has converted to Islam, as saying “Blair is on a par with Pol Pot” and “both men aimed to eliminate free speech” Champion says the audience roared its approval of Ms Ridley’s words.

Comparing Blair to Pol Pot mirrors the accusations regularly made by Leftists about George Bush and conservatives. Bush has been likened to Hitler and other political psychopaths and all who are Right of Left are frequently accused of having Nazi motives. Such accusations are of course not worthy of repeating in an adult newspaper, but Champion nevertheless has given hers an airing. One has to assume that Ms Ridley is either deranged or a very dangerous and calculating agitator who believes the ends justify the means.

Champion at the end of his front-page article, quotes a spokesman for the conference’s organising body, Mohammed Shafiq, as saying, “If Hizb-ut-Tahrir (an organisation in the UK with “radical” Islamic views) is to be banned, then I must request that the BNP should be banned too” (remember reader that these Media reporters have an agenda and pick their quotes and spokesmen to suit that agenda). Champion then “explains” for his American audience that Shafiq was “referring to the neo-fascist British National Party, which espouses barely veiled racist views”.

Media reporters frequently prepare the political and public climate of opinion for the policies they want imposed and it will be very tempting for Blair to appear even-handed by suppressing Islamic fanatical terror-speech and suppressing the BNP and similar organisations. He will dampen criticism from the Left and from Islamic organisations at the same time as pleasing the Media master class and silencing his most dangerous political opponents on the Right.

Of course there is nothing even-handed in such a move. The BNP is a legitimate political Party of native British people and pursues its policies through the ballot box. It has not advocated terrorism nor the violent overthrow of an elected Government. Whether its policies offend some people should not be relevant in a free speech society.

Free speech that offends the Media Class and its constituent groups is being whittled away. You have been warned!

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