Media Bias? No! Media Power? Yes!

I wonder how many Americans share my feeling that it is not worth looking at any newspaper, watching any TV or even looking at the Comcast headlines. The pro-Obama propaganda spewing forth from them all is so blatant and so gleeful that talk of ‘bias’ is surely worse than understatement.   Leftists must love it of course, but do ‘independents’ and those who pay only passing attention, not smell a rat? On top of this there is the ecstasy of the Media when reporting that Obama raised a devastating $150m in September and will surpass this sum in October. Is it only Conservatives who wonder where all this money is coming from at a time when this jubilant Media is also telling us that we are entering a depression and that working people and middle-class voters are losing their jobs and homes?

Something is rotten in the State of Obamaland. I have a neighbor who claims to be a Republican but who has switched to Obama because Obama is being crowned by the mass Media and funded by the rich. He apparently believes that a candidate who gets this kind of support must be exceptional. He argues that it is proof that Obama will restore the economy overnight and his own investment portfolio with it. I truly believe that his reaction is proof of Obama mania and the triumph of faith in magic.

This website’s explanation of the Media’s campaign of brazen propaganda is that the Media Class now feels powerful enough to choose its candidate and put him in the White House. It is so confident that it no longer hides behind its politicians but has taken center stage. Even the obnoxious and untalented Media ‘comedian’ Al Franken has enough favorable and overwhelming publicity and funds to claim a seat in the Senate. There has not been a lot of speculation amongst conservatives about where Obama’s money is coming from, although a few suggest that it is coming from Arab sources. The Media predictably has no curiosity at all. There may be some truth in the charges of Arab money but I think there are several other explanations. Obama has not released a full disclosure although McCain has told the whole truth about his own funding. One has to assume that Obama has something to hide. Let us start at the beginning of Obama’s campaign. He agreed to limit his spending and take the public funding of $80m. He then had a long and deadly struggle against the Clinton machine, widely reputed for its fund-raising skills. Most of us assumed that Clinton would outspend him yet it was Hillary who ended up broke. Most of us also assumed that the long primary campaign would leave Obama financially weakened for the Presidential fight. Instead, Obama turned his back on Federal funding and his promise. Clearly he was suddenly confident that he had rich backers. We know that Hollywood and the wealthy entertainers of the Media Class had come over to him and deserted Hillary. As we constantly maintain on this website, the Media Class is now growing wealthier by the day, as befits a ruling Class. We also know that the ubiquitous billionaire and America-hater George Soros is pouring money into the campaign like never before. It is likely that Soros reassured Obama that this time he was determined that his money would succeed in defeating the Christian Right. And then there is the Homosexual ‘community’. Many of course are deeply embedded (no pun intended) in the Media Class, but this minority of sodomites, who receive endless funding from Trusts and Government agencies for their quest for ‘Human Rights’ is actually a very wealthy ‘community’ and they know that Obama is their man.

So there we have it. The modern Democrat Party, like all Media-sponsored political Parties in the Western World, is now the Party of the rich, the deviant and powerful. With ever increasing frequency, the Media Class and its politicians publicly refer to the working people in contemptuous terms as rednecks, bigots, racists and trash. Those ordinary working people who are paying attention must surely realize that the Democrat Party has left them behind. Perhaps in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin and elsewhere, the plumbers, truck drivers, carpenters and White factory workers will take their revenge and stay home in this election. Better still, they might feel that they have more in common with Gov Palin and tick the box for McCain. The campaign is not yet over but the Media Class is doing all in its overwhelming power to make it appear so. Some polls report an exceedingly close race but these are not headlined. Others trumpet a huge Obama lead of double-digits and are given page one prominence. Meanwhile Sarah Palin continues to draw tens of thousands of wildly enthusiastic voters in battleground States. This real news never surfaces in the Mainstream Media (MSM). My own view is that the race is probably close but that Obama will ultimately get the votes of the casual voters who are swayed by Media propaganda and that, combined with massive Acorn fraud, will get him comfortably elected.

Conservatives (and I am one of them) can rage against the disgustingly one-sided reporting that has torpedoed democracy, but that rage may soon not find an outlet, for the Media Class and its Leftist ground troops will surely close down our means of communication once they have complete control of the legislative process. This election has really been the big, and maybe the decisive battle of the culture war. One side has recognized this and turned it into a Media beauty contest, jettisoning discussion of the trivialities of economics, health care plans, social security, national security and foreign policy. Instead it has presented an election that is short on detail and facts and replaced it with windy rhetoric for change, youth, and empty feel-good pop-music-style posturing. This must resonate with the adolescents of all ages who have grown up on the Beatles and their successors, know nothing about real history and who have been indoctrinated at school, college, cinema and in the TV room. Poor John McCain, clinging to the past and its outdated standards of honesty and honor and trying to talk about mundane topics like terrorism, enemy Nations and the importance of uniquely American traditions has allowed himself to be painted by the Media as uninspiring and irrelevant. Foolishly, he believed that the Media reporters that treated him so well when he attacked the republican base, would continue to be his friends and treat him fairly. He has never understood that he is engaged in a war at home, but then neither have most Republicans and conservatives. Perhaps it is now too late to be recognizing the real enemy.

Pat Buchanan, for all his faults and preoccupation with Neo-cons, Nazis and Churchill, has long acknowledged that we are in the midst of a culture war and some of his articles are insightful. I recommend his most recent one on Human Events and also an article by Thomas Sewell on Newsmax. Both are good reasons for abandoning the print media and the TV and getting all your news and opinion on the Internet.

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