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On this website we often refer to the Media marching in lock-step and cite this as evidence of there being a Class interest at work. When daily and weekly newspapers across the USA, nearly all commercial TV stations, most magazines, cartoonists, just about all Hollywood films and most entertainers peddle the same political and moral line, surely we are seeing something more than a mere “bias”. Only Talk Radio seems to be out of step.

No element of the Media is more “in step” than the news agencies. The two most powerful and influential are Reuters and Associated Press. These agencies provide news stories for Network providers, national newspapers and especially local papers which cannot cover national and international items. At one time in the distant past, both had a reputation for objective reporting. These days, they often set the pace in slanting news, ignoring certain stories, practising distortion, disproportionate amplification, and “cleaning up” for those who are favored by the Class.

Two stories by AP writers on Saturday, 15 October, 2005, typify the ability of the Agencies to do the above.

John Solomon, an AP Writer has a piece on Tom Delay, who is currently in the sights of the Media Class for personal destruction. Delay’s sin is that he has been a “gloves-off” conservative Republican in the House and recently pushed through a reform in his native Texas that resulted in the Republican Party being fairly represented in Congress. Until recent times Texas was a stronghold of the Democrat Party, but not any longer. However, pockets of Leftist domination remain, especially around academic strongholds and in one of these there is a public prosecutor, Ronnie Earle, who has begun a vendetta against Delay. It is likely that Earle has been encouraged by fellow Democrats outside of Texas. He has found it difficult to pursuade a Grand Jury to indict Delay for campaign money irregularities, but finally got an indictment that has misuse of powers oozing from it. Of course, Delay may well have cut legal corners for his Party and a trial will eventually show whether there is a case to answer. In the meantime, Delay has gone on to the offensive and is counter-attacking Earle. There is no doubt whose side the Media is on and no doubt whose side Mr. Solomon is on in his AP piece. His writing drips with anti-Delay innuendo. On this website we are not much interested in Delay but we refer to his case as an example of the Media’s power to persecute opponents and destroy them, often on the flimsiest pretexts. Mr. Solomon’s report provides a good example of how this is done.

Compare it on the same day with a report by Erin Texeira, also an AP National Writer. This one deals with the self-styled Million Man March in Washington. This is an event organised by people always referred to in the Media as “Black Leaders”. If these people are indeed leaders of the Black “Community”, then God help that “community”. It is difficult to know how any intelligent person would wish to be represented by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or Louis Farrakhan. The first two are always treated with the greatest respect by the Media and the prefix “Rev” always included, even though the Media generally disapproves of Christianity. Of course, these two “Revs” are well-known sinners as well as charlatans. Perhaps this gets them a Media pass. Farrakhan, has usually not received such uncritical treatment from the Media, as he leads an organisation known as the Nation Of Islam. As a Muslim he has made anti-homosexual statements and so fails a major litmus test for the Media.

Texeira is clearly very supportive of The March and, if disappointed by the number of marchers falling well short of a million, does not mention it. Farrakhan is the Black Leader who recently claimed that Bush had arranged the bombing of the New Orleans levees during hurricane Katrina. Any sane person must regard such a claimant as a paranoid schizophrenic, a cretin or a dangerous rabble rouser who plays on the emotions of half-wits. Texeira however, is keen to gloss over Farrakhan’s outrageous claim and puts it thus – “Farrakhan speculated that protective levees may have been bombed to destroy Black areas”.

Now you may wonder why a reporter is willing to bend over backwards to present such a person as Farrakhan in a better light, when people like Delay are treated mercilessly. Perhaps the answer is that Farrakhan has relented on his anti-homo stance and allowed a Black homosexual activist to speak at the March. In one simple about-face, Louis has removed the obstacle to Media acceptance.

As we have said before on this website, the Media Class destroys some and protects others. Associated Press is a very important part of the Media Class and all of its reporters push the Media Class’ agenda and are not to be trusted. Remember this when passing the “news” on the way to your email.

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