Media And Democrat Party Have Revolving Door

This morning I caught the start of the Rush Limbaugh Talk Show. I appreciate Rush until he gets on to Pro-Sport, especially football. Like many unfit armchair-sportsmen Rush loves to indulge in the Monday morning macho talk that some sports engender, especially when those sports also marry brute strength with military-type tactics. Because of his past MSM involvement and his relative wealth and notoriety, Rush has been able to rub shoulders with some of the big names on the pitch and the rich men who own the names and the pitch. Sadly, when he slides into hero-worship of these highly-paid men, all of whom are anything but heroes, he sheds dignity and appropriate judgment. Still his Sport hero-worship is marginally better than his occasional monologues about his cat which reveal an emotional deficit in his childless life.

Now that I have vented my spleen, ignited by a bout of sciatica, I will return to politics. Rush next raged about the dominating presence in the MSM news rooms, of men and women who are posing as journalists but are really political activists of the Far Left. His current focus on this issue has been brought about by the Media Class’ – in this case MSNBC Clintonites- success in ambushing and smearing the Republican candidates during the most recent televised debate.

Back at the beginning of this Century, on this website, we repeatedly named and denounced John Harwood (the Prosecutor -General in this latest debate) as a Far Leftist activist who was then working as a ‘reporter’ for the WSJ. We also regularly drew attention to several of his comrade political ‘reporters’ on the Journal whose daily contributions were tailored to promote an agenda that was both anti-morality and Far Left. We tracked the careers of these people, noting how easily they moved in and out of influential positions in Democrat Party organizations, Leftist Think Tanks, Charitable Organizations with a Leftist agenda, and TV newsrooms. What we noticed was the ideological seamlessness of all these organizations and the employment mobility they bestowed upon ‘social progressives’ and Far Left activists.

There is no such employment mobility for Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists. Does anyone seriously believe that a well-qualified applicant for work in the MSM would be considered if it was known that he/she held a traditional view about marriage and abortion; or had ever advocated the shrinking of the Federal Government; or was opposed to racial quotas; or had scoffed at ‘Black Lives Matter’; or in any way opposed immigration; or supported citizen gun ownership; or defended voter identification; or supported the Death Penalty for murder?

Any of the above, and an ever-increasing number of litmus tests weeding out beliefs now deemed ‘unacceptable‘, would render the job applicant absolutely beyond consideration. We live in a Revolutionary new society where Christians, Conservatives and Nationalists have very limited job options and certainly none in the Media, or those occupations even remotely connected to the Media. Silicon Valley, where so many companies have grafted themselves on to the MSM, only welcomes social ‘progressives’ and is energetic in purging ‘reactionaries’.

We might ask, ‘who deems what is unacceptable and what is progressive?’ The answer is no one person and no small group of conspirators, for the litmus test represents the natural interests and agenda of America’s new Ruling Class –the Media Class and its Far Left allies. The Republican contestants are walking into enemy territory as soon as they enter a MSM studio, and stand before an enemy combatant when in front of a MSM microphone.

At the present time, the MSM’s Republican Debate coverage has three objectives – take down Donald Trump for he is the most dangerous Conservative/Nationalist aspirant to the White House; promote collaborator Marco Rubio’s in place of Bush who has been abandoned as a loser; and permanently smear all of them in preparation for the 2016 final contest with a Democrat.

The counter-revolutionaries in the Republican contest (Trump, Carson, Cruz) should refuse to play a part in any MSM ‘debate’, for even if the moderators are all selected for honesty, the MSM will define the outcome negatively in the public‘s collective mind. The mistake that Rush makes is in assuming that the MSM is a tool of the Democrat Party. He has it the wrong way around. The Democrat Party is the political tool of the Media Class. The MSM is the formidable weapon, capable of destroying opponents and promoting servants, that has brought the Media Class to power.

Increasingly, the MSM is being joined by the Federal Government’s machinery as a weapon of the Ruling Media Class. One day, unless a majority of Americans wake up and put Trump in the White House, it will merely be the propaganda voice of a totalitarian regime.

global warming Global Warming Watch global warming

Here in middle California where drought, mostly brought about by the politics of unlimited immigration, short-sighted population growth and the Sierra Club, is a real threat, we have finally had some welcome rain.

It will take a record El Nino to replenish the water table and this storm was not it, or even the beginning of it. Nevertheless it has been instructive, for the weather experts predicted only a few short showers, and instead some 8 hours of heavy rain arrived. If they cannot accurately predict two days ahead, why should we believe their predictions of catastrophe 30 years down the road?

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