McCain Is Sucking Up To MSM Again

We have written many times that Senator John McCain has extended a Congressional career by breaking ranks from the Broad Right of his Republican colleagues and sucking up to the Mainstream Media.

On this website we try to avoid attacking the character of anyone who claims to be a patriot, and McCain once served his country. He is also the chosen Senator of the Republicans of Arizona. But it has to be said that the man is a despicable fraud and calculating collaborator.

The only positive thing we can write about him is that he, more than most, recognizes that the MSM is America’s enemy, is the most powerful voice in politics, and is the arbiter of who gets promoted and who gets destroyed.

After all these years, smart people on the Broad Right know that McCain has only three aims in his political life and they have nothing to do with principles and patriotism. They are groveling for time in front of the MSM cameras and microphones, selling out his comrades in exchange for that time, and earning MSM help to stay elected. Yes, McCain may know little else, but he does know that the MSM rewards its collaborators.

McCain has played a smart though obnoxious game all these years. He dons the Republican uniform and uses his Arizona Senate seat and Senate vote to be useful to the Media/Far Left alliance at crucial times. He has the characteristics well-suited to his role, for he is pompous, loves himself, is self-important, vain and without a principle. In exchange for his services, the MSM grants him an occasional red carpet and friendly camera, positive headlines, and a reputation as a maverick who is above mere Party loyalties. He basks in the MSM designation of ‘elder statesman’ and ‘moderate’, and sadly his Arizona voters seem to swallow it all.

If there is one thing this last Presidential election and its aftermath has laid bare, it is that the MSM is neither a ‘Press’ or ‘free’. The American MSM has no relationship to journalism and the reporting of news. It is a Revolutionary political movement, promoting a Revolutionary agenda by using its awesome power of propaganda.

It is to Donald Trump’s eternal credit that he has been on the receiving end of the lying propaganda and false news and instead of surrendering to it, is counter-attacking. For the MSM, this is a wholly new experience, and Trump is both alarming and enraging the MSM propagandists. Time for the arch collaborator McCain to gallop to the cameras and microphones and speak his lines.

In an NBC interview today, McCain is stabbing Trump in the back by suggesting that his counter-attacks on the MSM are impugning its ‘integrity’ (it has none!), threatening its ‘freedom’ (what limits are there on its power?) and paving the way to dictatorship.

As we wrote at the beginning, McCain is a calculating collaborator and despicable fraud. There is not much we or Mitch McConnell can do about it at this time, but Republican Congressmen can loudly add their voices to Trump’s attacks on the MSM.

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