McCain And Graham: Flies In Trump’s Ointment

Barring assassination, a late Obama coup, or successful Inauguration Day Red and Black Washington mayhem, President Donald Trump will begin his 100 days of Counter-revolution in the third week of January 2017. What pleasure it gives me to write those 17 words and numbers starting with “President Donald Trump”!

Already Trump has greatly exceeded Broad Right expectations with his proposed cabinet appointments. So many Conservatives! The anticipation that he will undo Obama’s throttle-hold on private enterprise has sent the stock market soaring. Just as importantly his remarks about restoring Christmas and law and order, are already igniting a resurgence of confidence among those who have found themselves in Obama’s Revolutionary social cross-hairs. Christian bakers may soon be refusing to bake cakes that celebrate unnatural and unhygienic relationships, and policemen may be preparing to stop, search and generally harass street thugs.

In my family we intend to have an Inauguration Day party. We are going to open the front door and my son is going to take his keyboard on to the front steps and play at full volume ‘Happy Days Are Here Again’. I have neighbors (Asian and Jewish) who will join us in celebration.

The 100 days of Trump action will probably begin with the pen and phone but sooner rather than later he is going to have to go to the Senate for confirmation of his cabinet appointments. And just a little way down the road he will have to go to the Senate for his Supreme Court nomination. With God’s intervention it may be more than one nomination and then will come Federal judge vacancies.

Unfortunately there are two flies in the Trump ointment and we can be sure they are already anticipating their opportunities to infect the ointment with their decaying, noxious, presence. Senators McCain and Graham over many years have displayed rare skills in back-stabbing, collaborating with the Democrat enemy, and prancing to the welcoming Mainstream Media in the search for self-advertisement and grandstanding. There is no spectacle more nauseating than these two aging prima donnas pretending to be defending principles whilst selling out to the enemy in pursuit of a moment’s limelight.

Make no mistake, they will use their Senate powers and secure tenure to obstruct, thwart and delay Trump’s every Counter-Revolutionary initiative, and the MSM will welcome them with open arms. Here is their greatest opportunity in the twilight of their careers, to inflict the most damage. No doubt, given the small Republican majority in the Senate, there are one or two other Republicans ready to follow their example and sell themselves to the enemy.

Trump’s big problem will not be the Democrats but a handful of Republicans. So far he has shown great cunning, strategic and tactical skills, and far-sightedness. Let us hope he has a plan to consign these two to the political sidelines.


The carnage in Berlin has once again demonstrated the determination of the European Ruling Class and its MSM to lie and deny. Angela Merkel is responsible for every one of the deaths in the market place. Like Obama here and other Western leaders she has no shame and will continue to keep the doors open to the Muslim invasion. Will the German voters follow the example of Broad Right voters in the USA, kick Merkel out and elect a Nationalist like Donald Trump? It depends on their ability to see that their MSM produces nothing more than propaganda.

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