Massachusetts Election

In a previous article I dismissed the notion that the Massachusetts Senate election could result in defeat for the Democrat candidate. I still hold to that, for Democrats know how to find the votes needed when it looks like they have lost at the ballot-box. Leftists, who are always arrogantly and conveniently convinced that they are on the side of progress and historical justice, feel entitled to win by fair means or foul. Massachusetts is both a stronghold of organized labor and a fiefdom of Irish Republicanism, two groups who have for a hundred years or more, refined the skills of voter fraud and intimidation. As is true everywhere in the Western World, union strength means public sector jobs in spades, and public sector workers vote Left and take to the streets out of self-interest. Boston also has a large African-American population, so the old Leftist slogan ‘Vote often’ resonates and applies to the dead as well as the living. If all else looks like failing, we can be sure that George Soros will be on hand with his billions of dollars, thousands of paid activists and armies of lawyers all busy finding lost Democrat votes in newly-discovered boxes. Not far behind will be Tim Gill, the homosexual billionaire, determined to deny victory to any conservative candidate. We are entitled to be cynical therefore, especially when the Left and the Media Class, as well as America’s richest, have so much invested in the success of their man in the White House.

This election is now all about Obama and that is why he is going to Massachusetts on Sunday to campaign. It is not what he intended and he and his henchmen must be spitting tintacks (an old English saying!) and cursing the hapless Martha Coakley, whose over-confident and sloppy campaign has contributed to this last-minute panic. Just when it appeared Obama could bask in the Haiti Disaster and preen himself before the massed TV cameras whilst doling out US taxpayers’ future contributions, he has to spend time risking his reputation for success on an election that should have been simply a formality. Clearly the Democrats internal polling has signaled ‘danger’ otherwise Obama would not be setting foot anywhere near Boston. Because he has pinned his colors to a Health Bill success in time for his ‘State of the Union’ address he now has to gamble with his reputation by actively supporting the desperate Martha Coakley.

The Health Bill has been a near-disaster and might yet be a disaster if it falls apart without passing into law. If it fails it will jeopardize all the other great pieces of revolutionary legislation that Obama and his comrades have planned. The Health Bill, the Cap and Trade Bill, and the Immigration Bill together will, if passed into law, mark a point of no return for the USA. It is difficult to see how American freedom, sovereignty and prosperity, could be restored except by a violent and desperate counter-revolution once these Bills have taken effect. For the Leftists in the Unions, in the public services, in Academia and in certain minority communities, these Bills and the transformation of the US economy they will create, are primarily what they have been working for. For the ruling Media Class, whose Hollywood billionaires selected and funded Obama, and whose partisan Newsrooms created his resume, his ‘gifts’ and his bandwagon, the transformation of the US economy into a Government-controlled one, only prepares the way for their revolutionary moral transformation of the US and its ‘all-too-Christian’ people.

No-one should lose sight of the agenda items that keep moving forward no matter what great problems face the USA. Never mind the huge internal terror threats, the reckless and unprecedented public spending of TRILLIONS of dollars, the chaotic passage of the Health Bill in Congress, the challenge of hot wars on two fronts, the dangerous instability in Iran, North Korea and Pakistan, mass unemployment, a collapse in the housing market and inevitable ruinous inflation just down the road, the issue of same-sex marriage continues to preoccupy lawmakers, both elected and appointed. Not even Haiti’s death toll will submerge the Media’s rage about Uganda’s new laws to deter sodomy. All over the world there are people being persecuted for their Christianity or tribal membership, but it is Uganda that gets the bad publicity. In one US State after another, many with crushing financial crises, lawmakers are devoting their energies to frustrating the will of the electors who have rejected same-sex marriage. Just as Harry Reid’s Health Bill is only a first step on the road to Socialism, so same-sex marriage in only another step on the road to making America’s children available to perverts, and to criminalizing anti-sodomy speech.

On Tuesday night we just might learn that Scott Brown is the new Senator for Massachusetts. He will need a historic margin of victory to avoid being cheated out of his seat. How the Media will present such a staggering result without denting Obama’s image, should be fascinating to witness. Martha Coakley will be blamed, of course and her political career in tatters. This would be just one of many delicious things to savor, for she is an unscrupulous harridan of the Feminist Legal Left who spitefully let an innocent man remain in prison. Anyone who doubts this should read Dorothy Rabinowitz’s article in the WSJ of Friday January 15th. Rabinowitz deserves great praise for her long commitment to the cause of the Amirault family members of Massachusetts who were victims of the fashionable and hysterical theories and persecutions of Leftist Feminists of Social Work, Medicine, Law and Psychology in the 1980’s. At another time on this website I will provide first-hand witness to similar events that swept through the child care field in the UK. Leftist Feminists are the same the world over – bitter, fanatical, ambitious, ruthless and without conscience – in fact, just like Leftists in general.

Meanwhile, as Europe continues to freeze and China and India experience record cold, I can report that here in central California the weather still resembles that of the English East Anglian Fens in winter. More reports are emerging of the conspiracies of climate ‘experts’ to cherry-pick temperatures in order to paint a false picture of global warming. Predictably these reports never appear in the Mainstream Media (MSM)! Now who is surprised by that?

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