Massachusetts Election Result – Brown was Whiter than White!

It is rare that being wrong is sweet but Republican Scott Brown’s decisive victory in Massachusetts tonight tastes very sweet on my lips. It still seems almost unbelievable that the Democrats could lose this seat, their best stronghold in the US Senate. The Democrats were reported to have moved their top legal teams into the State ready for another Al Franken smash and grab, but Brown’s winning margin is too great to challenge. Democrat complacency in the weeks running up to the vote explains the failure of Acorn and the Soros machine to find and register dead voters and hide ballot boxes. The same complacency must have gripped the Main Street Media which failed to dig up or invent any real dirt on Brown. Perhaps Brown really is whiter than white.

Most Leftist commentators and ‘news’ men are busy placing responsibility for their candidate’s defeat on her mis-steps and uninspiring campaign but any non-partisan would have to admit that Coakley is hugely attractive when compared to the lisping, mincing Barney Frank and the pompous Kerry, both of whom represent Massachusetts. The MSM will do all it can to denigrate Coakley for it cannot afford this historic defeat to be laid at the door of its man in the White House. The truth is, however, indisputable. This election, given its timing, was always going to shape up into a referendum on the Health Care Bill and the Obama government behind it. When Obama found himself forced into travelling to Massachusetts on Sunday, he inevitably brought out into the open the David and Goliath nature of the contest. Coakley was marginalized at that point and it became Obama versus Brown. How ironic that Obama has been humiliated by a brown man!

It has become a pattern that Obama’s electioneering presence is now the kiss of death for any Democrat candidate and in future it is likely that he will be asked to stay away from contests. Until tonight, the Media Class has probably never needed to meet in a conspiratorial way in order to ensure being on the same page for Obama but this is surely the time for such a meeting. It is not possible to throw Obama under the bus, at least not until 2012, yet he is fast becoming a liability with the majority of voters, along with Reid and Pelosi. It is impossible to over-estimate the crisis now facing Obama, the Democrat Party and its sponsoring Media Class. Their revolutionary agenda, both economic and social is dependent for traction on the success of the Health Care Bill and yet this Bill can only be advanced by means that will be grossly distasteful to the majority of voters. Even the combined and most dedicated propaganda skills of the Media Class will not be able to dress up the Bill’s legislative passage as anything other than ruthless trickery.

If Obama was really smart and his own man, he would go before the Nation and announce that in the light of the Massachusetts election result he was abandoning the Health Bill and asking his Party in Congress to go back to the drawing board. Without the filibuster-proof majority in the Senate he would also announce that his whole agenda was on hold. He is not at liberty to do this however, for the extreme Leftist coalition that sustains the ruling Media Class has its own expectations and in any case it is likely that Obama is not a man who can eat humble pie. The next few weeks are going to be fascinating as we watch the Media Class and its allies choose between in-fighting and regrouping and spinning the news like it has never been spun before.

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