Mark Levin Now Leading the Vanguard of the Counter-Revolution

For many years Rush Limbaugh has been not only the most entertaining conservative voice on US Talk Radio but also the most articulate ideological campaigner. Without his daily commentary on politics and his up-beat campaigning for conservatism within the Republican Party, the Republican Party of the USA would have gone the way of the British Conservative Party, which is to surrendering to the new Ruling Media Class. It is ironic that a member of the Media Class should be the thorn in its side but as we have always pointed out on this website, history is full of mavericks. Thanks to Rush Limbaugh and the Talk Radio broadcasters who have followed in his footsteps, no American David Cameron has been able to court the support of the US Media by purging the Republican Party of conservatives, Christians and Nationalists.

Although Limbaugh would not claim it, perhaps is not even aware, he has been the most powerful counter-revolutionary leader in the revolutionary period which has culminated in the acquisition of legislative power by the Media Class through its ownership of Obama and the Democrat Party. Limbaugh, who owes his political influence to the medium of Talk Radio, has no doubt had to avoid or tiptoe around some of the most profound beliefs of the conservative movement in order to avoid being silenced. He has generally copped out on same-sex marriage (and sent placatory signals to the Ruling Class by having the homosexual warbler, Reggie Dwight – aka Sir Elton John – to his recent wedding), and when he strayed into Race he was quickly expelled from Sport TV broadcasting. This episode, which enabled the Mainstream Media (MSM) to condemn him as racist and to eject him from TV Sports’ commentating, was clearly a shock and a warning to Limbaugh that he was not too big to be silenced. Still, it is to his credit that he has continued to lead the attacks on Obama and the Democrats and to lend his considerable support to all the leading conservative voices in the Republican Party.

The new American Revolution has been rapidly gaining pace since 2008 despite the electoral setback it suffered in the midterm 2010 elections. President Obama, boldly ignoring the restraints of the Constitution, has been changing the economic and political landscape like a true revolutionary. Revolutions are dynamic affairs and although Limbaugh has continued to play his impressive part in the resistance, the open warfare ushered in by Obama and his comrades marks a new chapter. The attacks on opponents of the Revolution will become ever more brutal, dishonest and destructive as the crucial 2012 elections approach.

“Cometh the hour; cometh the man” the old saying goes! That man is Mark Levin from New York. Levin, the son of Jewish immigrants, is a lawyer who served in the Reagan Administration and he has been a consistent campaigner for the Constitution and the rule of law for many years. His first entry into national Talk Radio was as a guest on the Sean Hannity Show, at least that is where I first heard him out here in California. I was not impressed for he seemed mean-spirited, unpleasant and was down-right rude to those who phoned in. However, from the start, there was no doubting his knowledge and commitment to the US Constitution, nor his ability to recall everything the Democrats and Obama have done and said and lied about. Now, as this Administration brazenly repudiates the Constitution, suborns its followers in the Government Bureaucracy and Unions and shamelessly lies about everything, Levin’s gifts of memory and of scathing attack and his anger and willingness to fight with the knee and boot as well as the fist are exactly what is needed at this point in the revolutionary struggle. His opening ‘rants’ each day, when he attacks the Obama gang and their crimes, should be required listening for every conservative, Christian (Orthodox Jew) and Nationalist. Levin is outraged by the Obama Gang and so should we all be. Keep up the good work, Mr. Levin and continue to lead the fight!

As I have already written, the Media Class Revolution is being pressed home at a breathless pace, for the Revolutionaries are aware that time may be running out for them. As their Leftist economic policies begin to destroy the American free market and can be seen to be heading the US into a Third World status, the effects are reverberating around the world’s economies. It is becoming increasingly hard for the MSM to maintain the illusion that the New Order the Revolutionaries are ushering in will benefit America’s real working people. The counter revolutionary forces have not been silenced and deprived of all means of communication thanks to the Internet and Talk Radio, and the Tea Party Movement spawned by those two. This has encouraged the rise to prominence of a number of dedicated conservative Republicans capable of taking on and beating the mediocre occupant of the White House. Palin, Bachman, Cain, Paul, even Romney are all capable of easily defeating Obama in a fair contest. Now the impressive Texas Governor Perry has entered the Republican lists and New Jersey’s Christie may yet join him. The MSM has long been mobilizing its forces to destroy Palin and Bachman and now it is going after Perry for he too looks strong. The Media Class loathing of all these candidates is fuelled by their outspoken commitment to Christianity and opposition to the moral policies of the Revolution – in particular the Litmus test issue of same-sex marriage. In Hollywood and in the Show-Biz World in general, where so much of the funding for Leftists originates, the homosexual agenda is paramount.

‘Newsweek’s’ most recent front-cover attack on Michelle Bachman headed “Queen of Rage” and carrying a picture intended to make this Christian foster parent look dangerously mad, shows that the Media Class still has not finished trying to destroy her with the American public. David Gregory, the Obama-promoting Leftist who hosts the weekend TV Show “Meet the Press” (Should be called “Meet the Media Class”) on August 14th did everything he could to paint her as a Christian reactionary. Breathlessly and shamelessly, he put all the most personal questions that the whole Media Class avoids putting to Obama. Now Perry is having his medical history raked and presented as bizarre and privileged. Perry can expect to be hit by the MSM with one blow after another, most of them manufactured from trivia that has been inflated, distorted and, if necessary wholly invented. The Tea Party is being relentlessly painted by the MSM as a band of fanatics intent on wrecking the economy.

Meanwhile the MSM led by the Associated Press and Reuters is working overtime to misrepresent Obama’s every move and to cast him as the valiant political outsider, battler against great forces and underdog. This is no small undertaking when the President takes time off from campaigning, golfing, fundraising and partying with those ‘millionaires and billionaires’ he castigates when on the stump and talking to selected audiences of comrades, to vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. The AP on 15th August headlined “Stomping Obama hits the road” and side by side with this was an article on GOP internal rivalry. Another MSM article announced that “Obama to begin political counter-offensive”. The truth, as the MSM well knows, is that his offensive against opponents has never stopped since he took office. Despite his frequent claims to be hard at work for the American people, he and his plump wife have squeezed official duties in between enjoying the fruits of office and raising campaign cash. The GOP’s mostly-friendly Presidential contest is being framed by the MSM as a struggle amongst extremists. Brian Bakst of the AP sneeringly wrote that the “Republican electorate seemingly craving a charismatic non-establishment rabble-rouser to go up against President Barack Obama”. There is not a shred of evidence that grass roots Republicans are craving anything but they do want a candidate that will roll back the unconstitutional economic and moral revolution that is intended to reduce the US to a degenerate and disunited Third World cess-pit.

I read that inflation in the UK has reached 4%. Since Governments now doctor the inflation figures, I assume that the real figure is significantly higher. As the dollar is steadily falling against the pound, we can assume the US inflation is much higher than the UK’s. How can it be otherwise when the Obama Government has been printing vast sums of ‘stimulus’ money and diverting it to its political supporters and foreign governments. The only housing market in the US that has enjoyed continual prosperity has been Washington DC, which is one vast and ever-growing welfare scam for Government minority employees. The only question in my mind is ‘Will the US economy suddenly collapse or will we slide steadily into decay?’ Whichever it is, the rich who sponsor Obama and his comrades will not be affected. Nor will Obama who has just flown in to Martha’s Vineyard for a 10-day break from fundraising and campaigning. His wife, the Michelle who has only recently felt anything good for the USA and its people arrived shortly after by separate jet. For the ill-informed, Martha’s Vineyard is an exclusive and extremely expensive enclave for the richest (White) Liberals of the USA. There are no flash mobs there for there are precious few Blacks. Obama’s villa costs $50,000 per week though I believe the taxpayer will pick up the bill. Apparently the hypocrisy of his lifestyle fails to dent the support of the Black electorate. Only when Blacks see through the Rich Leftists and the Obama’s will they escape their place at the bottom of the economic pile.

In California, the new law SB 48 has been signed by Governor Jerry Moonbeam Brown. This law will force all public school children to be indoctrinated with homosexuality from an early age. Parents will not be allowed to withdraw their children from indoctrination classes. It is only a matter of time before all children in California will be forced into the hands of perverts. Next, if Obama has his way, all US children will be enriched with homosexual experiences at school. Let us hope that one of those Christian ‘fanatics’ takes the White House in 2012 and restores sanity and morality to the US.

In the UK, I see that the politicized police forces are busy illegally detaining BNP activists and politicized judges are busy dumping all the old political freedoms. I am sure Obama looks across the Atlantic for inspiration.

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