Margaret Thatcher

The death on Monday of Mrs. Thatcher at aged 87 writes the last sentence of the last page of the history of Britain’s Tory Party.   The Conservative Party (what a misleading title that now is!) that has been re-created by David Cameron has turned its back on both conservatism and Britain’s distinctive culture. Cameron is a creature of the BBC and the now-dominant Media Class, as he pushes a revolutionary moral agenda, open borders and pretends to have reservations about the UK’s commitment to and immersion in both Europe and the UN. 

    Mrs. Thatcher was detested and vilified by the BBC and its emerging Media Class comrades of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. From day one of her occupation of 10 Downing Street the BBC led the Media Class, and especially its Arts and Entertainment constituencies, in both personal and political attacks upon her. Ridicule, sneering comedy and endless negative and dishonest reporting of the News – all entirely typical of today’s Mainstream Media (MSM) treatment of Conservatives throughout the Western World – were the weapons that the Media Class fully developed during its war on Thatcher. She should have been more prepared, for the same emerging British Media Class had already revealed its hand in its treatment of Ronald Reagan. 

    Mrs. Thatcher was tough! She was never deterred by the Elitists of the Media Class from pursuing the policies she believed were right for her Country, though she would have been much more successful – and left an enduring legacy – had she recognized and fought the enemy in its entirety. She did many good things as PM, including opening the door to house ownership to many citizens, hugely reducing the size of the UK’s public sector in transportation and heavy industry, facing down an insurgency of the Left led by Arthur Scargill and Mick McGahey of the NUM, and resisting the invasion of the Falkland Islands by General Galtieri of Argentina. All of these things took great personal courage for she was never truly supported by her colleagues in the Parliamentary Conservative Party. Most were either wimps or ambitious and jealous rivals waiting their opportunity to bring about her downfall. The rank-and-file of the Tory Party were greatly motivated by her leadership, even in the hardest of times, and many, like me with no previous sympathy for the class-ridden snobbery of the Tories, rallied to her cause. She won elections and confounded her enemies in the Media Class and on the Left. 

    Her failings however soon became apparent and you will read about them nowhere else but on this website! She should have halted all immigration into the UK and sought out and expelled the illegal aliens. She should have ended Government-sponsored multi-culturist services, instead insisting that immigrants must integrate. She should have invited Enoch Powell into her Cabinet, thus sending a message of defiance to the Nation’s enemies and mobilizing Britain’s working people behind the Tory Party. She should have ruthlessly pursued all terrorists in Ulster and openly supported the Loyalists. Her failure to do so almost cost her her life and did indeed cost the lives of some of her closest friends. (The loss of Airey Neave 1 was to have a profound effect.) She should have advocated withdrawal from the UN where the IRA had many friends and the UK none. Closest to home and most importantly of all, she should have purged the dominating Leftists from Government bureaucracy at both local and national level by privatizing much administration and personal public services and thus defunding her most dedicated Leftist opponents in such as the Social Services, the Probation Service, education and, of course, the BBC. 

    The problem was that although Mrs. Thatcher had come to understand early on in her political career that a free market place was wholly superior to any form of economic Socialism – and she courageously rolled back the economic Socialism that was suffocating the UK – she failed to understand that ‘social’ Socialism was an even more deadly enemy of decent hardworking people. I am sure that if she had emerged into British politics today she would have been an outspoken and effective opponent of same-sex marriage and a supporter of real families, but in her time she did not pay enough attention to all the emerging ‘Rights’ organizations that were emerging from Academia and were so promoted by the BBC. Nor did she perceive how these were burrowing into the Government bureaucracy. 

    It appears that when she first took office, Mrs. Thatcher saw the EU as the way forward for free market economics. No doubt this is why Big Business supported both her and her Party in the early days of her regime. But in her heart she was surely a British Nationalist, and over time she began to ‘evolve’ on Europe and British sovereignty – genuinely to evolve unlike Obama’s evolution on SSM. As she became more antipathetic to the EU and the UN, and more patriotic, so her days were numbered and Big Business interests and the Media-led Left (now united) searched around in her Parliamentary Party for a Judas or two or three. 

    Conservatives, Nationalists and traditional Christians both in the UK and the USA must realize that when it comes to finding turncoats, ambitious opportunists and shameless deserters in the ranks, a Ruling Media Class has all the advantages. Amongst her Party in Parliament, those who were susceptible to Media blackmail – perhaps with skeletons in cupboards – those who saw a chance to take her place, those who saw financial reward down the line and those who craved immediate fawning Media attention, all soon emerged and she was finished. At that point, I think the personal betrayals within her own Party made her a broken woman. All those who stabbed her in the back expected – and mostly got – favorable MSM treatment. Maybe some got their material rewards later. For others, perhaps dirty secrets remained hidden by the MSM. We now know that Parliament has long been infested with perverts and crooks. 

    On this website we salute Mrs. Thatcher who, though far from perfect, was a giant among political pygmies. 

    And on this website we recognize Mrs. Thatcher as a British Nationalist, along with Enoch Powell and the Rev. Ian Paisley. None were perfect, but all fought for what they believed to be right for the ordinary people of the UK and for a United Kingdom and all stood firm despite unrelenting Media Class attack. They all spoke truth when few others dared and, like America’s Sen. Joe McCarthy and Whitaker Chambers, will increasingly be vilified by the MSM and those in Academia who re-write history. 

    In several recent articles we have stepped into the issue of race, where real progress can only be made when truth is fearlessly spoken. Unfortunately, the MSM and organizations like the dishonestly-titled and extreme Leftist, Southern Poverty Law Center, do all possible to stifle honest discussion. We would like to bring your attention to two excellent articles. The first is Kevin MacDonald’s commentary posted to the interesting website ‘The Occidental Observer – White identity, Interests and Culture’ on Jonah Goldberg’s “The liberal media doesn’t have any influence” 2

    The second is on the American Renaissance website which is edited by Jared Taylor. The article is “The Central Question” by Gregory Hood 3. A visitor to our website has also pointed me to “View from the Right” by the late Lawrence Auster 4. There are many good websites that provide real and honest news and opinion and should be entirely replacing the MSM and those who provide them are courageous, more so in these dangerous Obama/Holder times. The one mistake they all make is to fail to recognize the revolutionary nature of today’s politics that has been created by the new Ruling Media Class. 

    Weather – Global warming (Man-made, of course!) continues to manifest itself with unusually cold temperatures persisting in the UK and USA – indeed all across the northern hemisphere. I used to be a MMGW skeptic but this prolonged winter (or prolonged cold snap) should surely convince everyone that we need UN controls over our wasteful lives(!) I have warned our informant in Starcross, England that rising sea levels will submerge her waterside home any day now(!) 

    Music Choice – The flute fits well into a Latin jazz setting and Tito Puente often used it to good effect on his recordings. I recommend a group who recorded under the name “Havana Flute Summit” and their version of “Maraca’s Tumbao” from the album “Havana Flute Summit” of 1997. Besides the great sound of flutes, this record has a haunting tune and has amazingly complex rhythms. 

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