March Round Up

Unlike the MSM we will start with the good news of last week. For Leftist reporter Jess Bravin of the Wall Street Journal, it was clearly not good news and his headline was “Court deals Blow to International Court”.   What followed, was, according to Bravin, ”a setback”, for the US Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that legislation would be required in order to enforce treaties made by US governments that restricted the right of US Courts to make their own decisions. This was not an abstract argument but an issue that arose from a real crime, a real trial and a real result. The case involved Jose Medellin, a Mexican national convicted of gang rape and murder in Houston, Texas. Medellin, on the recommendation of the jury, was sentenced to death.

There are three things about this decision that have Leftists in a rage. First it involves Texas, a State that Leftists love to hate (Bush, religion, conservative, Republican, South, Death Penalty). Secondly the ‘victim’ of Texas law is a ‘minority’. Thirdly, he is on Death Row and all Leftists are anti-punishment unless it is going to be inflicted on a member of the ‘extreme Right’.

In the case of the rapist/murderer Medellin, the Leftists found a technical loophole and that was that the local authorities did not notify Mexican diplomats or tell him of his right to contact his consulate after he was arrested. Sometime in the past, the US Government signed up to the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, agreeing thereby to notify foreign governments when a foreign national is arrested. Medellin, in an attempt to escape execution, is claiming that he suffered a handicap to his ability to defend himself in Court as a result of not being able to speak to a Mexican Consular Official.

What this is really all about is that Leftists want the US to be subject to International bodies, all of whom are anti capital punishment. Texas has ignored the international aspect of the case and dealt with Medellin as someone who committed a grievous crime on Texas territory. Soon after the Supreme Court decision, which in effect upheld Texas’s right to execute Medellin, an Oklahoma judge ordered a Hearing into a case where another convicted killer had been denied access to a foreign diplomat. In this case, the Oklahoma Governor quickly commuted the death penalty.

So this case is about two connected things – ultimate jurisdiction by an international body and the ending of the death penalty. Make no mistake, if the death penalty is ever abolished in the US, the International busybodies will be dictating that other punishments are also too harsh and racist to boot!

In the UK, where supranational bodies now rule and impose a Leftist (Media Class) agenda on all things big and small, the good news is that the British National Party put up a candidate in the Northamptonshire town of Wellingborough for the first time and came second. In the Redwell West ward, a Tory stronghold, Dave Robinson, a brave local resident got 177 votes (15.7%), thereby beating the Labour Party candidate into third place and the LibDem candidate into fourth place. The voter turnout was high for a local election (47.1%). The Tory got 665 votes and since the Labour candidate only got 169 and the LibDem 40 (3.5%), it seems likely that Leftists threw their weight behind the Tory in order to stop the BNP. You would not know it from the Media reporting, but below the radar the UK Establishment is terrified of the BNP and its potential appeal to the mass of ordinary British people. The May elections are now looming and the MSM, its stooges in the other Parties, and the celebrities of the ShowBiz world will be combining to prevent a BNP breakthrough. Perhaps this time they will not succeed.

The next piece of good news is that Mrs. Clinton has not thrown in the towel, nor shown any inclination to do so. She acts like she still expects to win against Obama. This can only be bad news for the Democrats, the Media Class and George Soros as the out-of-control Democrat civil war continues.

One story which again surfaced in the US Media last week is bad news for several different reasons. On February 12th, a 15 year old schoolboy called Larry King was shot to death at school by a 14 year old fellow pupil. The case has all the makings of another Matthew Sheppard Media-orchestrated campaign to further homosexuality and transvestism in public schools. Homosexual activists are swarming all over the issue and the Media, with Associated Press in the forefront, framing the story in terms of the need to re-educate all children to treat aberrant behavior as normal. The case is tragic indeed, though not in the way that the MSM would have us believe. King, who was in foster care in a Children’s Home in Oxnard, California, was allowed (both by the Home and the school) to come to school wearing eye make-up, high-heeled shoes, female jewelry and generally conduct himself as a girl. The poor boy, obviously screwed up by poor parenting and perhaps by sexual abuse, was predictably the butt of teasing and ostracism by fellow boy pupils. In response, King became provocatively sexual to them, flaunting his perverted nature and (probably unconsciously) challenging their under-developed sexual confidence. One boy, who also had family problems of his own, was so threatened that he shot King.

Surely a boy with King’s problems should not have been placed amongst other pupils in a public school. His mere presence was exposing normal children to issues that most parents would prefer not raised in children who are not old enough to understand perversion but old enough to be emotionally aroused by it. That King was allowed to enter the school, dressed in his finery, was a triumph for the homosexual lobby and a tragedy for both boys. Thanks to the Media and its Class agenda, the proper responses to this situation will not surface, and instead we will be subject to a barrage of stories of support for King, the Home and the school and the call for a campaign of sex education to indoctrinate all children in the ways of sodomy and perversion.

More bad news from Europe where the threat of Islamic violence is continuing to suppress free speech in Holland, Belgium and almost everywhere where the natives try to exercise it. Nowhere are the authorities prepared to stand up to Islamic muscle-flexing for they fear free speech and their own people’s latent resentment more than they fear the Islamic Imperialists. In the UK, every week brings news of more Mosques being built as the Muslim population continues to rapidly expand.

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