March Round Up

March has long been associated with madness and when Obama’s approval ratings soared because he fired the CEO of a Detroit car company, it seemed that March madness was infecting many Americans. Another symptom of this madness was last weekend’s hour of darkness to save the planet. Of course, it is not March madness at all, but the onward march of our new Ruling Class. It seems that Al Gore, the chief spokesman for imminent global warming catastrophe was not one of the many lunes who turned off the lights, for it is reported that his garden, driveway and trees were illuminated. Good for him! Clearly he does not believe the nonsense he spouts. I have long wondered why the Left has become addicted to symbolism. I suppose symbolism began to figure prominently in politics with the rise of Stalin and Hitler. Both understood how powerful it could be in influencing the masses because they had both mastered the art of propaganda. I use the word ‘art’ deliberately, for art and symbolism, allied with the Big Lie, were shamelessly used by both totalitarians to replace debate and rational thinking. Hitler and Goebbels were men ahead of their time when they choreographed the theatrical pageants, full of symbolism and crude art, for the mass rallies that enthralled the German people.

Now that we have a ruling (Media) Class that is rooted in art, advertizing, theater, surface image and lies I suppose we should not be surprised that symbolism has come to play such a big part in politics. Symbolism is made for TV news reporting for it replaces in-depth discussion, appeals only to the senses and demands little concentration. Obama, with his swift and superficial moves across the economic and political landscape, is providing the Media Class with everything it needs. The take-over of the automobile industry (Ford excepted!) by a team that knows absolutely nothing about making cars; the apportioning of blame for car industry failure that carefully excludes politicians, Union bosses and environmentalists; and now the departure to London for another show-piece for the Great Magician, where the swiftness of the hand deceives the eye, is typical of what we can expect from now on. Obama will, according to the Media, dazzle and bewitch the world’s leaders and then return to continue the revolution in the US. I expect the Health and Energy industries to be placed under Government control within the next few months and in order to suppress dissent, a crackdown on Talk Radio. Obama knows nothing about these spheres of economic activity, but he does not need to in order to wreck them. Stalin knew nothing about farming when he carried out his revolution in the Russian countryside, set the peasants against the kulaks, announced 5-year plans for agriculture, and so began a great famine that starved tens of millions to death. It did not matter, for he and his Party succeeded in ending freedom and free enterprise in the USSR for 60 years and exporting their revolution to Europe and Asia. Those on the Right who believe that Obama and his comrades will eventually be undone by the failure of their actions are misreading the plan. The secret of Obama’s success will be ‘movement’. By a process of perpetual movement that leaves no time for examination, discussion, reflection and results, he will, with Media connivance dismantle the American free enterprise system and create a government that is powerful enough to use failure to justify even faster movement.

On this website we always advise readers to believe their own lying eyes and to disbelieve pretty much everything the Mainstream Media puts out. However, the MSM occasionally unwittingly reveals facts that undermine all its propaganda. An example of this was last week’s AP report on the flood threat posed by the Red River in North Dakota. The report said, “This year, the river has been swollen by heavier-than-average winter snows, combined with an early freeze that locked moisture into the soil. The threat has been made worse by Spring rain. The river swelled Friday (27th March 2009) to 40.67 feet. The previous high-water record was 40.1 feet in 1897.” There you have it! An early freeze, heavier than average snowfall and back in 1897 it was much the same. Does this sound like global warming?

Last week the Bishop of Manchester found the time to denounce the BNP again. As the Anglican and Catholic Churches continue to lose adherents by the thousands and fail to have any effect on abortion, the mockery of same-sex marriage, divorce rates, child abuse and a hundred other disasters that afflict the British people, this Bishop gravitates to the one topic that will achieve headlines and the approval of the Nation’s new Ruling Class. He is pathetic and so is his Church. On Thursday, the BNP will have candidates in some more local elections and we hope the voters give this Bishop indigestion on Friday by voting BNP in increasing numbers. On this website we would wish that the BNP had a more Christian stance on race and would totally reject the notions of purity of blood that some Nationalists proclaim. However, the BNP is the only Party in the UK that will save the British people from extinction, and save the Nation’s Christian heritage and culture.

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