Manning Pardon: Obama’s ‘Thank You’ To Homosexual Sponsors

On this website we have long argued that the Ruling Media Class (ruling until Friday!) is dominated by perverts and libertines, and as such has been especially ruinous for America. It was this clique, whose billionaire members are embedded in Hollywood, that rejected Hillary Clinton in 2007/8 and picked and financed Barack Obama’s elections after he made many trips to Beverley Hills and San Francisco.

Obama as President has been a loyal servant of the LGBTQ ‘community’ throughout the last eight years, advancing every one of their shocking goals. Homos welcomed in the military, Hate speech defined, unnatural Same-sex marriage legitimized, Lesbians appointed to the Supreme Court, and Cross-dressers permitted in children’s bathrooms – all regarded as outrageous nonsense by sane people ten years ago – have all been ‘normalized’ by Obama’s stealthy agenda, crucially in collaboration with the MSM.

Behind the scenes, thanks to MSM collusion, Obama has been purging Government organizations of moral employees and replacing them with perverts and ambitious yes-men. As a result of eight years of Obama’s ‘gay’ agenda and MSM propaganda, perverts are now the most protected, promoted and privileged minority in America‘s history. Their interests have even come before those of Obama’s favored Black and Muslim brothers, because those who pay the piper call the tune, and because Obama could not have lasted one year in office without the constant protection of the MSM and its fawning propaganda.

It is in this context that Bradley Manning – now referred to as Chelsea Manning in all official pronouncements and in the MSM – has been singled out for a pardon, along with Black drug-dealers. Obama has been bestowing pardons on Blacks from a sense of brotherhood, but his pardon for Manning is pure repayment for the perverts in the Media Class.

MSM news outlets have been referring to the joy of Chelsea Manning supporters, but we are never told who these supporters are. To normal people it may seem odd that a traitor who probably cost many patriot lives with his treachery, would have supporters apart from family. But the rich and powerful LGBTQ ‘community’ has little interest in anything beyond the next thrill, the advancement of its agenda, and the protection of ‘community’ members.

As it happens, on this website we think Manning’s prison sentence was excessive. A firing squad would have been most appropriate, but given that that humane punishment (as a transvestite he will never be happy anywhere) was not administered, we think 20 years without any time off would have been a sufficient deterrent to others.

Sexually confused individuals and libertines have long been a security risk, as evidenced by Britain’s Cambridge traitors, and Whittaker Chambers prior to his conversion to Christianity and married heterosexual normalcy. If Manning’s abnormal sexual appetites had been revealed whilst he was an Army Intelligence Analyst, he should have been removed to other work. In this Obama era, unfortunately, such people will have been promoted and will be networking to advance other perverts.

It is hard not to feel some pity for Manning and all those men who are driven to deny their sexual reality and in doing so become grotesque freaks. In prison he has twice attempted suicide and he will find freedom will not relieve his emotional troubles.

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