Mainstream Media Trump Attacks Reaping Diminishing Returns?

Are the mainstream media Trump attacks reaping diminishing returns?

The Wall Street Journal, mouthpiece of America’s Secular Jewish Globalism, has long suffered from internal civil war between its two factions. One faction controls its news and ‘entertainment’, and promotes the usual Far Left agenda with the relentless propaganda of lies, omissions and distortion of the news and simultaneously corrupts the Nation’s morals through Fashion, Arts, Social commentary and music.

The other faction controls the Opinion pages and editorials and mostly promotes financial and economic conservatism, with an occasional socially conservative article included. This is the part of the WSJ that has some integrity and often carries information and commentary worth reading. Its monitoring and exposure of the Clinton email scandal and the DOJ/FBI cover-ups have been superb.

The center pages have long been the single conservative (truthful) newspaper voice reaching the whole Nation. Unfortunately, the integrity of these pages has conferred on the rest of the Journal’s pages a respectability they do not deserve, for all of their content is typical Far Left propaganda. Even the WSJ falling into Murdoch’s hands has not prevented the editors from continually revealing the lawlessness of the Obama regime and the crookedness of the Clintons.

But the center pages, over the years, have been able to tout sensible conservative economic/fiscal policies whilst also promoting the interests of Big Business, Wall Street and Globalism. The 2016 election might well have left this marriage intact, and the election issues would have been only about which Party would best preside over and set the pace of America’s descent into the new One-World Order. Jeb Bush would almost certainly have won the Republican nomination, enjoyed the WSJ’s editorial support, and lost the Presidential election.

The intrusion of Donald Trump into the Republican contest, and the eruption of a subterranean Nationalism he unwittingly triggered, radically changed the dynamics of American politics and has created a Counter-Revolutionary movement that might otherwise have remained stifled by the MSM’s domination, and the collusion of the Republican leadership.

This Trump-caused sea-change in America’s politics has not conflicted the Far Left. It is always Internationalist and anti-Nationalist, always pursuing the redistribution of wealth worldwide, hell-bent on creating all-powerful Government machinery and destroying America from the inside, and impatient for the Totalitarianism that punishes and silences all opposition.

For the Media Class, the senior partner of our new and Revolutionary Ruling Class, Socialist economic policies actually conflict with their best material interests, for the Media Class is only interested in Revolutionary moral change and the social legislation that will impose the new morality that satisfies and legitimizes unnatural appetites. In so far as an all-powerful Government machinery and totalitarianism can be the instrument of imposition, and open borders brings in vulnerable people, the Media Class has been able to find common, workable ground with its Far Left partners. The assumption of both partners is that redistribution is restricted to others!

All of the MSM (and local small-time Media) now represents the interests of this alliance of libertines and Far Left anti-Nationalists, and our powerful Ruling Class has created an alliance with Big Business that some call ‘crony capitalism’ and others call ‘Fascism’. The weapons available to the Ruling Class alliance are lawless government controlled from the White House, and the MSM’s awesome power of propaganda.

The WSJ, which once appeared to be (like Fox News) a maverick because of its center pages, is now united behind the MSM drive to destroy Donald Trump and his Nationalist army of followers. Today’s edition has 4 major anti-Trump attacks and several Hillary-boosting ‘reports’. This is typical fare and every other Media outlet is engaged in the same shameless, relentless, partisan campaign. Trump should be dead and buried, and yet he is leading according to the few honest polls.

Could it be that they have over-played their hands? The rank dishonesty of their attacks are not only firing up the Trumpets but may have convinced many detached citizens that Trump is an innocent victim deserving of support. How ironic!

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