Mainstream Media Silent on Antonio West Murder

As we maintain in almost every article, the MSM has an agenda, and in order to advance it all the News it issues is subject to censorship and distortion.   The agenda represents the interests of the now-governing Media Class and its political arm, the Democrat Party. In order to gain electoral power the Media Class has had to forge an alliance with America’s Left, that itself is an alliance of certain minorities and Government employees. The Left, whether we call it Communist or Socialist, has throughout America’s history failed to win the widespread support of the working class and so has turned to the Balkanization of America, focusing on the recruitment of the discontented, the inadequate, the unsuccessful and the ignorant. Whilst claiming to be working for the advancement and liberty of these minorities, the Left has a vested interest in ensuring their continued servitude through ignorance, envy, fear, resentment, dependency on Government and an over-riding sense of grievance. America’s Jews and African-Americans are two important minorities who remain blindly attached to the Left by some or all of the above. 

    In order to sustain and inflame the sense of grievance, the Left and the Ruling Media Class have to constantly ‘doctor’ the real News. It is also vital for continued Ruling Class success, that those who are not members of the Left-defined ‘minorities’ should be burdened with guilt and identified as the cause of grievances. The ‘Race Card’ is a formidable weapon that the Media Class uses, employing wholly dishonest ‘News’ reporting to foster Black resentment and White guilt. The Mainstream Media (MSM), as we pointed out in recent articles, has a deliberate policy of false reporting in order to maintain the myth of White on Black violence, as though nothing in America has changed since the post-Reconstruction era of the South. To ‘doctor’ the News and suppress truth is outrageous and fatal for a democracy but it is also a disservice to the seeming beneficiaries, for if African Americans are not aware of the truth about their communities and the inadequacy of their culture, how can they advance to real equality, individual success and independence of State coddling? 

    Since Barack Obama has occupied the White House, we maintain that racial discord in America has increased, African Americans have failed to prosper except through welfare, and a Black underclass of the young has emerged as a dominant and violent force in African American communities and their surrounding neighborhoods. 

    And so, thanks to the dishonesty of the MSM, you (Whites, Asians and integrated Blacks) may well ask “Who is Antonio West?” You may also ask “Who are Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian?” and what is their place in the context of this article? Here are the answers! On March 22nd, the UK’s Daily Mail reported that Sherry West was walking in the daytime with her toddler son Antonio in a stroller on an ordinary street in Brunswick, Georgia. According to her testimony, two youths approached her and demanded money. When she was unable to give them money, one of them shot her and shot 13 month old Antonio through the head as he sat in the stroller. Antonio died immediately but Mrs. West survived and was able to give the police a description. She described the two as teenagers and Black. Mrs. West and Antonio are White. The MSM has, with minor exceptions, avoided reporting this horrendous crime and in the low-key reports that have been issued there has been no mention of race. The Daily Mail Online report surfaced on Free Republic and since then it is possible to find online reports of the subsequent arrest of 17 year old Demarque Elkins and a 14 year old who cannot be named. Brunswick’s police Chief, who is Black, can be found online making the announcement and he identifies the two arrested youths as Black. Mrs. West has identified them as the attackers but as far as I know they have not yet been charged. 

    At this stage I want to point out that the youths may be innocent and it is even possible that Mrs. West is not telling the truth about the death of little Antonio. She would not be the first mother to have killed her own child and then blamed Black assailants, but at this time it looks as though the facts I have outlined are accurate. This dreadful killing, (and I repeat ‘if true’), is not in itself a condemnation of Black youth in general nor, taken in isolation, an endorsement of my opening paragraphs. 

    Those who are ignorant of the MSM’s agenda of dishonest reporting and look no further than the MSM for News will likely be unaware of this crime. They will assume that as it has not been reported in the MSM it cannot have taken place, for after all, the callous murder of a 13 month old in his stroller in daytime, on an ordinary street, would surely be headlines in every major news outlet and would be followed up by reporters every subsequent day. It would surely remain in the headlines, would it not? The answer is ‘not!’ We maintain that the MSM is not reporting this crime solely because it is seemingly a Black on White crime and most likely racially motivated. Unlike the Trayvon Martin/ George Zimmerman shooting death, which the MSM mistakenly thought was a White on Black crime and therefore tailor-made for prime-time propaganda in Obama’s re-election campaign, this killing not only does not fit the Ruling Class agenda but actually suggests that the agenda requires false reporting in order to be sustained. 

    A heartless killing of a young child by young teenagers is not unique. Many years ago, in the UK’s Lancashire, two boys under 12 years of age abducted a toddler from outside a shop and then brutally and cruelly murdered him on nearby waste ground. The toddler’s killers were White, though not surprisingly the products of broken homes and negligent parents. However such killings have been extremely rare both in the UK and the USA, but how can we know if a trend of any kind is developing if we are deprived of knowledge by the MSM? On this website, we believe that attacks (many of them deadly) on Whites and Asians by Blacks are increasing. We attribute this largely to the divisive, race-based nature of Obama’s constant electioneering, the message that Eric Holder’s Justice Department is sending to ‘his people’, the growth of unpunished ‘flash-mob’ theft and rioting, and the constant censorship of the MSM. Website visitors may wish to follow this Brunswick case on the Internet and we will welcome any news of developments. 

    This brings me to the case of Newsom and Christian which was largely suppressed by the MSM when it occurred and remains suppressed – though not on this website! 

    On June 6th 2007, in Knoxville Tennessee, 23 year old Christopher Newsom and his fiancé Channon Christian aged 21, were abducted by a gang of 4 young men and 1 woman – all Black. Newsom and Christian were White and Christian was a University student. Newsom was anally raped by all the male kidnappers in front of Christian and was then put to death. She was then gang-raped vaginally, orally and anally (Please note how anal intercourse is indicative of contempt, loathing, humiliation and hatred). Later, gang members poured household cleaner down her throat to get rid of DNA evidence and she was allowed to slowly die. This is, of course, ‘old news’, but we would maintain that it was never ‘news’ at all, for the MSM is not prepared to allow such incidents to impinge on the public’s consciousness. Such incidents, if reported, would spoil the false narrative that the Media Class and its Leftist allies wish to perpetrate. Only White on Black crimes can be reported and the reverse – which are now actually widespread – must be suppressed and their racial characteristics absolutely denied. Contrast the MSM silence on the cruel, pitiless Knoxville murders with the MSM’s Duke University ‘rape’ story. Can anyone deny our accusation of Media rank dishonesty and agenda-driven propaganda? Can anyone offer an explanation different from the one we claim on this website? 

    The MSM narrative of Black victimization has, for some time, been taking second place to the Media Class advancement of the Homosexual agenda. Again, regular visitors to this website will find the only convincing explanation as to how the relatively small but extremely prosperous minority of sodomites has been able to adopt the issue of (declining) marriage and make it the Nation’s number one issue for the purposes of suppressing free speech. The MSM narrative is to promote ‘gay rights’ as an unstoppable bandwagon. Thus any real news that hinders this narrative must be suppressed or minimized. A homosexual gathering of 20 in Moscow is headlined but the march of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of opponents of SSM in Paris on Sunday merits hardly a mention. The ‘official’ number of marchers has been set at 300,000 but some estimates by impartial observers are well over 1 million. France’s Socialist Government, like Leftists everywhere giving the homosexual/Media Class agenda top priority amidst many crises, banned the marchers from the Champs-Elysees, in an attempt to reduce the visibility of the march and also keep it away from a Government intent on sliding through SSM in Parliament. The Government has said that “in an indication of the sensitivity of the issue, protesters had been barred from marching in the Champs”. What an example of Orwellian Newspeak! What is meant by ‘sensitivity’? 

    The homosexual bandwagon is indeed rolling along. Given that it is being promoted by our Ruling Class throughout the MSM and funded by the wealthiest Americans, how can the Davids of the NOM beat the Goliath of Government? Remember, that the legitimization of SSM is only a stepping stone to the suppression and criminalization of all opposition. First they came for the dating agencies, then they came for the Bed and Breakfast proprietors, then they came for the Foster Parent and Adoption Agencies, then they came for the photography businesses, then they came for the bakeries and chicken shops, then they came for the Salvation Army and now they come for the Boy Scouts. Soon they will come for me! 

    Weather – The UK continues to endure rain, snow and freezing temperatures. The tax-funded leader of the Media Class – the BBC – which constantly promotes Man Made Global Warming, is calling this a “prolonged cold snap” (an oxymoron if ever there was one) and “unusual cold weather”. Well, it is certainly not global warming! Here in mid California, the cool March weather continues and the nights are very cold. It has been a long winter. 

    Music – Continuing with popular music in the UK in the 1950’s and 1960’s, I want to recommend Al Saxon. As I remember, he was one of those masculine but gentle voices with an appealing sound and good diction. I believe he was also an expert multi-instrumentalist. I can find nothing much about his career but he only achieved minor success in the Hit Parade. He deserved better! The two songs he recorded which were truly memorable were “There I’ve said it again” and “I’ve heard that song before”. Both were typical love songs of the 1940’s, sung by grown-ups, with a band and not guitars and neither whiny nor protesting.

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