Mainstream Media – Pathway to Totalitarianism

First things first! Happy New Year to all our website visitors, even those Leftists and perverts who mail us abuse.   In this year of 2013 we will continue to focus on the largely concealed power of our new governing Class – the Media Class. We will, in every article, draw attention to its ability to censor and distort all real news, create phony ‘news’ and, through its Entertainment arm, corrupt the people and their culture. All this, the Media Class is doing in pursuit of an agenda. The Media Class, like all ascending ruling Classes in history, seeks to remake society in its own image. Like all ascending Ruling Classes, the Media Class pursues revolutionary change, which is to say fundamental, radical change that demands the subordination, even destruction, of the preceding society’s beliefs and its culture. Like most ascendant Ruling Classes, the Media Class has had to forge alliances, and in the USA it has forged a key alliance with the Leftists in Academia and the Public Service Unions. It has also hugely assisted the Left in purging the Democrat Party and turning it into a monolithic Revolutionary vanguard. 

    Only in the Totalitarian dictatorships of modern times, has a new Ruling Class possessed this power to control News and information and create so speedily a new ‘popular’ culture. Lenin, Trotsky and finally Stalin succeeded in re-creating Russia over a period of more than 70 years. Only the continued existence of the Free World and its relative prosperity (under the leadership and protection of a Free America) alongside the drab, prison camp that was the USSR and its satellites in Easter Europe doomed Stalin’s new society by creating internal contradictions. If Communism had succeeded in extending its grip to Western Europe and the USA, the Communist rulers might have continued to govern for centuries, its people unaware that they had been enslaved. Hitler, lacking the patience of Stalin (and at first his ruthlessness), never managed to attain the totalitarian control that existed in the Communist world, but he too understood the path to absolute control of his people was the total control of News and Culture and the obliteration of opposition. China’s Communist rulers appear to have realized that the Free world, led by the USA, cannot be hidden from its people, and so they have sought to abandon the pursuit of Totalitarianism, whilst preserving the power and privilege of the Ruling Class. Some might say that China, in detouring to Fascism (an alliance of elitist Government, Big Business and Labor) will arrive at the same place as Obama’s America and the European Union, but we believe that all will be ultimately driven to Totalitarianism. 

    Ruling Classes may be inevitable in human society but until very recent times the USA has been unique in existing and thriving without one. Now, the rapid growth of urbanization, a torrent and swamping arrival of Third World immigrants and the accidental birth of a new class armed with the power to control and invent News and information, is transforming America into a Revolutionary society. For most website visitors it may seem fanciful to claim that we are enduring a revolution, for there are no barricades in the streets, no general strikes and America’s Ruling Class avoids revolutionary talk and instead advances by stealth. It can do so for it has control over the mass media, the support of the intellectual elites who are tax payer funded, much of the youth that has already been indoctrinated with revolutionary thinking through education propaganda and mass culture, Government workers ensnared by Leftist union leaders and the brain-dulling Entertainment industry. With all these advantages already in place, the Media Class and its political arm (the Democrat Party) have been able to stifle much opposition without resort to open oppression. This is rapidly changing as our Rulers become more confident as evidenced by such gains as same-sex marriage enforced by Courts and work-place intimidation, electoral fraud and now the attacks on gun-ownership. 

    Conservatives are under-estimating our Ruling Class when they refer to the ‘Culture War’, failing to perceive the Revolutionary objectives and nature of the Ruling Class and Obama’s march to Totalitarianism. 

    We on this website are in no doubt that America’s Leftists in both the Democrat Party and the White House are determined to crush all opposition and have abandoned the traditional concepts of 2-Party Government, and Law restricted by The Constitution. In this they have the full approval of the Media Class. 

    The Media Class, as we have long maintained, is almost wholly composed of sexual and moral libertines, people driven by their appetites and filled with fear and hatred for those who cling to the old Judeo/Christian morality. With no investment in a long-term future, they are desperately impatient to remove all social constraints and thus willing to embrace the authoritarian aims of their Leftist allies, which provides the fast track to the attainment of their Revolutionary (but unnatural and unpopular) social/moral agenda. For this reason, the Mainstream Media (MSM) is enabling Obama and his comrades to assume unconstitutional authority and take the path to Totalitarianism, absent of all criticism. 

    Today, we give two cheers to Rush Limbaugh, one for the spotlight he placed on the emerging normalization of pedophilia in the MSM, and two, for his courage in linking this to the advancement of the homosexual agenda. For this he will be marked down for personal and professional destruction by all leftists and the MSM. 

    On this website we continue to maintain that the American economy and the Stock Market are being kept afloat by the printing of money and the guarantee that this will continue for the for-seeable future. We also remind visitors that the MSM is avoiding many real News stories and important information. Examples include silence about the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case and the proliferation of Black flash-mob attacks on shopping malls and stores. 

    Weather – Here in mid California, the occasional and welcome rain has failed to lift the overall temperatures. Heavy frosts continue night after night. 

    Music Choice – In the middle of the last century, Mexican composers wrote some of the best melodies. We have previously mentioned the great Lara who was a prolific writer of fine tunes that were grand, sad and romantic. The American orchestra leader and arranger Percy Faith did a fine job of bringing these to the wider public of America and England as orchestral works. Listen to his version of Granada, for which there was once a big audience, and forget the garbage that now appeals to the culturally debased people of the Western World.

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