Mainstream Media Content is Polluted with Propaganda

I assume that in the old Soviet Union the majority of citizens listened to and read their Mainstream Media and only a minority avoided its propaganda and sought unpolluted underground news and entertainment. The sad truth is that most people, all across the world, are busy with day-to-day activities and have, at best, only a fleeting interest in politics and economics. Fewer still take an interest in such things as their Constitutions, increasingly-restrictive laws and the direction of their respective societies. It is as it is and there is not much we can do about it – or so it seems. Sport, Entertainment and other distracting activities play the major part in most people’s non-working lives, especially the young and the old. Mostly, it is adult breadwinners who pay the most attention and seek informed opinion as to what is going on. Even many of them are passive when it comes to questioning what the Media pumps out. In the old Soviet Union I am sure that the majority of people more or less accepted the status quo and more or less believed what the Soviet Media issued.

The citizens of the Soviet Union must have been aware that their news and entertainment were heavily censored and wholly controlled by the Communist Party (their Ruling Class at that time) and we do know that a general cynicism was widespread amongst the people. Nevertheless, we can be certain that most absorbed the news and entertainment that was on offer. A substantial minority of citizens, some ideologically convinced that Communism was a force for progress (and in any society there are always people who are perverse enough to commit to a belief in spite of all facts to the contrary) and many who personally benefitted from the regime’s pathological functioning, probably had no difficulty believing or welcoming the lies and distortions pumped out daily by Pravda employees and their comrades in the Soviet Media.

Here in the USA and in the UK (the only countries this website can with authority comment upon) the Mainstream Media (MSM) news and Entertainment are just as purposefully dishonest and polluted as was that of the old Soviet Union. There are differences however. First, the Soviet News Media and all Entertainment were openly controlled by a political party. Those who worked at all levels in the Media were answerable to a powerful and centralized Party apparatus. In the USA and UK there is clearly no centralized political party exercising daily control over Media and Entertainment people. Yet despite this, Newspapers, Magazines, Cinema, TV Channels, Theater, Arts, Fashion and Pro Sport, all across the two Nations, are all on the same page (no pun intended), more or less uniformly pushing the same agenda and very actively purging real news and inserting distortions and lies.

The second difference is pretty much restricted to the USA. It consists of Murdoch’s TV Fox News and what is termed ‘conservative Talk Radio’. These maverick Media outlets combined provide a voice for openly conservative personalities such as Rush Limbaugh and his brother David, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Brian Sussman, Ann Coulter, and Walter Williams. These intellectually impressive conservatives are never given opportunities on the MSM programs except in the most hostile circumstances that the MSM can orchestrate. It must be mentioned here that these same conservatives are not Nationalists and that the bias of the outlets is towards financial conservatism. This is not to say that Limbaugh etc are not patriotic but that avowedly Nationalist voices are not featured at all. Social conservatism is also not strongly presented and all the above-mentioned personalities skirt around the homosexual issues that are positively promoted in the Mainstream Media. Race issues are also largely avoided, so one must conclude that Station Owners exercise control over content, perhaps because they feel some identity with their Class or are aware that there are powerful forces within the Ruling Class that seek to shut them down. In the UK there is no conservative Talk Radio and no equivalent of Fox News. The only dissent in the whole Media comes from a couple of national newspapers and it is intellectually limited and unreliable. Nationalist voices are not only excluded from these newspapers, as in the USA, but are actively denounced in stronger terms than in the rest of the Media. Perhaps even mild dissent has to be compensated for with a fervent denunciation of Nationalism. To be specific, I am saying that in the USA, no expression of Nationalist views such as those promoted by the British National Party, are heard, and in the UK the few conservative-leaning outlets are obliged to be virulently anti-BNP.

The real alternative to the Ruling Media Class – for it is at this time still genuinely open to all and allows genuine free speech – is the Internet. Here all voices can be heard, (even Radical and Right!) including openly White Racist ones like the website ‘Stormfront’ and Nationalist websites such as the BNP. I am certainly not sympathizing with the dominant racist theme of ‘Stormfront’, but the site often contains real news about neighborhoods that cannot be found on other sites, particularly regarding race crimes. The problem with the Internet for those who seek to compensate on it for Media Class pollution is that it is difficult to promote a website and bring it to the attention of a wider public.

The first big question that should arise from all the above is ‘Why are the MSM News and Entertainment, the Fashion, Pro-Sport, Advertizing and the Arts Worlds all relentlessly pursuing the same agenda?’ Our answer, and it has been argued and supported with anecdotal evidence on every page of this website, is that in both the USA and the UK, the most powerful political forces are the newly formed Media Classes. Conservatives and Nationalists, from America’s Rush Limbaugh to the BNP’s Nick Griffin constantly and rightly refer to the Media promoting an (wholly Leftist) agenda, and those well-informed and articulate callers to conservative Talk Radio – and there are many – are united in the belief that the MSM at least, is a powerful and united Leftist force. Limbaugh calls it “the State-controlled Media” though utterly fails to explain how the ‘State’ controls it so thoroughly and why President Bush’s ‘State control’ failed to benefit him. Limbaugh cannot even define the ‘State’ he credits with such a powerful influence. Griffin of the BNP also repeatedly refers to a Media that is controlled by a Leftist force but offers even less explanation than Limbaugh about its substance and power. Just about all those people in both the USA and UK who are either well-informed and attentive conservatives, Nationalist or defenders of Christianity are fully aware that the MSM is a powerful Leftist voice and has an agenda.

Only on this website will you find (1) A definition of the recently created Media Class so as to include not only the News Print Media but Hollywood, TV News and Entertainment, Advertizing, Fashion, Pop Stars, Celebrities and their Magazines and Pro-Sports. (2) We explain how and why this Class was created by the accidental forces of technical innovation, economics and social change. (3) We explain why this powerful new Class has adopted a Leftist agenda and how that agenda reflects the identity and aspirations of most of the people who inhabit the new Media Class. (4) We explain why the new Class has naturally formed alliances with Leftist Academia, Union Bureaucracies and Public Service employees. (5) We explain why and how the emerging Media Class captured Leftist political parties, including the USA’s Democrat Party, the UK’s Labour Party, LibDem Party and (most recently) the Conservative Party leadership. We also explain why fringe parties such as the Greens, the Welsh and Scottish Nationalists and anti-war groups abandon their principles whenever they conflict with the agenda of the Media Class. (6) We explain why popular entertainment has been increasingly corrupted by the rise of the Media Class and why it is now a propaganda arm of the Media Class. (7) We assert that the Media Class has become so powerful – because it controls so much news and promotes opinion – that it dictates the agendas of and selects the leaderships of nearly all political parties. (8) We assert – and this shocks most on the Right even though the evidence is everywhere – that the Media Class has at the top of its agenda the promotion of a new morality and social order that is truly revolutionary. Thus the legislative advance of homosexuality takes precedence over National Security and Economic crises and President Obama owes his assent to and continuation in the White House, to the Media Class.

We assert on this website that the USA is in the throes of a revolution brought about by the rise to power of a New Class. The revolution is not being fought on the streets, at least not yet, but the American people are experiencing the incremental loss of traditional freedoms, including, most importantly, the right of free speech. The voices of the native people are increasingly being swamped by open borders and silenced by the appointment of social revolutionaries to the Judiciary. None of this is accidental, nor can it be reversed after a certain point has been reached.

To go back to the opening paragraphs of this article, the mass of people do not pay much attention to politics. We maintain that it is virtually impossible to listen to ABC News, read news reports by AP, Reuters, Comcast, browse the pages of Newspapers and Magazines, watch Hollywood films and TV programs, hear and read the views of Pop Stars and Celebrities, without being unconsciously influenced. Even those who approach the MSM with conservative skepticism are affected by its propaganda. The masses who are not much interested in politics are being relentlessly indoctrinated with this propaganda and they are unaware of it or indifferent, just as the citizens of the old Soviet Union were. Many who are skeptical of what politicians say, drop their guard when watching TV Entertainment or scanning newspaper headlines.

Until conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Nationalists like Nick Griffin and Christian leaders understand that a new Ruling Class has formed and taken power and that this Class is pursuing a revolutionary agenda, we have little hope of serious resistance. First know your enemy is as relevant today as at any time in history.

Here in central California the weather is once again unseasonably cold. A few hot days did not, after all, herald the arrival of summer. The same is true of the UK. Sea levels at Starcross remain the same as for the past 60 years. Make of it what you may! A visit to both Lucky and Safeway Supermarkets this week reminded me that all prices have risen by about a third in the last four months. They appear to be increasing every week. At the gas pump, the increases have been even greater. House prices continue to fall. Unemployment is not falling. The dollar has fallen, even against the pound. Despite all this, every news bulletin I hear is upbeat. Just as the news on global warming, sea risings and sudden increases in the world’s deaths by starvation seem to be demanding that we do not believe our lying eyes, so we are to believe that inflation is under control whilst we pay more. In Libya we are dropping expensive bombs on people with whom we have no argument yet we are not dropping bombs on similar people in Syria and other places in the Middle East. We are being told that President Obama is now a warrior and military genius. We are invited to believe that a former obscure Utah politician (who happens to favor same sex marriage!!) named Jon Huntsman is a serious candidate for the Republican Party’s Presidential nomination. We are invited to believe that Obama has sealed the southern border. We are told that he has the support and confidence of a large majority of the American people. I could go on with this list of things we are invited by the MSM to believe. Probably, since the masses are unwittingly influenced by the MSM, most people do believe all this nonsense.

On this website we are not surprised that the MSM is deliberately hiding the facts and feeding us false news. In this article we have explained why. It seeks to lull us into complacency on some important issues whilst alarming us on trivial issues. Those who rely for news on the MSM and even the conservative Media outlets I mentioned earlier will have the erroneous belief that the homosexual juggernaut is unstoppable. Whenever the juggernaut has a victory it is headline news. Defeats are most definitely concealed by the Media. In fact the defeats hugely outnumber the victories, as in State after State, whenever the people have a chance to vote or lobby, same-sex marriage is repudiated. If you don’t believe me I invite you to visit the website of the National Organization for Marriage. Here you will get the facts.

In our previous article we mentioned Peggy Lee’s 1977 version of the song “Lover” recorded live with the Pete Moore Orchestra. I have been unable to find on the Internet the album “Fever” on which it is one of many great songs. Perhaps one of our many visitors can send me some more information about the album and the Orchestra. In the meantime I must also recommend on the same album Lee’s version of “Love For Sale”. This one is outstanding.

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