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Many years ago, I had the good fortune to work with a habitual liar. I say ‘good fortune’ because, as is often the case with seemingly bad experiences, they provide us with lessons for life. My ever-lying colleague, who I worked alongside for more than ten years, enabled me to graduate from ‘sap’ to ‘cynic’. It took several years before I was entirely liberated from being a sap, though. I think this is because we all have trouble believing that anyone would lie out of choice rather than from necessity. My colleague lied more often than he told the truth. He lied about big things in the most brazen manner, but he also lied repeatedly about small, everyday things too. In the long term, and through bitter experience, I learned to assume that everything he said was a lie. This meant that some times I did not believe him when he casually told the truth. On those occasions I would look like an idiot to those workers who were unaware of his normal dishonesty. Worse, I would look like an unkind cynic who could not be believed. Still, I found it best to disbelieve everything he said until I could double-check. My colleague told his lies with aplomb, without a pause, without a blink, without a blush and in the most brazen way. In the end, all who worked closely with him stopped believing him, and some even came to see it as a lovable trait. Those who worked for him avoided going to him with work and for work and sought out others for advice, information, supervision etc. This meant that he was never overworked and could use his time and energies carving out his next career move. Since we worked in local government and he was a union activist, he had no fear of punishment.

I describe this experience, for it has enabled me to effectively deal with the lies that emanate from the MSM. I simply assume that everything in Newspapers, Magazines, on the Radio News, on TV and in movies is in some major way dishonest. Of course, sometimes, the MSM is telling the truth, but how can we know when? My old work colleague lied, often for no apparent reason, but the MSM does have a reason and it is to further the agenda that we have covered umpteen times on this website. My old colleague also sat on information that he could have or should have shared, for he understood that information is power, especially when denied to others who might be affected. The MSM withholds much information that we should all have, and this is an important aspect of its power.

Here is an example! This last weekend in the USA began early with Thanksgiving Thursday followed by Friday which was the big sales day in the stores. On Saturday, the MSM mentioned that in some places the sales had been marred by shopper violence. It seems that this violence was worse than in previous years and that there is a trend upwards of violence. A long article on the Comcast News cited many locations with descriptions of shop-floor fights, shootings and parking-lot robberies. There was only one picture and that was of a White male whose story seemed criminally insignificant compared to many of the other featured incidents. This 50 year-old “grandfather” was allegedly shoplifting when detained by the police, who allegedly used inappropriate force. The ‘victim’s’ name and location were printed in the article, but all other incidents, including the armed parking-lot robberies and one where the victim was murdered, lacked descriptions of the victims and perpetrators. The locations of some of the worst incidents suggest that they were African American localities, including one where a store was looted by a mob.

As a cynic and knowing how the MSM agenda works, I will wager that the common denominator in almost all of these incidents was ‘young Black male’ as perpetrator. Just as the ‘flash mobs’ are never described or identified by race-despite this being the overwhelming common factor-so these Thanksgiving incidents are systematically misrepresented by the MSM. Surely, we are entitled to know? Surely, this is important information? To pretend otherwise is to bury heads in the sand-or worse. Don’t responsible African American citizens have the right to know that these crimes are being committed almost solely by their young men?

The MSM and their Leftist allies resort to two false arguments in order to defend the with-holding of the information. One is that we should not categorize people by race. The same proponents of this argument however are keen to categorize by race whenever it suits them- on health issues, income issues, housing issues and voting- to name just a few. The second argument is that by identifying race we risk creating copy-cat crimes or we ‘label’ minorities and thus create discrimination.

There are several reasons why African-American communities are hotbeds of crime and why many young Blacks are becoming roving predators. They include the complex, like the experience of slavery and past denial of education and entrance into occupations; the disadvantages of living in areas governed by Leftists over decades; welfare dependency; the effects of Feminism and the destruction of marriage; and the growth of an ignorant sub-culture that has been encouraged by the MSM and Leftists. There is no chance of halting this downward spiral of Black crime unless the facts are well-known and debatable and the Media Class and its Leftist allies have no intention of allowing that. As I say time and time again on this website, do not believe anything in the MSM! Better still, avoid tuning in to it!

Thanks to the UK’s BNP website I am aware that the Grenoside Primary School in Sheffield has begun giving ‘same-sex’ lessons to 6 year olds. In the same British public school, 9 and 10 year olds are being taught about casual sex and orgasms. Sheffield parents found this out by accident and when some protested the Head Teacher and staff brazenly announced that their intention was to proceed and that parents could withdraw children from the classes if they wanted. When a group of parents went to the school to take the matter up, the staff was too busy in a meeting to discuss with them, though not too busy to call the police, who quickly appeared.

There is no stopping this advance of homosexual propaganda and corruption in public schools, neither in the UK nor the USA. It is a juggernaut that has been launched from the top and is roaring down the hill with ever-increasing speed. How do I know it is from the top? Well, I know it is not from the bottom (no pun intended), for the ordinary people in both countries are not yet sufficiently indoctrinated to embrace perversion for their children. I cannot understand how it is advanced with such secrecy and thoroughness. Why do not more teachers protest? Surely many have children of their own or are Christian or simply normal enough to know a moral sickness when instructed to promote it. I suppose the explanation is the same one that explains how the German people – the most civilized and educated people in Europe – colluded in every step to the Holocaust once the National Socialist election victors embarked on it in 1933.

The power of Government and a controlled Media were sufficient to stifle opposition. Having acknowledged that yet still the new Ruling Media Classes in the UK and USA do not have the same tight cohesive power that Hitler had, so where does the energy and organization emanate from within Government bureaucracies to introduce and enforce this homosexual agenda? Are the Education Establishments in both countries infested with homosexuals? Certainly homosexual infiltration and domination is possible in the top layers of the Media Class but can it be so in all Government bureaucracies? Presumably so! One final comment!

I think it is both significant and sinister that the Sheffield police were on the scene so quickly on behalf of the School staff. It is normally extremely difficult to get the police to respond to a house burglary or a car vandalization in the UK yet for this harmless parent gathering or a BNP gathering of three people, the whole police force can be mobilized in minutes.

Here in central California, the nights are frosty and daytime temperatures cool. I read a BBC article last week on the ‘drought’ now afflicting the UK and putting farmers out of business. I was surprised since my informant in Devon has reported many days of rain throughout the summer and autumn. It has also been a poor summer for British speedway racing with a great number of matches cancelled because of rain. Who is telling the truth? Could it be that there is little difference in rainfall but a huge increase in the number of people consuming water in the UK?

Music Choice – Eydie Gorme, the daughter of Middle Eastern Jews who moved to the Bronx, was born in 1928 and as far as I know is still alive. She is best known for her vocal partnership with husband Steve Lawrence which endured for many years. She was however, a powerful and talented singer in her own right and in 1981 she recorded an album with the Don Costa Orchestra titled “Since I Fell For You”. This is an exceptionally good album, full of good songs and good arrangements. The greatest track however is Thelonius Monk’s masterpiece, “Round Midnight”. This atmospheric tune and lyric has never been interpreted better than Gorme’s version here. Warning! This is another of those songs that is strictly for grown-ups. If you have been nurtured on baby food from the Beatles and Reggie Dwight (aka Elton John) this recording may be too rich for your digestion.

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