Lull Before Storm Or Revolutionary Tide Ebbing?

After some seven weeks of the Trump Presidency, there appears to be a lull in the Far Left street protests and violence. What has happened to the big marches and ‘days of action’?  Apart from the Middlebury College (Vermont) student attack on Dr. Charles Murray and the professor who invited him, the harassment of Sean Spicer in an Apple store by a lone wolf snowflake, and some gunshots in Ferguson on Sunday in memory of the Gentle Giant, America seems to be settling down to a post Trump lethargy.

The Mainstream Media continues to be the Party of opposition with a constant tirade against Trump and a continuation of the Russia narrative. Senator John McCain is back in front of the cameras inviting Trump to a shoot-out, and there are several Leftist Court challenges to Trump initiatives pending. But none of this has a whiff of gunpowder in the air and perhaps this website’s predictions of civil war between Revolutionaries and Counter-Revolutionaries were the result of the writer’s feverish imagination.

Or is this the lull before the storm? The Health Bill will certainly not be the trigger, though it may trigger civil war within the Republican Party. Trump’s budget proposals on Thursday will certainly raise the political temperature but not enough for spontaneous combustion. Our prediction is that the civil war will break out if and when Trump attempts to remove illegals from the Sanctuary cities.

In the meantime, expect no more than skirmishes.

Climate Change Check

Snowstorms have smashed the Northeast – again! Much of the Northeast is experiencing freezing, stormy weather little different from previous years. The global warming predicted by ‘experts’ has not yet had its influence upon the Northeast, even as summer approaches.

More rain is forecast for Middle California – once again, an example of old weather patterns dominating rather than sudden changes in weather.

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