Lt. Col. Terence Lakin is a Man of Principle

Lakin is a 17-year Army veteran who has already done a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He is an Army doctor who has refused to obey orders to return to Afghanistan with his unit, claiming that there is not sufficient evidence that President Obama is a US-born citizen. His argument is that until Obama produces clear evidence that he is a legitimate President, the orders he gives as Commander-in-Chief are invalid. Radical and Right agree with those who claim that Obama has hidden his personal history and failed to present indisputable evidence of his birth in the USA. At first we assumed that those who were challenging his legitimacy were either crazy or grasping at straws but as time has gone by and Obama has both failed to produce the simple evidence that would quash such challenges and has gone to extreme and expensive lengths to block any investigations, we have, like Lakin, become skeptical of his legitimacy. The Media Class has done all in its very considerable power to smother any questioning of his legitimacy and has shown a remarkable reluctance to do its own investigations of such a profoundly serious issue. No-one should be surprised at this dereliction of journalistic duty, for as Radical and Right argue, the News Media is a major component of that ruling Media Class that selected Obama as its candidate for the White House and it therefore has a huge investment in keeping him there – at least so long as he continues to advance the Media Class’ agenda.

Several brave and worthy people have gone to Court to raise the issue of Obama’s legitimacy and all have been denied a Hearing, usually on the basis that they did not have ‘legal standing’. This seems like a fine-sounding but ultimately meaningless phrase to close off a citizen’s access to the legal process on this explosive issue. It is difficult not to assume that the Courts have either been intimidated by the Ruling Class and the White House or have feared the civil disorder that would inevitably follow from Obama’s removal from the Presidency. Everyone assumes – with some justification – that the Black-dominated inner cities would erupt in rage and would be reinforced by the Leftist street mobs of Union thugs and students. In any case, many judges, the products of Law School Leftist indoctrination, share the agenda of our new Ruling Class and are ready and willing to jettison judicial integrity on the basis that the ‘ends justify the means’.

Lakin now faces a Court Martial, dismissal from his profession, loss of pension and a lengthy prison sentence. He says – and we can surely believe him given the penalties for his stand, the likelihood that he will not get a fair Hearing and will be pilloried by the Media – that he prayed long and hard before he embarked on his course of action. We already know, because the Military Tribunal has laid out the rules, that he will not be able to state in Court the reason for his actions. The Court procedure will be limited to the single issue that he refused to obey an Order. The Army will go to any lengths to prevent the issue of Obama’s legitimacy surfacing during the Court Martial. We can be sure that the Mainstream Media (MSM) will most certainly not treat Lakin as a man of principle though it faces the dilemma of whether to treat him as a fool who is a little unhinged or to mostly ignore his trial. The Media and its Leftist allies have long been busy labeling and dismissing those who question Obama’s legitimacy as ‘Birthers’, as a term of ridicule. All MSM reports have avoided examining the facts by jumping beyond the skeptics’ charges and falsely claiming that Obama and the Hawaiian Authorities have produced irrefutable evidence of his birth. This is simply not true and all Editors and Reporters must know it, so we can assume that the Media Class and many others in the Establishment are covering up an Obama deceit of grand psychopathic proportions. We can be sure that the MSM and the Authorities who answer to the White House have for some time been busy digging into Lt. Col Lakin’s background searching for scandal or for some-one willing to make a false charge against his character.

The rioting in London that I mentioned in our previous article has continued, as students and other assorted Leftist mobsters, have grown bolder having discovered that the police, whose main tasks these days are to march in Gay Parades and protect violent Muslims, are incapable of controlling the streets.

Any resolute police action that remains is being kept to unleash on native Nationalists, should they have the temerity to emerge on the streets in protests. The Leftist Mobs in London, chanting “Off with their heads” and now taking to the streets in other big UK cities needs to be put into the wider context of current European civil disorder. In Italy, Greece and France the student mobs have been busy flexing their revolutionary muscles in rage at any attempts to rein in their right to ‘study’ lengthy and unproductive topics on the taxpayers’ dime. Meanwhile in Moscow a new phenomenon has appeared on the streets and that is a violent young anti-immigrant mob, straight from the soccer terraces. Europe, from East to West is beginning to conjure up the dying days of the Roman Empire when bread and circuses ceased to pacify those who were poorly educated and dependent on welfare. The Media Class and those allies who crave the breakdown of society may get more than they have bargained for.

Just as in the previous article we could not resist a little gloating at the discomfort of Charlie and his wife at the hands of the London mob, so we cannot help gloating a little at the Stockholm Muslim bombing. Self-righteous, tolerant Social Democrat Sweden is not, after all, immune from terrorism. The provocation of the Muslims in Sweden is said to be the miniscule presence of Swedish troops in Afghanistan and some cartoons of the Prophet. The truth is that the Islamic Imperialists will find a provocation of some kind somewhere for they are Hell-bent (no pun intended) on terrorist intimidation in every country not yet under their control. What is worth noting is that once again the terrorist who blew himself up in Stockholm was trained in the UK where he was – surprise, surprise – a student. The authorities are, as always, portraying him as a lone misfit whereas he must have been recruited, groomed, taught to make explosives and dispatched to Sweden, where he was almost certainly aided by others.

In the UK’s Exeter, the battle over the Traveler’s site continues, as the Authorities seek to impose UN and EU social policies on the native people. As we continually say on this website, the real aim is to humble and demoralize the ordinary people and crush their spirit. Imposing dirty, feckless travelers on their manicured lawns is the equivalent of importing Third World masses and showering them with taxpayers’ contributions whilst berating the taxpayers as racists and bigots when they dare to protest. Along the same lines is the cutting of services to the native people on the grounds that there is not enough money in the public coffers, whilst sending large sums of money to Africa and other places. Another example is the allocation of funds to AIDS (a wholly avoidable illness for those who control their sexual urges) whilst neglecting cancer, Alzheimer’s and other deadly threats to the native people.

As intense, record breaking cold blankets the Northern hemisphere we continue to be inundated with Establishment threats of Global Warming, that stepping stone to Global Government. Meanwhile my scientific assistant in Starcross, Devon sits waiting, like King Canute, for the rising sea levels to wet her toes.

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