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In the two previous articles (see Archive November 29 and December 3, 2006), I predicted that the UK’s political landscape is about to erupt from the pressures building up over immigration and the growth of the British National Party. On this website we claim that the Media Class now dominates British society and that all the mainstream political parties dance to its tune, or more correctly, advance its agenda. The BNP, representing values and policies that are anathema to the Media Class, is the lone opposing political force.

We are not unrealistic about the BNP. We know it is David against the Media’s Goliath. It is small in numbers, has no supporters with deep pockets and is a Johnny-come-lately to the political scene. It also has some unfortunate baggage from the recent past, as its origins began amongst the poorest English inner-city people not known for either sophistication or cosmopolitanism.

As if these handicaps were not enough, the Party is grossly persecuted from all sides. A combination of British institutions dominated by Leftists, seek to deprive BNP members and sympathizers of jobs and homes. In the forefront of this persecution is the Trade Union bureaucracy, much of it representing public sector employees. Most public service employers also openly persecute BNP members with the nation’s Police Chiefs now leading the way. This is a most significant and sinister development, since the police had a tradition of staying aloof from politics. Publicly financed education establishments complete the public sector unity in driving BNP members out of employment and into silence. Clearly none of this would happen without at least government connivance and more likely government instigation. Since government in this context means local government too, all three mainstream parties have to be implicated in the persecution.

It gets worse for the BNP! Banks, financial institutions and suppliers of materials and services in the private sector are also intimidated into depriving the BNP of normal services offered to the public. No doubt some of these, especially the Banks, are willing accomplices, for as I said in my previous article, much of Big Business is now comfortable with the new ruling class.

Virtually none of this persecution could take place if the mainstream media chose to expose it, since much of it is illegal. The lack of publicity enables it to flourish and grow day by day. By keeping the media searchlight trained elsewhere, the Media Class also keeps the voters in the dark. Occasionally, the media searchlight is trained on to the BNP, but not in order to illuminate the public about the persecution.

Whilst on the subject of searchlights, mention must be made of a shadowy organization called ‘Searchlight’ that exists mainly to persecute BNP members. ‘Searchlight’ has a long history and deep roots in the Hard Left. It shines its little lights on nationalist organizations and depends on the Media to magnify its findings. Needless to say, the Media is glad to oblige and in return never shines a searchlight on ‘Searchlight’ itself.

This little organization (would gang be a better word for it?) has a full-time staff and it is allegedly funded by Trade Unions, though some suggest that George Soros money also reaches it. From it spring the multitude of bogus groups with names like ‘Unite Against Facism’ and ‘X Town Against Racism’. These groups have a pedigree dating back to the 1930’s, when the Soviet Commintern set up Front Groups to rope in mindless students and other useful idiots for demonstrations of the ‘masses’. Then came CND in the nineteen fifties.

The BBC has taken to calling UAF a political party, a breathtaking piece of dishonest propaganda even by BBC standards. As we have previously said on this website, UAF does not fight elections but intervenes in them in ways that appear to be illegal. It is an organization that exists to stifle free speech and deny free association, since it spends much time trying to discover the whereabouts of BNP meetings in order to prevent them and punish providers of venues. Sadly, not far behind the UAF squads are the police squads, not for the purpose of curbing their activities, but engaged in much the same work.

A persecutory web that encompasses so many elements from High St. Banks to Leftist street thugs and Trade Union bureaucrats to Police and Fire Chiefs has to be carrying out the wishes of a ruling class. We point the finger at the Media Class, for at all levels it both encourages the persecution and covers it up. In one day, it could illuminate the plot and stop it, but it does not do so! How it must fear this little party and its appeal.

Meanwhile the BNP survives and grows and overcomes every obstacle put in its path. We have to salute the courage and conviction of its members and activists for they pay a great personal price each and every day.

Since all this persecution has not crushed it, what might?

The three big parties could pass legislation in Parliament outlawing it, but this would be very public and unprecedented. Such a move would clearly elevate the BNP into the role of THE alternative to the rest. This is what it already is, but the new rulers desperately wish to avoid acknowledging this to the electorate.

The tactics of persecution could be intensified but there is little scope left here. The main parties could put together an informal coalition wherever the BNP looks like winning an election. Since the BNP has rarely received more than 50% of the vote anywhere, in theory they would lose nearly all their 53 council seats and not gain any new ones. This tactic must be coming up in discussion in some elitist corners and this is why we drew attention in the previous article to the significance of the ward election in Scarborough where the Tories enjoyed a clear run against the BNP.

An electoral coalition carries some big risks for all three parties however, for it nullifies the work of their local activists who toil all year round in order to put up their candidates and fight elections. Ward organizations will quickly wither if elections are not fought, and ward organizations are a party’s roots.

And what if the voters do not co-operate? Many Tory and Labour voters might vote BNP if their party of choice is not represented in the election. Even Lib Dem voters may not be predictable and if the LibDem Party is, as some claim, the party of protest, its voters may protest by voting BNP. Who knows for sure?

If no new steps are taken, the Media can be expected to abandon the tactic of ignoring the BNP and instead carry out the kind of one-sided campaign that was employed against the Republicans in the run-up to the recent US election. It was, after all, quite successful.

The US is not the UK however and immigration is a hotter issue in the UK now than the Iraq war was in the US. More importantly, the BNP is not the Republican Party, but a party that experiences and survives an ongoing baptism of fire.

If the BNP comes through next May’s local elections with 50 or more gains, the consequences will be out of all proportion to the numbers, for the UK no longer has the stability that exists in the US and it will take only this small jolt for the shaky superstructure to begin falling apart. I think the Media Class knows this and so does its allies. We shall soon know what the Media Class strategy is going to be, for time is running out.

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