London Student Violence Engulfs Royals

In the Alice-in-Wonderland world that is now the UK it is difficult to know where to begin when reporting and commenting on the current London riots. The old saying about ‘Chickens coming home to roost’ seems most appropriate. The British Royal Family long ago abandoned any claim to be intellectually average or above. Like much of the Land-owning Aristocracy that lost power to the Industrialist Class during the 1800’s, it has intellectually degenerated through too much obsession with dogs and horses, too much inbreeding and too much education from Public Boarding schools infested with sodomites. There is little positive to be said about Queen Elizabeth, the current Monarch, except that she was less obnoxious than her younger sister, Margaret. Whilst her Greek husband has spent his years ‘trotting in carriages’, playing polo and staying apart from her as much as possible, she has devoted herself to race horses and some 20 ridiculous little corgi dogs. Stuffy and remote, the evidence suggests that she never made much attempt to enable her offspring to acquire much knowledge of the real world of the ordinary British people over whom they ruled. Nor, the evidence suggests, does she or they have any regard for the native people, their genius over several centuries and the integrity of the Nation State whose Constitution she was supposed to uphold. The only thing that can be said in her favor is the she never lost a sense of dignity.

This cannot be said of her son and his generation. Lacking any real sense of history, economics, genuine Western Culture and raw commonsense, it is little wonder that in belatedly looking for a wife, he chose a vain, empty dysfunctional butterfly. At some point in time, this future King, without intellectual depth or maturity, bowed to the new Media Class and decided the Royal Family and its entourage could only remain relevant by joining the Celebrity Class. Jigging on the disco floor and embracing fads, he and his neurotic Diana and the awful overweight Fergie attached the Royal Family to the Media Class. For a time this tactic worked as the Media promoted them and crowed about their trendiness and common touch. The Media Class loves shallow people and this generation of Royals is certainly shallow. The Media Class however also devours its own, and no matter how much rot these Royals talked enthusiastically about multi-culturalism, eco-friendliness and the ‘Arts’, once the fairytale marriage cracked, the Media Class was like a vulture feasting on a carcass. The luckless Charles, having burned his fingers on a pretty girl, decided to return to horses and Camilla. Whilst his mother has passively presided over her historic Kingdom’s loss of sovereignty and encouraged the swamping of its native people with Third World immigrants, Charles has attempted to gain Ruling Class favor by wittering on about the environment. The law abiding and homogeneous Great Britain his mother inherited has become a Balkanized and over populated land, parts of it quite ungovernable. Nowhere is this more true than in London. Since the demonization of honest politicians like Enoch Powell and Ian Paisley in the 1970’s, British politicians of all stripes have colluded in the Media Class Leftist plot to colonize the UK with immigrants. This plot has required not only removing truth from the news but also convincing successive generations that the native people have a shameful history. To do this, public education has become a tool of public propaganda. Civilizing and useful education has been supplanted by ‘socially relevant’ nonsense that begins at age 5 and continues to age 20 and beyond. Underpinning this catastrophe has been the destruction of the traditional family and the creation of an ignorant Native people addicted to welfare, fecklessness, TV sport and moronic Pop music. The indoctrinated generations now festering in public education, egged on by Leftist ideologues posing as teachers and un-tethered from their roots, are attracted to anarchy and nihilism. And so Cameron’s unprincipled new political alliance, masquerading as a democratically elected Government, and attempting to stave off financial disaster with cuts in Government programs that leave Foreign Aid intact, finds that the youthful mindless mob it has created is now exhibiting dangerous tantrums.

The chickens are coming home to roost. Charles and the equestrian love of his life cannot drive safely through the streets of their London on the way to the theater. They find themselves attacked by the young people Charles thought he was identifying with when praising multi-culturalism and environmentalism. The politicians in Parliament hide as the mobs ransack Government buildings. The police, trained to march in ‘Gay Pride’ parades and persecute British patriots, are incapable of maintaining a public order that is threatened by Leftists. What a spectacle is this once-great Nation!

To those loyal website visitors who have come to expect some three articles each week, I apologize. The unforeseen requirement to Home School my six-year-old whilst being a house husband, has left me little personal time. My initial experience suggests that Home Schooling is far more effective than schooling by teachers, at least in the early years. The downside is the child’s isolation from peers.

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