Liz Cheney – Entitlement Politics in the USA

Liz Cheney’s entry into the Wyoming Republican Party Primary has been greeted with enthusiasm by the Main Stream Media (MSM), a fact that should make counter-revolutionaries beyond wary.  For the benefit of non-American website visitors, she is the eldest of two daughters born to Dick and Elizabeth Cheney. Dick Cheney was the Vice President during all 8 years of the George W Bush Presidency and was credited by many with being the power behind the throne. When Bush picked Cheney as his running mate for the 2000 contest against Vice President Al Gore, Bush supporters touted Cheney’s age and experience in government as plus factors for the relatively (as against Al Gore) inexperienced George W. Conservatives generally welcomed Cheney’s presence on the ticket as he was considered to be on the Republican Right and a hard-liner on defense. Cheney was detested by the Media Class and its MSM and by all Leftists, but then so was George W, so with hindsight we can see that this did not mean that Cheney was God’s Gift to conservatives. 

    Cheney had a history of ill health (heart problems) and these problems continued during the next 8 years, though no doubt were magnified by the hostile MSM. He may well have been instrumental in persuading Bush to react to 9/11 with the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, though this website believes that Bush was not easily influenced. One thing is certain and that is that Cheney did not actively campaign across the country in support of the War and its fighting men, nor did he persuade Bush to do so. Indeed the pair of them seemed to retreat into passivity in the face of a hysterical Media and Leftist Anti-war campaign that was bordering on treachery. Given Cheney’s age and health problems it was surprising that Bush picked him again as VP in 2004. It would have served the Republican Party (and the Nation) better if Bush had picked a younger and impressive conservative who could have campaigned against Obama from the White House and with a track record of Presidential experience. Bush -and perhaps Cheney too – showed little interest in the future of the conservative cause beyond their own period in office. Still, it is fair to mention that Reagan also cared little about the future of conservatism or he would have ditched the politically spineless (read my lips) George H Bush. 

    Dick Cheney’s wife was a native of Wyoming and had genuine conservative credentials and an activist history. Perhaps she and Dick spent too much time in politics and not enough in parenting for their youngest daughter Mary (born 1969), emerged into public life as a militant lesbian. The older daughter Liz, born 3 years earlier than Mary, married and has 5 children. 

    We must assume from the facts that have emerged despite a hostile MSM, that her marriage is secure and scandal-free. Mary the lesbian has a sexual relationship and co-habits with Heather Poe, and Mary has a 6 year old son. No doubt Mary and Heather tout this boy as ‘their’ son, but since same-sex relationships must be sterile, this is a fiction and the boy must have a real father somewhere. Dick Cheney appears to be comfortable with Mary’s militant lesbianism and with her grotesque ‘marriage’, but Liz, who now seeks to be Wyoming’s next Republican Senator, has been openly critical of the whole notion of same-sex marriage. We are left to calculate whether this is how she really feels or is just a ploy to win conservative support in the coming primary. 

    The question that must bother all counter-revolutionaries who recognize that wresting the US Senate from the Far Left Democrats in 2014 will slow the momentum of the Media Class/Obama Revolution, is why is Liz Cheney challenging a sitting conservative Senator? Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi, a former shoe salesman (rising from a humble job is a plus in our book), has a pretty good history of conservatism and is certainly no RINO. The Republican Party, which is now the Party of the working man, the Christian and the underdog, has to fight a Democrat Party that represents America’s Ruling Class and the filthy (morally filthy) rich.It cannot afford to waste money in any State contest. Cheney’s entry into Wyoming’s Republican primary, a rock-solid Republican Senate seat, is already draining campaign funds that are direly needed elsewhere. 

    Cheney, who has lived in the Washington DC area for many years and worked there in government is really a carpet bagger in Wyoming, despite her mother’s early life there. If she genuinely cared for the counter-revolutionary cause and her country, she surely would have used her name recognition and considerable financial backing to take on a fight to unseat a Democrat or a RINO. We can only conclude that Liz Cheney wants Liz Cheney to be in the US Senate forthwith – and Wyoming looks like a direct route. To Radical and Right this looks like the entitlement elitist self-centeredness that bedevils American politics. Perhaps it started with the dissolute Kennedy family, where, ever since Jack got to the White House, every lecher, drunk and waster with a link to the family name, has considered him/herself entitled to national public office. The Bush family, the Clintons, the Carters and soon the Obamas, all assume that they have the right to step into office at the highest levels and that others should make way. 

    Those who feel driven into public life because they believe that America is on the brink of a moral and economic collapse will not feel entitled to office, but will go where needed. One of the many dreadful consequences of the rise to power of the Media Class is that ‘celebrity’ is so prized and sought after, and ‘celebrity’ can only be achieved through Media exposure. ‘Celebrity’ in politics translates into ‘positive name recognition’ and it is an asset that can only be conferred by the Media. Those the Media favors can be made famous and those it seeks to destroy are made infamous. The US has become too large and populous for genuine democratic government, and it seems that no-one can reach the voters at House and Senate level except through the MSM. Personal wealth alone is not enough, for though it can buy Media time, it cannot offset the unfavorable Media exposure that the MSM has the power to confer and it is that which influences the mass of voters. 

    The Media Class is conferring positive exposure upon Liz Cheney for now, despite her alleged spat with her lesbian celebrity sister, because the Media Class seeks to sow dissension in the Republican Party. If the Party in Wyoming is torn asunder by an Enzi/Cheney primary contest and Liz Cheney’s chances are elevated by the MSM, make no mistake she will be crucified by that same MSM when she is up against a Far Left Democrat. 

    The conservative cause requires political aspirants who not only are driven by a concern for the Nation and its moral collapse but who recognize that the real fight is against the Media Class and thus have found a way, not only to reach the people, but to reveal to the people the Media’s power and agenda. This can only be done through the Internet and by tirelessly stumping the small towns and the suburbs. It requires enormous energy, a scandal-free personal history, an intellectual depth and a grown family no longer needing care and guidance. This is a tall order, but fortunately the Tea Party is ready and waiting and Talk Radio-non existent in the UK-links conservative activists. 

    In our last article we took aim at the African/American ‘game’ of knock-out. We believe that it is a facet of the race war that is now taking place in the USA and is being fomented by the Obama regime to intimidate and demoralize those White citizens who are the backbone of the old America. The MSM is working to conceal its existence for as long as possible so that it can do its work until the revolution is complete and the Government has attained full control. To that end, the MSM continues to do all it can to nurture White guilt. Stories of Black victims proliferate in the headlines to cancel out the knock-out incidents that reach public awareness. None so far are more transparent than the elevation of the case of George Stiney that is now getting headlines. 

    Stiney, who was only 14 when he was executed for the murder of two White children in South Carolina, was quite possibly innocent and the victim of racial prejudice and injustice but this crime and injustice took place in 1944. The resurrection of it is being handled by a group of White lawyers and the MSM tells us nothing about their motivation. Stiney’s surviving family are said to be seeking to clear poor George’s name and one can understand their motives but I have yet to encounter a lawyer who is willing to donate free time to such an old event unless there is money to be made or a political cause to be advanced. The Stiney family members do not look as though they have the means to pay legal bills. And how did this story reach the MSM’s attention at this time and receive headline treatment? There are many cases of White victims of Black violence who have lost their lives and received no justice and one does not have to delve back 70 years, not even 7 years, to find them but the MSM ignores them. Radical and Right maintain that the George Stiney story has been resurrected to blot out the knock-out game and nurture White guilt. Treat all MSM content as manipulative propaganda! 

    Weather – Here in middle California the weather is unusually warm and rain is desperately needed. Before anyone assumes this is evidence of man-made global warming however I would draw attention to the UK’s BBC Devon weather forecast on November 30th. “Big Freeze to return with colder than average temperatures for the next three months”. The BBC is a Far Left and perverts’ propaganda organ (no pun intended!) and this headline will soon be amended and the three months reduced to a “cold snap”. 

    Music Choice – The manly and rich tuneful voice of Canadian Robert Goulet singing “The Second Time Around” is our choice. This song was written by the outstanding team of Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen and is a beautiful and romantic ballad written for the movie “High Time”. As so often with ballads from the era of good popular music, the lyrics not only rhyme but embody a timeless wisdom. Like many ballads the tune is not easy to sing but Goulet was a master of his art. The arrangement was superbly written and the orchestra conducted by Robert Mersey. This is not for the ears of those who have been brought up on a diet of warblers and strummers, privileged protesters and obscene screamers!

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