Live Earth – A Media Class Event!

Could there be anything more ludicrous than the series of exhibitions that stopped off at Wembley Stadium this past weekend? On this website we regularly point out that the Media Class and its Leftist foot soldiers are infatuated with symbolism, empty-gesture politics and sloganizing. This is inevitable, since the Class has roots in the Entertainment and Arts world, where fantasy replaces reality and nothing has substance.

The hypocrisy of the Live Earth concerts has already been noted by most ordinary people. The woman who has chosen to offend Christians by calling herself Madonna, being transported to her gym in a chauffeur-driven limo the previous day, and Al Gore’s carbon-consuming mansion are just two of an endless list of examples of the way these people pontificate without embarrassment. I will leave it to others on conservative Internet websites to weigh in on the double standards of the performers and their political mouthpieces.

What is missed in all the negative commentary is the big picture, for the Live Earth concerts show us the Media Class taking the direct lead in public political life. This is not the first time, of course, and we need to get used to having our politics defined by Showbiz people. Africa, AIDS, Third World debt write-offs, multi-culturalism and multi-racialism have all been promoted through pop and rock ‘music’ events. ‘Get out the vote’ and anti-nationalist themes (Rock Against Racism) are localised examples of the same phenomena.

Still, the Live Earth concerts are the latest and clearest examples of how the Media Class now views politics, and us the people. They take the stage, both literally and figuratively, and show off, and we the people gather in large numbers and worship them. There is no debate about issues, no true enquiry, no reflection, little science and no substance. Instead, the masses are to be mobilized via entertainment and mass hysteria. It is no accident that the music employed is mindless, tuneless and grossly superficial. Rock, Pop, Rap, and all the off-shoots of them reflect the huge dumbing down of Western Culture that has been an inevitable and constant feature of the rise to power of the Media Class since the 1960’s.

I can remember when popular music was very different and served a very different purpose. During the Second World War, I lived in an area that was subjected to nightly German bomb attacks and so we and our street neighbors, like all others, would gather in bomb shelters or under railway arches. There was no defeatism in those shelters and the people knew that they were only sharing in the sacrifice being made by husbands and fathers who were absent and serving in the armed forces. To keep up spirits, everyone sang. The songs were from across the whole range of popular music of the day and of the past—music hall, minstrel music, folk songs, cowboy songs, operetta, opera, jazz and swing. The quality of the songs ranged from simple (You Are My Sunshine, Coming Round the Mountains), to complex (Gershwin, Porter and Kern), but they were all singable by even the most musically challenged. They encompassed generations and were timeless in their appeal and they connected people. Not all the lyrics were sophisticated, but they expressed optimistic and decent sentiments, they rhymed, and even the most banal were Shakespearian compared to the dross that now passes for popular music. I was never a fan of Vera Lynn, but the offensive and offensively named Madonna is not fit to clean her toenails and Lynn was an inspiration to soldiers, sailors and airmen under fire. Performers like Al Jolsen regularly visited the troops abroad for free and Glen Miller died doing so.

The truth is that the ‘musical’ garbage peddled by those who strutted around Wembley Stadium’s stage on Sunday, has no substance, a very short shelf-life and no worthwhile truths. Those who listen to it are greatly short-changed but know no better. It is extremely appropriate that the superficial, political propaganda that emanates from our new Master Class and fogs the minds of their mentally weak audiences, should be conveyed by music that is itself superficial garbage. It is clear to all but the most mentally retarded, that none of the people responsible for the Live Earth events actually believe the political and economic nonsenses they are peddling on stage, for if they did, they would be living their own lives very differently. The audiences, too are as hypocritical, for if not, they must be mentally retarded.

The BBC and the West’s Media are promoting these concerts to the hilt. Local newspapers have sent representatives to write adulatory reports and Associated Press releases now refer to Al Gore as a Prophet. Of course, this is the Media Class promoting Media people, which is what you would expect, for they live and die for publicity, but there is more to it. For if the Media Class does not actually worry about global warming, we have to return to the Media Class agenda to see what purpose is being served.

Firstly, these concerts and the current topic they are promoting, distract the masses from the real problems confronting the Western World – Islamic Imperialism, the presence of a fifth column of Islamic terrorists in our midst, Third World immigration, the failure of the people of the African continent and the Middle East to keep pace with the rest of the world, the declining birth rate of the advanced peoples and the increasing birth rate of the rest, and the loss of sovereignty in Europe. People are also distracted from the erosion of Christian morality and proper family life and the increasing imposition of unpopular laws that restrict free speech and free thought. For behind the ‘global warming/save the earth’ rhetoric lies the real Media Class motive, which is to increase government power, over people and business. Once business is totally regulated by government and people are silenced by politically correct laws, then the Media Class agenda can be swiftly and thoroughly imposed.

The Media Class is confident that it can wield the power of government, both from behind the scenes and increasingly out front. But if our earth is really warming (and how can we know the truth when truth is being manipulated for another purpose?), this Class is incapable of initiating or even allowing the intellectual debate necessary for effective countermeasures.

Cindy Attempts A Comeback!

In what must be the briefest retirement of any one-time celebrity, Cindy Sheehan is returning to the anti-war campaign. Unable to attract Media attention for her campaign against free market business, Cindy has served a very public ultimatum on Nancy Pelosi (leader of the House Dems) that she will run against her in the 2008 elections unless Nancy immediately sets in motion an impeachment of President Bush. Cindy is also going to lead a march on Washington – yet again! Poor desperate Cindy! I cannot see how Nancy could possibly succumb to Cindy’s blackmail without losing all credibility. Even if she had been contemplating such an action, Cindy’s intervention has surely killed it off. As both ladies reside in California, I suggest that Cindy set up camp outside Nancy’s palatial home and call it Crawford 2. Unfortunately, I have to inform Cindy that the Media will not see this as a story that should be publicised.


The Wall Street Journal, whose reporters are Leftist to a man and woman, has been increasingly non-political on its op-ed pages since the arrival of a new editor. However, today, Monday 9th July, the op-ed pages are outstanding and I strongly recommend a piece by Joseph Epstein headed “Sham-a-Lot”. It is refreshing to read someone with the courage to challenge the Kennedy myths. He refers to Kennedy’s “brief and lackluster term as president” and chronicles how a group of Harvard and Cambridge intellectuals “continue to supply him with an unrelenting public relations build-up”. He also attributes Kennedy and these intellectuals with changing the Democrat Party from a party of ordinary working people to an up-market party of Ivy League and later Hollywood types. “After the Kennedy administration, the Democrats were no longer the party of the little man or the party of the underdog, but that of the intellectual and cultural sahibs pretending to speak for the little man and the underdogs because it makes them feel virtuous to do so: they turn politics into an affair of snobbery, where politics are judged on elegance not substance”

Epstein is correct in describing the modern day Democrat Party but wrong about the engine of change. Kennedy came along at the right time for the emerging Media Class, for he and his family were sexually amoral and cynical and just what the Media people admired. It takes more than a family to change a Party for the forces of history have to take precedence. How can Epstein explain the same thing happening to Britain’s Labour Party at the same time. I have no doubt that other Left-leaning parties in Europe also underwent the same changes around the same time.

The explanation for the abandonment of the working man and his interests in exchange for an agenda that focussed on sexual ‘liberation’, homosexual advancement, the destruction of Judeo/ Christian family life, abortion on demand, open borders, multi-culturalism, multi-racialism and the dumbing down of the culture that I discussed in the beginning of this article, is that a new Class emerged seeking political power and it was comfortable with any Leftist party that sought to advance government power over its people.

My advice to Mr. Epstein is to read this website from start to finish and see the whole picture!

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