Limbaugh’s Ruling Class. What Force Created It and Why Is It Leftist?

Last week as we pointed out in a previous article, Rush Limbaugh was fulminating about America’s “Ruling Class”. This was the first time I had heard him use these two little but extremely important words. They are words we have used on this website for a very long time, so welcome to the club, Rush! In the past, if I am not mistaken, Rush has always denounced the concept of ‘class’ and claimed that it has no place in the USA. We understand where Rush was coming from in that he has long believed that America is a society that offers equal opportunity to all and that ‘Class Warfare’ is an old piece of European baggage. Still, what one might feel is desirable and what one has to deal with can be two different things. He is right now to finally admit that America has a ‘Ruling Class’. It is clear from Rush’s hours of angry comment that what has peeled many scales from his eyes is the near-total transformation of American journalism from objective reporting of news to blatant Leftist propaganda. Since the election of Obama, Rush has increasingly used the term ‘State controlled Media’, his implication being that the Obama/Democrat Government is directing the News Media to toe its line. I think Rush has mostly meant the Media that is centered on Washington DC. I doubt that any true conservative, thinking Christian or Nationalist would doubt for a moment that the Washington Press corps is wholly biased in favor of the political Left.

Still, it is quite a step forward to go from alleging Leftist bias to alleging that there is now a ‘Ruling Class’. Clearly Rush’s recognition of the appearance of a ‘Ruling Class’ has much to do with the role of the Media. So, according to the leading conservative voice in the USA (and himself a member of the Media Class) we have a Ruling Class and it has something to do with the Media people. What was disappointing was Rush’s attempt to define the constituents of this ‘Ruling Class’ for he rambled about a rag bag of groups and particularly news reporters. The only ways he seemed able to connect them was that they were all Leftists and they all moved through revolving career doors. Let us educate the man behind the Golden microphone down there in Palm Beach! The US does have a Ruling Class and it has moved near to control of the US as a result of the 2008 election. Its core constituency is the News and Entertainment industry and by this we mean the combined News rooms of the TV networks, the news rooms of such organizations as ABC News, Associated Press and Reuters, the Print Media and Hollywood. Although Rush has noticed that the ‘news’ is not news at all but propaganda, we would claim that the ‘entertainment’ produced by Television companies and Hollywood is also all propaganda. We say that the power to control, conceal and falsify news and the power to slip propaganda into mass entertainment is so formidable that many – perhaps most – people can be manipulated without being aware. This is some power if there is a Class interest to bind the participants, and of course, there is!

Look back on our website Rush, and you will find the explanations for all the things that actually fit together. We explain how the Media Class developed from the 1960’s onwards, how and why news and entertainment became seamless, why the Advertizing, Fashion and Pro-Sports worlds have been sucked into the new Class, greatly reinforcing it and in their turn also becoming a seamless part of it, why this Class is Leftist and unavoidably revolutionary and how and why this hugely wealthy Class has captured a political Party that once represented the working poor. We describe and explain the agenda that expresses the character and motivations of this Class. We explain why this Class has allied itself with the ideological Left and with organized Labor. Look back on our website and you will see that we provide a similar explanation for events in the UK and if we had the time and inclination I am sure we could do likewise for Western Europe and Scandinavia, Australasia and Canada. The same impersonal technological forces have been at work, largely unhindered by the political preconditions. These political preconditions were not present in the former Soviet Communist bloc, nor are they present in the Muslim countries, China and the authoritarian regimes of Central and South America and the economically and technically backward countries of Africa.

You talk about the ‘Government-controlled’ Media yet you cannot explain the mechanisms for this control nor can you explain why the Bush and Reagan Governments were unable to exert such control. Indeed the Bush Government (like the UK’s Thatcher Government) was a constant victim of Media Class attack. We say that you and your conservative Talk Radio colleagues are the mavericks, as is Fox News, and that you are the conservative exceptions that prove the Leftist rule. We worry that the Media Class is about to prepare the ground and the popular climate for its politicians to shut you all down and purge the Internet. Believe us you are all very vulnerable, despite the US Constitution. The 2010 elections here in the US will find us at the Last Chance Saloon regarding free speech and free association for we are facing a powerful Ruling Class with a revolutionary agenda. In the UK it is too late and the new Ruling Class there has all the main Parties under its domination. Using semi-independent but wholly taxpayer-funded Quangos, the Ruling Class is making it illegal to oppose mass immigration, illegal to organize the native people (whilst all other groups are tax-funded to organize) and illegal to hold Christian views on such matters as homosexuality. It has wholly politicized the police forces and the Courts. So there you have it Rush! The Media Class is the Ruling Class and it owns the Democrat Party and the President for it funds them and can destroy them in a blink with truthful news. It has many faithful allies on the public service payroll who are willing to provide the indoctrination of the young, provide the foot soldiers at election times, and the thugs on the street. This Ruling Class can also divide conservatives, intimidate Christians and marginalize Nationalists. The differences between the subdued UK and the still-free USA can be found in the written and profoundly wise Constitution, the pioneer spirit that still exists in the heartland and the deep roots of Christianity amongst the ordinary people. All of these will be truly tested in November.

Recently we mentioned once again that the Democrat Party is actually the Party of the rich. It is only clever and relentless Media propaganda that enables it to pose as the Party of the poor. Last week, for those who cared to search the newspaper columns with a microscope, there was yet more evidence of our assertion. John Kerry Senator for Massachusetts owns a luxury $7m yacht, amongst a lot of other luxury items. He married a wealthy Heinz heiress and is worth at least a half billion dollars and maybe a whole lot more. Hardly on the breadline! But wait! This politician, who is a leader of the Party that wants us all to pay a lot more in taxes, has been docking his luxury yacht in the neighboring State to avoid Massachusetts heavier tax burden. Now one would think that the Media would have sniffed out such hypocrisy and given it headlines for weeks. After all, Sarah Palin has every penny spent examined and criticized and amplified in the Mainstream Media (MSM) endlessly. But no, Kerry gets a pass from the reporters, editors and columnists because he is one of their representatives. Just like Al Gore gets a pass for his insatiable consumption of carbon.

Jeff Greene is also a Democrat and hoping to be elected in Florida. Billionaire Greene was once a Republican but I guess he was smart enough to figure out which Party represented the Ruling Class. He is now a member of the Poor People’s Party and running for election for Palm Beach, Florida. Palm Beach is the favored place for rich New Yorkers (many of them Democrat-supporting Jews) to relocate to for tax purposes. Rush has moved to Palm Beach for the same reason. Greene has a luxury yacht, ‘Summerwind’, and according to reports it dwarfs the Kerry tub. With three stories and sumptuous accommodation it consumes huge quantities of gasoline. Never mind the carbon footprint however because this floating hotel offers free trips to the poor of Harlem and Detroit. Oops, sorry, I got that wrong! Its carbon consumption is much more justified, for Greeene provides free trips for Hollywood stars like Lindsay Lohan and for other members of the Ruling Class. Recently Greene’s monstrosity was in Belize (home of the downtrodden?) where its anchor caused serious damage to the protected reef. Greene now owes $1.87m in unpaid fines to Belize and is refusing to pay up. Now $1.87m is chump change to a billionaire, but as we are repeatedly learning, our new Ruling Class does not expect their laws to apply to themselves. Still, if you are to believe the Media, Greene as a Democrat cares about the little people and as a paid-up member of the Ruling Class is entitled to favorable headlines only.

Just for good measure I will include news of Jeffrey Epstein, another of the billionaires who after making his fortune in Hedge Funds also moved to Palm Beach. Epstein, like most rich people, has used his money to socialize with and thus join the ranks of the Ruling Class. He has often provided his private jet to give carbon print rides to Clinton and other pols and celebrities. Epstein, like Roman Polanski, has had a sexual taste for 13 year old girls, and some were brought over from other countries. Thanks to the Palm Beach police, this Media Class appetite landed him in Court, where he faced a 20 year sentence. Not surprisingly, given his wealth and Ruling Class connections, he has walked free with a light slap on the wrist. Rumor has it that he will move to Dubai, at least until the US under Obama’s leadership can modernize its rules and free people from those oppressive Christian laws.

These cases bring me to Kagan, Sotomeyer and the Obama Supreme Court. Conservatives believe in equality of opportunity but Leftists believe in equality of outcome – except for the Ruling Class, of course! In economic terms this means redistributing the wealth of the masses (not the wealth of Media billionaires) through taxation and other such things as racial bias in job recruitment (positive discrimination is the weasel phrase) and special laws to favor racial and sexual minorities (Hate Crimes is another weasel phrase). Conservatives believe in Justice that is blindfolded so that the laws apply equally to all, without exception. Conservatives understand that sometimes this is harsh on individuals but realize that any other method leads to arbitrary justice – which is no justice at all. Sotomayer, Kagan and Obama, as Leftists, believe that the Law should be tailored to and sensitive to individual circumstances. Empathy, a special treatment for minorities, etc requires that the laws be ‘interpreted’ when applied in order to ‘even things up’, just as positive discrimination in employment ‘evens things up’. They also believe that the Constitution should be open to interpretation and not blindfolded.

We can see where interpretation leads for it has to be administered by people – in reality by members of a Ruling Class. Thus we are about to see Charlie Rangel (A Democrat, a Black man and the man who in his position in the House of Representatives over several decades has overseen tax law) escape any legal penalties for habitual tax cheating. We have seen Epstein walk free, we see Greene not paying his fines and we see Kerry avoiding his yacht taxes, and all escaping the Media opprobrium that would be employed to destroy any conservative, Christian or Nationalist. In the UK, where the Media Class now rules and there is no Constitution, the British National Party (BNP) is subjected to Government persecution and the Media ensures that the masses have no inkling that new laws prohibit any Party or person opposing immigration or homosexuality or any other activity that the Government considers ‘insensitive’ to a minority. Welcome to the Leftist world of the Media Class and as the Obama revolution unfolds so the US will follow down the British path.

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