Limbaugh says those two Words ‘Ruling Class’

On his radio program today Rush Limbaugh actually used the words ‘Ruling Class’ to describe those who are panicked by the Opinion Poll numbers that predict a defeat for Obama and his comrades in November. This is the first time I have heard him use this specific description though it is possible that I may have missed previous examples. Usually Rush talks about the ‘Elites’ or the ‘Ruling Elites’ but he has usually rejected the word ‘Class’, claiming that it is not an American concept. I understand where he is coming from when he rejects the notion of ‘Class’ for he believes that it is a Leftist concept invented and used to set American against American in envious Class warfare. It is mostly true that America is classless when compared to European countries for there are few of the petty but crucial distinctions of speech and accent, school and neighborhood that imprison European working people on the ladder’s bottom rung whilst conferring employment advantages on those born above them. Generally, any American can become prosperous and socially acceptable simply by hard work and economic success. At least that has been true in the past for all but Black Americans.

On this website we have constantly employed the words ‘Ruling Class’ and we welcome Rush into the fold. We use the words in the Marxist sense to describe not the petty snobberies of speech, dress and address but to describe a socio/economic Class that is created by the historic confluence of many technological advances and human appetites. Rush uses the words but he fails to define their meaning. I suspect he is referring to the rich and influential Leftist groups who together advance the power of Government to suppress the masses whilst preserving their own privileges. He probably includes in this unholy alliance the Mainstream Media people, the Ivy League Academics, the Showbiz millionaires, the Union bureaucrats, Government employees and Washington politicians.

Radical and Right can be precise! We say that since the 1970’s in the USA, a Class has developed and gained such power that it now controls a major political Party (The Democrat Party) and many other politicians and is the senior partner in an alliance with Unions, Public Service employees, Racial Minority Activist groups and all those sham Leftist activist groups that depend on sympathetic Media publicity for existence. We say that this Class has at its core the News Media (print and broadcast), the Entertainment Media, the Showbiz World, the Fashion World, the Advertizing World and the Professional Sports World. All of these naturally cluster together and are interdependent for economic reasons and the people in them move through revolving doors. Thus News presenters display fashions and Fashion occupies a favored and prominent place in News. The Advertizing World is inextricably linked to News, Entertainment and Fashion. Pro-Sports financially cannot exist without the patronage of the News and Entertainment Media. News Media people move into Democrat Government posts and Leftist politicians move into TV. Models marry Sports celebrities and ‘comedians’ become Senators. Hollywood Producers produced Obama’s march to the White House and funded it. Today it was reported that Fashion Designer Donna Karen will host a fundraiser in Greenwich Village that will provide $800,000 for the Democrat Party. 85 guests from the Fashion World will pay $10,000 each for tickets. Media people Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin have become the leaders of the Conservative movement. Republican Congressional leaders count for little and depend on Rush, Levin and Hannity for exposure. This is the Ruling Class (conservative mavericks included) and it is the Media Class.

On this website we have several times drawn attention to the Geert Wilders trial in Holland and placed it in the context of the Media Class attack on free speech. Rather than write more pedestrian stuff along the same lines I would refer our visitors to a superb piece by Andrew McCarthy in National Review. It is titled “The Wilders West” and is surely unsurpassable 1.

I must buy a copy of “The Invisible Harry Gold” by Allen M. Hornblum (Yale University Press $32.50). Gold was a 49 year old Chemist from Philadelphia who was arrested by the FBI in 1950 on suspicion of being a Soviet Agent. Unlike many arrested traitors Gold talked from the word ‘go’ and incriminated many well-concealed and well-placed Leftists who were passing atomic secrets to the USSR including Klaus Fuchs of the Manhattan Project. The Left, then and still today, loathe those who confessed. Leftist academics (are there any patriotic academics?) have redefined the era of Soviet betrayal as one, not of traitors and spies, but of unjustified persecution of innocent Leftists by McCarthyites. This book, it seems will add some truth to the record for it includes the way in which Gold was vilified by Leftists. Gold, like many of the traitors and spies was an Eastern European Jew who was willing to betray the country that had offered his family a home. Recently a Jewish writer put forward an explanation as to why Jews still overwhelmingly support Leftist causes. I suspect the roots of that anti-American, anti-free enterprise sentiment lie in the Bolshevik era of the 1920’s and 1930’s. I doubt that Jewish postwar refugees from the Middle East share these bizarre Leftist attachments. Any readers wish to comment?
1. National Review Online – The Wilders West by Andrew C McCarthy

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