Limbaugh, Krauthammer and Obama

In the midst of the Obamacare debacle, it is not surprising that political commentators on the Right are taking yet another look back at our President and his claims and promises.   This has led to an evolving spat between Rush Limbaugh on the righter side of Right and Charles Krauthammer on the near Right. This week Limbaugh led off his radio program by expressing surprise that Krauthammer in a preceding Sunday TV show had recalled meeting with Obama prior to the election of 2008 and had been unable to decide whether Obama was a Leftist who would govern from the center or a centrist who would govern from the Left. Rush could not understand how any seasoned political commentator of the Right could not have known that Obama was a Far Leftist all along. Krauthammer seems to have taken umbrage at Rush’s remarks and so some public sparring is now taking place. 

    To give Rush his due – and Hannity and others on Talk Radio – he drew attention to Obama’s past, at least what was known of it, and from the day of Obama’s election boldly stated that he hoped Obama would fail as a President. Sean Hannity, before the 2008 election, repeatedly drew attention to Obama’s long and formative association with Saul Alinsky (a modern Communist strategist). To any alert observer there was no lack of evidence that Obama’s Presidency would signal a dramatic break from the past, especially given that he would have Democrat majorities in both Houses of Congress. 

    Besides Obama’s known history as a radical agitator (Community Organizer), his political roots and successful career in corrupt Democrat Chicago, his long close association with the White-hating Rev Wright, and pre-election speeches promising a radical transformation of America, there was an even bigger red (no pun intended!) flag that should have left Krauthammer with no doubt about Obama’s dangerous intent. That was the blatant concealment of key parts of his past. It has long been a characteristic of all Presidential elections that the candidates’ past should be an open book. Obama and his sponsoring comrades went to any and all lengths to put his past ‘off limits’. There had to be an unusually suspicious reason why a candidate for the highest public office would produce two works of fiction about himself yet wholly conceal the real thing. 

    On this website, despite lacking Krauthammer’s position close to the center of power, and his resources for investigative journalism, we early on regularly wrote that Obama was a fraud, a liar, a Leftist and had many of the characteristics of a psychopath. We always pointed out that he was getting away with his deceptions and lies and history of extremism because he was being protected by his sponsors in the Media Class and their Mainstream Media (MSM) propaganda machine. 

    To recap, we were nonplussed that Obama defeated Mrs. (and Mr.) Clinton and her powerful Democrat Party machine during that Party’s 2008 primary, for she and Bill had seemed unstoppable, but it was soon obvious to us that the key to his victory was his new allegiance to Hollywood. Here he won the backing of some of the richest men in America and especially the homosexual and libertine core of the Media Class. It became clear that the Clintons (and most likely Bill himself) had underestimated and alienated the new masters of the unfolding revolution. Obama offered the Media Class masters a number of advantages over the Clintons, including his privately-communicated readiness to ‘evolve’ on the homosexual agenda once in power, his skin color which would mobilize the Black vote and White guilt, his lack of a national power base within the Party, and his ability to lie without shame. The Clintons, in comparison had – or thought they had – a powerful following of their own within the Party and independent ambitions based on their sense of entitlement and inevitability. It is likely that Bill – a proud heterosexual – had in the past made derogatory and careless remarks about homosexuals and these remarks had percolated back to Hollywood where they had festered. 

    It is necessary, however, to see the Obama primary victory and the success of his Presidency in the context of two fundamentals. One is the rise to power of a revolutionary new Class in America (the Media Class) – the first time that America has had a Ruling Class. The second is that the new Ruling Class had successfully purged the Democrat Party and the union bureaucracy of traditionalists, and remade them into extremist movements whose shared (unpopular) revolutionary moral agenda could only be imposed by a major extension of government power. Obama’s elevation to the Presidency in 2008 represented the triumph of the Media Class control over the purged Democrat Party and unions and the final defeat of any lingering elements on the Left that might be tempted by populism. 

    We, including Rush Limbaugh and Charles Krauthammer, should see Obama’s rise to power, his re-election and the extremist policies – especially the social policies – of the Democrat Party all across the Nation, as the consequence of the purge that the Media Class conducted on Leftist organizations and is now conducting on the rest of the Nation. 

    As a footnote to the issue of Obama’s concealed past courtesy of the Media Class, I would refer again to our article of June 11th of this year where we drew attention to the absence of anyone at Columbia University who can recall Obama as a student in the class of 83. The Media Class-assisted veil over Obama’s past has been highly effective and should disturb all those citizens who do not welcome his revolutionary agenda, but on its own it could be explained as simply the cover-up of unsavory events. Maybe he had some brushes with the law, maybe his academic record was abysmal, maybe his citizenship is dubious or maybe he has a bi-sexual history. Any of these would justify and explain the Ruling Class concealment of his past, but the assertion of the Class of 83 that none can recall him takes some explaining, given what we now know of his character. Here is a man who is full of himself, a man who loves an audience, a man who must be adored, a man who will say anything to get ahead and enjoys deceiving the simple minds that surround him! Are we to believe that he went through Columbia unnoticed? 

    While we are discussing his character, let us consider this. The Media Class defense of its President often consists of nothing more than ‘he didn’t know about it’. It seems that the President who has so far played more than 140 rounds of golf and did not attend Secret Service briefings because he was so smart at absorbing facts, nevertheless never knew that his Government was reading Angela Merkel’s and other Heads of State’s mail. On this website we always try to step back a little from the MSM propaganda that is the Nation’s daily fare, clear our heads and ask some common sense questions. Is it conceivable that the top bureaucrats who were spying on Merkel and other National leaders would not have rushed to their boss and provided him with interesting tit-bits over a period of 5 years? Even if Obama had been pre-occupied with golf and fund-raising would he not have been more than curious? It may be that many Western leaders have balked at spying on allies only for fear of discovery. A few might even be so high-principled that they would not want to spy. But can we believe that the unprincipled Obama and his comrades would have passed up the opportunity to gain an advantage in negotiations by knowing what was going on behind closed doors in Berlin, Paris, London and Rome? This is a government and a governing party that is waging un-Constitutional war against its own citizens, misusing the IRS and almost every government department in order to win by any means and yet they were not taking advantage of knowing Mrs. Merkel’s private correspondence? Let us retain our common senses and our conservative skepticism about human nature! 

    The Ruling Media Class and its allies are united around a broad agenda but we should not assume that there are no rivalries and no differences of priorities. Egos must be big among the richest and most powerful and not all the wealthy are Media people. George Soros has Media interests but he is extremely powerful and opinionated in his own right. He might have little liking for some of the Hollywood kings. As we move into Obama’s last term there will be some struggles over the succession and Mrs. Clinton and Bill have sacrificed much pride in order to get the prize she was cheated out of in 2008. The latest news is that Soros is backing her bid and will use his great resources to get her into the White House in 2016. One TV channel is surprising conservatives with its publicity of the failings of Obamacare. Yet it may be that in the heart of Hollywood’s land of sodomy, the Clintons are not forgiven and someone else will be preferred. If so, Mrs. Clinton has no chance. 

    Weather – It is unseasonably cold here in California and a traveler tells me it is very cold in Denver. In the UK, October is running true to form with gales and rains. Global warming is taking a break? 

    Music Choice – The Dave Brubeck Quartet became famous to a wider public with the recording “Take Five”. Personally, I preferred the earlier Brubeck recordings from the album “Jazz Goes to College”. The direct, unfussy drumming of Joe Dodge, some good acoustics and some neat intros and treatments for old standards added up to an exciting hot/cool group. I recommend their “Out of Nowhere” which kept the tension despite a moderate tempo. The Brubeck Quartet could never be pigeon-holed within the modern jazz of the 1950’s and many jazz critics were affronted by its commercial success. I think the key elements were Desmond’s lyricism and the belief that all four musicians had in what they were doing. 

    Finally, I must congratulate SF Talk Show host Michael Savage for his musical tastes. He recently compared modern popular music culture to the past and found it wanting. He is also a longtime jazz listener. Perhaps he could persuade Rush et al to start listening to grown-up music.

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