Rush Limbaugh is probably one of the best proponents of conservatism in the world and anyone who listens to his radio program each day learns almost everything the Main Stream Media does not want revealed. This morning his attacks on the financial ‘rescue’ plan were required listening if voters are not to be panicked into supporting legislation that is best described as ‘the bum’s rush’. Limbaugh also mentioned an email that someone who works for a leading TV newsroom has sent to a conservative website. The emailer reveals that his editor has sent three reporters to Alaska to dig up anything negative on Governor Sarah Palin and three others to Arizona to ‘get’ something on Sen. John McCain. No-one it seems has been sent to Chicago to look into Obama’s backyard or history. Surprise! Surprise! The emailer also reveals that the editor has said he will print nothing negative about the Obama ticket.

If this anecdote simply told us about a particular editor and his Channel it would not be very instructive for partisanship can surface anywhere. However, as Limbaugh would be the first to admit, this anecdotal revelation of presenting propaganda as election news is applicable to every TV station except Fox News, and to every newspaper, magazine and radio news service, not only in the USA, but throughout Europe too. Add to the list the news service, Reuters, Associated Press and then contemplate the pronouncements of nearly every drug-addicted Hollywood star, pop singer and guitar strummer-all in the can for Obama and his Democrats- and we surely have something more significant than individual partisanship. Why is everyone connected to the Media not only supportive of him, but willing to lie for him, pay for him and stump for him? Surely there is some underlying process at work? According to Rush Limbaugh the people who make up what he calls the ‘drive-by Media’ are all being manipulated by the Democrat Party. He never asks why would this be so! He believes that the reporters and editors are economically challenged, intellectually shallow and easily conned. I think not! Rush says they have an agenda but he seems to conclude that it is only to get Democrats elected. I think not!

Rush’s take on the MSM is flawed because, like his many Talk Radio conservative colleagues, he cannot see the wood for the trees. Let me explain to all you conservatives, Christians and Nationalists out there. The campaign to elect Leftists and destroy the opposition is being waged by more than just the ‘drive-by Media’. It is succeeding because it is being waged by a whole Class that includes not just TV, Radio and Print newsrooms, but almost all entertainers, Fashion Industry icons, ‘celebrities’ and pro-Sports people. This hugely wealthy and dominant Class has an agenda and that agenda is far more than just getting Obama elected and packing the Congress with Democrats. Getting Obama into the White House is merely a means to an end, and the end is a truly revolutionary social change in the US and the free world. Obama is the Media Class’s creature. This pathetic empty barrel, this slick-talking ‘big shot’, this grossly over-confident know-nothing would not survive for one day in the public arena without the Media’s manipulation of the news and information on his behalf. And he knows it! John McCain and Sarah Palin are barely adequate for the job of leading the Free World, defending the US from external threats and protecting the free market system that has made America great, but compared to Obama and his Party, they are honorable and trustworthy. If there were any genuine skeletons in cupboards, believe me we would have them Media- fed to us for breakfast, lunch dinner and supper.

The Media Class is not, as Limbaugh maintains, unable to understand economic and military issues. It is disinterested in them because it is hell-bent on a social revolution that reflects the preoccupations of Media people. Legislation on same-sex marriage, legalizing abortion for birth control, curing AIDS, marginalizing Christian morality- these and similar issues trump the economy, the war on terror, health care, employment and pensions every time. In so far as the Media Class postures on race, global warming and welfare it is only to pander to the voting blocs that are needed to ensure control over the legislative process. The Media Class shares the Leftist appetite for more and bigger government (for the rest of us) only because through intrusive and comprehensive government can full control over the people be attained.

Thanks to the Internet, it is possible for any alert citizen to discover the real news that the MSM decides is too inflammatory for ordinary voters. For those who think that same-sex marriage is just about conferring on ordinary people like us, some human rights, I recommend visiting a website called ‘zombietime’. There you will discover just how ‘ordinary’ the homosexual community really is. At the moment, the shocking pictures are of the annual orgy of sado-masochism that takes place openly on San Francisco streets. The sado-masochism on view is, in my view, merely an aspect of the impulses that drive sodomites. The packed streets of exhibitionists are full of men with men and male onlookers. I suspect that few of the shameless and pitiful ‘men’, acting out their sick fantasies in public, are parents, though a few are probably the caring ‘foster parents’ that human rights campaigners insist needy children will benefit from. I am sure that many hold down ‘respectable’ jobs such as teaching, lecturing, and other government jobs. San Francisco today is the US tomorrow, when Prop 8 has been defeated by the rich and famous, and Obama and his Party have been handed the November election by the propaganda of the Media Class. The MSM does not televise the SF festival of degradation, not because it disapproves but because it seeks to keep those independent voters innocent of what lies ahead. Better to keep them distracted with global warming alarms and financial crises. In the same way, the shocking facts of abortion are kept from TV screens and glossy magazines. Only gradually, will the public and its children be introduced to the ‘human rights’ that can be seen on zombietime.

Last week I came across a good book review by Bret Stephens in the Wall Street Journal. Stephens is an honest writer and I am surprised he has survived in that Leftist newspaper. The book is called “The Lost Spy” and written by Andrew Meier and is about a minor traitor and graduate of Columbia University who spied for the Soviet Union and then was liquidated in the USSR in one of Stalin’s purges. I intend to read the book but what caught my attention was Stephens’ introductory passage about the 91 year old Morton Sobell. Sobell was also a Soviet spy and was tried and convicted along with Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. He spent almost 20 years in Alcatraz and the Rosenbergs went to the electric chair. At the time and ever since, Leftist academics (are there any other kind?) have protested the Rosenbergs and Sobell’s innocence, claiming that they were victims of McCarthyite red-baiting. Sobell, like Alger Hiss continued to claim his innocence. Now, at aged 91, he has admitted his own and the Rosenberg’s guilt.  A number of things came to my mind. First, the willingness of Leftist ‘intellectuals’ to wage interminable campaigns in an effort to rewrite history dishonestly. Secondly, the willingness of many people who seek to escape from persecution by coming to the USA and to the UK and then spend their time betraying the host nation. This was true of many Jews and other Europeans who escaped from the Nazis in the 1930’s and it is surely true of many who now escape from Iran, Algeria and other Middle Eastern and African tyrannies. I don’t think it is true of Cubans who fled Castro or Vietnamese and Cambodians who fled Giap, Ho and Pol Pot. Why do some ethnic people bite the hand that feeds them and others not? Bret Stephens is, I believe Jewish and so are some of the other stalwarts who denounced Communism. Perhaps he could explain why so many who come here are ungrateful. Finally, I was struck by the drama of the lives of so many who were caught up in the Cold War. Inspiring films could be made about Whittaker Chambers, Elizabeth Bentley, Joe McCarthy and others, including some Russian defectors like Krivitsky, who ultimately paid with their lives for their courage. At the same time some great patriotic motion pictures could be made about the many traitors like Hiss, Sobell, Philby, Burgess and Maclean, Harry Dexter White (architect of the World Bank and the IMF) and Julian Wadleigh. Amazingly, Hollywood, the BBC and the TV companies seem to find no interest in this era of betrayal and heroism, preferring to draw a curtain over the whole thing. I suppose the stories of the period will be made into films one day, and Hiss, Philby, Dexter White, the Rosenbergs and Klaus Fuchs will be the heroes. Poor old Chambers and Joe McCarthy can expect to be the villains. In a world dominated by the Media Class, Black is White and vise versa.

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