Limbaugh Gets It Right!

Yesterday, I was able to tune in to Rush for a short time in between my domestic duties and child minding. He is always worth listening to unless he is talking about golf or football. Only then does he become boring.

His topic was the media orchestrated uproar over the recent sacking of 8 US attorneys. Rush pointed out that the Clintons sacked all the US attorneys when Bill and Hillary became joint Presidents. I remember this well and I don’t remember any Media outrage. The wholesale sackings were carried out as a camouflage for the removal of some attorneys who were pursuing cases embarrassing to the Clintons. Rush replayed some remarks of Hillary’s from the previous day, when she condemned the Bush Administration’s sackings of the 8.

My first reaction was to admire Hillary’s sheer boldness in feigning disapproval and speaking with controlled outrage, given her past actions when she was in the White House. This woman has no sense of shame and her disregard of her own and her husband’s history is breathtaking. Then I remembered that she is confident that no-one in the Media is going to ask her an embarrassing question, resurrect her past or quote anyone else doing so. Given this freedom by the Media, anyone can be bold. Hitler and Stalin, once they had control of communications in their nations, were able to similarly claim that black was white and be confident that history had seemingly been rewritten for their convenience. It must be greatly liberating for a politician to be free of the past except when it is helpful to one’s position. For Hillary and all Leftist politicians in the last few decades, it has become possible to adopt successive contradictory stances on any issue and get away with it. Not that Hillary controls the Media. Rather she is dependent on it. Her freedom from her past actions, contradictions and double-talk is typical of what happens when politicians are supporting the Media Class agenda. The reverse is also true. For those who have at any time actively opposed the agenda, past comments, even the most trivial, will be resurrected to cause maximum embarrassment and undermine credibility.

I managed to scribble down two phrases that Rush used. Describing the reactions of Republican politicians to the new sackings ‘scandal’ now dominating Media news, Rush said they are “living in fear of the drive-by Media” and the Media “has an agenda to destroy this President by any means”. He is, of course, absolutely correct, and we have stated this continuously on this website from day one. Every public figure and even many private citizens live in fear of the Media Class and realize that only certain opinions and policies can be expressed without fear of destruction. General Pace has just discovered this with his opinion on homosexuality.

It is baffling that no conservative, Christian or nationalist commentators ever convincingly explain this situation. Of course, some point out that more than 90% of journalists admit to being supporters of the Democrat Party and Leftist causes, but they have no explanation for this state of affairs. Rush repeatedly demonstrates, with quotations from across the whole spectrum of what he calls the “drive-by media”, a daily agenda that is anti-Bush, anti-conservative, anti-Christian and remarkably seamless. The same stories get inflated (now it is the 8 sackings) and the same stories disappear from public view (Sandy Berger’s theft of secret documents, for example).

There is almost certainly an element of conspiracy in all this, in so far as some Media people meet or make phone calls, or mix in the same tight social circles or are married to or living with Leftist politicians and activists. But such a comprehensive and consistent control over news and entertainment could never be achieved by conspiratorial means outside of a totalitarian society, not even in a small country.

The only explanation possible is that we are witnessing a ruling class in action. It is not possible that Leftists got together and decided to infiltrate journalism and were so successful that they achieved complete domination. Nor is it possible that Leftists decided to take control of the entertainment industry and ousted all other singers, songwriters, musicians, actors, actresses, playwrights etc. What we have seen is the natural development of a Class from many components and a natural development of an agenda to promote the interests of that class and reflect its composition. History and accidental fate has thrust this class into a position of power and so its members have become increasingly conscious of a broad common purpose and realized that it can reshape society (and in the process become richer and more socially and morally comfortable) through political action. Rush Limbaugh is a maverick member of the ruling class and perhaps it is difficult for anyone who is inside it to be truly objective. He should read our website from start to finish and then all would become clear!

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