Limbaugh Barred from NFL Ownership

We have always maintained on this website that pro-sport is no longer dominated by sporting considerations but by the demands of TV entertainment. There are of course some pro and semi-pro sports that are ignored by the Media and rarely or never shown on TV or mentioned in Media reports and these under-the–radar sports are largely uncorrupted. Usually, they are sports that have little appeal to the celebrity world, do not lend themselves to TV promotion or are considered too working class. Such sports fail to benefit financially from TV and receive little Media publicity but are therefore able to retain their sporting integrity. The bigger the sport is on TV, the more it is absorbed by the Entertainment/Celebrity ethos of the Media Class. Money flows in from advertizing and the masses pay at the turnstiles. The players become celebrities themselves, benefit from advertizing opportunities, fornicate with celebrities, resort to drugs and alcohol and increasingly are finding work in the studios and making political careers on the Left. All those connected with such TV sports – Football, Baseball, Basketball, Athletics in the US and Soccer and cricket in the UK – are now willing or unwilling prisoners of political correctness. There have been several examples of players and managers in these sports who have made a rash politically incorrect remark and found themselves immediately crucified by the Media and drummed out of employment. Groveling apologies have never won a reprieve and past and contemporaneous achievements have counted for nothing. These victims have provided a frightening lesson to the rest. Other transgressions by sports stars, including serious crimes, drug and drink involvement, animal cruelty, adultery and sodomy and all the things that do not make good role models, are quickly forgiven. But not political incorrectness! PC is the litmus test that marks the line in the sand.

More than anything, it was TV that caused the burgeoning Media Class to recruit many sports into its fold. As TV expanded from the 1960’s onwards, and became a 24 hour entertainment in every home, so it absorbed and united News, Sport, Movies, Fashion, and Advertizing and created a powerful and wealthy Class that now has its bought-and-paid-for man in the White House and its Democrat Party controlling Congress. It has adopted a mostly Leftist economic slant and a new and revolutionary moral agenda that it seeks to impose on the US and the world. The Media Class is hampered by a little group of mavericks that include the hosts of conservative Talk Radio and (for the time being and as long as it suits Rupert Murdoch) Fox News. The most articulate and effective Talk Radio maverick is Rush Limbaugh. With the power of his intellect, an outstanding memory, a fund of political knowledge, an optimistic disposition and the Golden Microphone, he has become the de facto leader and spokesman for American conservatives. Since the Mainstream Media (MSM), indeed virtually all the Media both National and Local, is relentlessly spewing out anti-Conservative, anti-Christian and anti-Nationalist propaganda, Limbaugh, Fox News, and to a lesser extent the other Talk Show hosts have fulfilled the needs of an intelligent and growing number of concerned, intelligent and patriotic citizens. As the Media Class and its Leftist allies now tighten their grip on America, using a near monopoly on news and entertainment to advance their agenda, they fear that they will be thwarted by the likes of Limbaugh, Fox and the Internet bloggers who share the information that the Media Class seeks to suppress.

Some two or three years ago, Limbaugh attempted to find a slot on TV. He has always been an NFL fan and frequently wasted his valuable Radio political commentary time to indulge his attachments to football and golf, so it was not surprising when he began to appear on a TV program as a football commentator. Since even he is not entirely protected from the power of the new Class and its political allies, he has always pussyfooted around the issues of Race and Homosexuality. However, being a fluent and impromptu speaker, and having got away with nearly-honest remarks on such topics on Radio, he one day got too honest about race during his football commentary. American football, it seems, is now dominated by Black players except in a few field positions such as quarterback where Whites generally have better skills. Limbaugh, who cares about the integrity of football, forgot himself and commented that the Media’s sports writers were giving a Black player named Dominic Mc Nab (who was, according to Limbaugh, failing in this position), too-favorable reports. He attributed this to the writers being politically correct and yearning for a Black success. It is a core principle in modern journalism both in the US and the UK, to make all reports on Blacks favorable. It is every reporters’ commitment to positive discrimination. Limbaugh, in an off-guard moment, revealed a truth about journalism and the Media that everyone knows but no-one must mention. The orchestrated hysteria that followed in the MSM quickly led to his forced departure from the program. His remark was actually an attack on the Media and its concealed agenda that dominates sports just as much as news, fashion, advertizing and entertainment. It was not a racist attack on the player and Limbaugh still fails to fully understand why it was portrayed as such by his enemies.

He should read this website and he would gain some understanding. The Media Class can see the danger of allowing anyone to tell the public that sport is a vehicle for political propaganda and especially on TV where, unlike on Limbaugh’s radio show, non-conservatives form the audience. Furthermore, it is a core tactic of the Left, to stoke up minority grievances and anti-conservative feelings and here was a not-to-be-missed opportunity to do so. Pro-Sport now, as a component of the Media Class, has been politicized by the Left. Finally, the Media Class is determined that Limbaugh should not be on TV and indeed should be silenced altogether, along with conservative Talk Radio, Fox News and the conservative news sites on the Internet. Limbaugh need not waste time railing against the Players Association and the behind-the-scenes involvement of George Soros, for their actions (assuming Limbaugh is correct) are the mere trivial mechanics of a larger picture, which is that the Media Class has absorbed pro-Sport and imposed its political and moral agenda on it.

In this context we can see why the outrage is being orchestrated in the MSM in order to thwart Limbaugh’s attempt to part-own a major football team and make him another example. All participants in the NFL – players, managers, owners and others will vie with each other to be quoted or interviewed denouncing Rush Limbaugh and denying him an entry into the game. In this sense, we can liken them to Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe, John McCain’s fatuous daughter and Dick Cheney’s lesbian loudmouth daughter. Say what the Media wants at a given moment and you will have your five minutes of fame and Media approval. Limbaugh will not be admitted to the NFL in any shape or form and no amount of groveling or complaining will make a difference.

Last week I almost sent an email of condolence to Reggie Dwight and his wife/husband. Poor Reggie, otherwise known as Sir Elton John and his wife/husband, were devastated by the death on Mallorca of one Stephen Gately. Gately, aged 34, who I had never heard of until his untimely death, was, apparently, a star singer and a member of a pop group called ‘Boyzone’ who had ‘hits’ in the 1990’s. I suppose the name of the group should have alerted me to a homosexual connection as well as the place of death, for Mallorca is a favorite Mediterranean recreation resort for sodomites in search of ’fun’. When I saw a photo of Gately it was obvious that he was openly and deliberately effeminate. At some point in the recent past he emerged from the closet and announced that he was homosexual and about to ‘marry’ one Andrew Cowles. This ‘wedding’ took place in 2006. Having seen that photo of Gately, I would assume that he was the ‘wife’ in this ‘marriage’. Gately and ‘husband’ were on vacation in Mallorca and went out on a night’s drinking, after which Gately died. First reports said his death was due to natural causes but an autopsy has now revealed that he choked on his own vomit.

First of all, this is a tragedy for his parents and any siblings, for caring parents continue to love their children even when they turn to crime or perversion. However I am constantly struck by the number of homosexuals, both effeminate and non-effeminate, who now become pop stars of the young and not-so-young. In my day, young males would have been disgusted by ‘pansy’ boys and homos. I doubt that young girls would have been much impressed either. True Johnny Ray was popular, though he quickly lost popularity once his homosexuality was leaked. Then there was Liberace who was popular with elderly women and the rumor was that Johnny Mathis was also homosexual. However since these talented performers never paraded their sexual preferences in public and most normal people were spared familiarity with homosexual practices, few knew or cared. Now, the Media Class has arranged that we should all celebrate ‘diversity’, that young people should be particularly exposed to homosexuals as role models, that it is ‘gay’ people who are talented, that their homosexuality makes them more exciting and that it is some kind of inexplicable tragedy when their life-styles lead to early death.

What could be more revealing than the sight of the Irish Prime Minister expressing deep regret over Gately’s death and describing it as a great loss for Eire. He made much of the pop group’s origins in North Dublin as though this was noteworthy. I suppose he was at a loss as to what to say to mark the occasion whilst at the same time basking in the opportunity to be on TV. How are such interviews born? I doubt that the PM was shocked by Gately’s death and perhaps cared little about it. However, not far away in a TV studio, where pop stars are considered to be vital to the world and homosexual pop stars even more vital to a Nation (that has just sold its independence for an EU welfare payment), the distressed and shocked Media people saw an opportunity to celebrate a ‘gay’ life and death and also show that even Prime Ministers must demonstrate their awe of the Entertainment world. Not that modern politicians are ungrateful when offered a TV slot with an opportunity to rub shoulders with the ruling Class. Can anyone imagine De Valera or James Larkin stooping to publicly comment on the death through vomit of a juvenile and effeminate warbler. And what would Winston Churchill have said to a BBC reporter in such circumstances?

Visitors please note that Childrens’ Safety Czar Kevin Jennings, French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterand and ‘funny man’ David Letterman are all still fully employed.

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