Lights Out On 2007

When I first entered the workforce as a young teenager I experienced a foreman who was a bully. He was quite helpful to me from the beginning but quickly developed dislike of a young man who had started work just days before me. I think there was no reason for this dislike other than the poor fellow was very short and a little vacant looking. The foreman called all of us young workers by our Christian names at all times, even when we were not present and he was talking about us to fellow workers. The exception was the diminutive Brown, who he called Alan when talking to him face-to-face, but Brown whenever he mentioned him to someone else. After a time he also added an ‘s’ to the end of Brown’s name so that he would walk onto the shop floor and ask, “Where’s Browns?” Almost without realizing it, all of us workers knew that Brown was being demoted from the human race and that it would not pay to be too friendly with him – at least when the foreman was around. The foreman took to criticizing Browns’ work at all times and publicly blaming him whenever anything went wrong. In time, sadly, ‘Browns’ became something of an outcast and we all considered him to be unpopular. He ultimately found another job and no-one was sorry when he left.

This anecdote often comes to my mind when I read the Media reports on our President. He is rarely referred to by his office of President. It is normally just ‘Bush’, even in newspapers that will refer continually to ‘Mr.’ Putin and even use the title ‘Mr.’ for people charged with murder. The Media has done this since President George W Bush was elected to the leadership of our Nation. Of course, rabid Leftists (both in and out of the Media) will object that he was never legally elected, hence not deserving the title ‘President’. Journalists for the MSM cannot openly use this argument for they claim to be above politics in their reporting, but we all know that the Media Class has spent the last 7 years turning ‘Bush’ into a dirty word. The Media Class has employed many more such weapons in its campaign against a Christian President it loathes, as we have constantly shown on this website. Still, even if the ‘Bush’ word had been the MSM’s only tactic it would have been highly successful for it has emboldened multitudes of both clever and ignorant Leftists to refer to ‘Bush’ with open contempt in countless conversations so that even non-political citizens have become unwilling to own him as their President. I suppose the President is lucky that his name did not offer the opportunity to affix an ‘s’ on the end of it.

We should never underestimate the power of the Media Class to destroy its victims through small but continuous tactics as well as by big lies. I suppose when Hillary Rodham Clinton (they love bestowing this mouthful of names on her – it is meant to underscore her independence of her husband) is selected as President, she will get the title all the time and the Media will acknowledge the high office once again.

I saw a report in a Friday Bay Area newspaper of more killings in Richmond, bringing the total to 48 for 2007. I am sure the half-century will be reached by Monday midnight. Richmond is largely African-American like its neighbor Oakland, where killings are also set to make 2007 a bumper year. Meanwhile in LA, we read that Latino gangs are targeting Blacks in drive-by shootings, though Blacks already make a pretty effective job of killing each other there. Leftists and their Media masters always attempt to play down both the enormity of these statistics and their racial component. One may legitimately ask if there is a civil war going on in our inner cities, yet it seems that as far as the Media Class is concerned, it is only in Iraq that civil war looms.

I have followed the Republican candidates’ campaigns in Iowa without much enthusiasm. Like many Republicans (I am not one), I cannot get enthusiastic about any one. Thompson is no Reagan and I doubt Hollywood will ever produce another genuine conservative man of the people. Guilliani is a libertine, Romney is unconvincing as a man of conviction and Huckabee has a whiff of the Elmer Gantry about him. Only McCain of the front-runners has a track record of principle, conviction and political experience and he is a very maverick and patchy conservative. I suppose when push comes to shove, I will vote for any of them to defeat the white flag wavers of the Democrat Party. McCain will not get the Republican nomination in the end as he has enraged too many activists in the last 8 years, yet he is surely the best bet of all the contenders to lead the Civilized World in war time.

The Media continues to blame the Pakistani President and his underlings for the Bhutto assassination, despite the lack of a motive. It is not a part of the Media Class playbook at this time to have Bin Laden implicated, for that would reflect well on President Bush and on most of the Republican candidates. The MSM will not let up on this for it is relentless in its determination to peddle disinformation. Lost in the misreporting of Pakistan is the news of another deadly explosion in Thailand where Muslims are slaughtering Buddhists every week. Holiday resorts are a choice target for the exponents of the religion of peace.

In the UK, the racist killings continue, as the rewards of forced multi-culturalism are felt by the native population. For those who visit the BBC website for ‘news’, it is important to know that if the killers’ color is not mentioned, assume they are Black or Brown. A White killer will always be identified by color. In the rare case of a Black victim and White perpetrator, all colors will be headlined.

In another 3 months we will know who is going to run against Mrs. Clinton and her Media Class sponsors. Whoever it is, better not have the tiniest scandal in his past, nor speak one ambiguous or reckless word on race, sex or lifestyle choices, for the friends of Hillary will let nothing pass unpunished.

As the extreme cold weather continues to grip most of California, indeed most of the northern hemisphere, Mr. Radical and Mr. Right wish all our visitors (and Al Gore) a happy new year and much luck. They and we will need it in 2008 when the Media Class takes its next step towards full assumption of power.

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