Libyan Attack: Media Class Circles Obama Wagon Train

Regular website visitors will know that we assert that the USA is now dominated by a Media Class and that the Democrat Party, led by Obama, is its political arm. Every day, as we approach the November elections, it becomes clearer that we are right. The current Mainstream Media (MSM) reporting of the latest Muslim attacks on the Embassy in Egypt and on the diplomatic compound in Benghazi demonstrate that the Media Class is discarding its appearance of neutrality and brazenly protecting and promoting its man in the White House.

Nothing that the MSM reports can be trusted as truthful, indeed most of its reporting is dishonest propaganda. The Media Class is desperate to get Obama back into the White House so that he can continue to advance the social/moral policies that are its priority. Same-sex marriage and the destruction of the Nation’s Christian moral basis means more to this Ruling Class than National Security and an economy in decline.

First let us take the reporting of the violent events in Egypt and Libya and the latest attack on the American Embassy in Yemen. The MSM as always, as befits a Class with an agenda, has been marching in lockstep. No conspiratorial group could achieve this unity and only a Class interest explains it. The reporters are asking us to believe that the attacks were sparked by a 14 minute video posted on the Internet. The video is called “Innocence of Muslims” and according to the MSM liars was made in LA by an “American/Israeli Jew”, named Sam Bacile and funded by Jews. Here we see in the MSM reporting something very unusual and that is reference to an ‘American Jew’. When did we see George Soros referred to as a Hungarian Jew or the Barbara’s Boxer and Streisand referred to as ‘Jewish American’. It seems that the MSM is only interested in identifying a ‘Jewish’ identity when the person is not a Leftist.

In fact, it is likely that a Jewish Mr. Bacile does not exist and that the film-maker is a Coptic Christian. So much for sloppy reporting and a blatant Media attempt to link the video with Israel and therefore provide some justification for the Muslim attacks. Not that the race or identity of the film maker makes much difference. The 14 minute film which is apparently grainy, technically amateurish and low budget is alleged to have included scenes which depict the prophet Muhammad as a womanizing fraud and a child molester. So what? I have not seen the video but perhaps these accusations and others have some truth. Perhaps not! It is said that this video has been on the Internet for some days prior to 9/11. In order to squeeze out the maximum propaganda from the film’s showing and subsequent Muslim violence, the MSM is making much of the fact that (retired) Christian pastor Terry Jones posted it and is therefore largely responsible for all the mayhem and deaths which have been perpetrated by Muslim mobs. This is the second time that the obscure Jones in Florida has been blamed for widespread rioting in the Middle East

The MSM is asking us to believe that this video, cleverly connected by US MSM reporters to Jews and Christians, is responsible for spontaneous death and destruction in the Middle East on the anniversary of 9/11. It is widely reported (and here the MSM is attempting to further reinforce the notion that the video was posted recklessly and provocatively) that General Martin E Dempsey, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had contacted Jones and asked him to not post it.

Dempsey has many times revealed that he is fully on board the Obama Express, as are the other contemporary Chiefs of Staff. These career military people in high positions are (like the contemporary high level policemen in the UK) political appointees or survivors of Obama’s purges. The Obama Administration, which has no qualms about purging genuine patriots and men of integrity, has packed the top ranks with those who will support same-sex marriage and other Media Class/Leftist agenda items.

Since the Muslim attacks in Libya and Egypt, there have been many demands by Media people on the MSM to take legal action against those who post or write things offensive to Muslims. Their excuse for demanding an end to constitutionally-guaranteed free speech in the USA is that it leads to riots and attacks on American property in other countries. This is greatly offensive to all of us who value free speech but these Leftists are only concerned with offending foreigners and Muslims – at least so they claim. They are, it seems trying to introduce by the back door, Sharia Law into the USA, but I suspect the real motive has more to do with domestic politics. It will be a small step from curtailing free speech that offends Muslims abroad to curtailing free speech that offends homosexuals, illegal immigrants, immigrants unwilling to integrate, Union Leaders, Public Sector workers and politicians in the USA. The truth is that Obama, the Media Class billionaires who fund him and the Leftists who provide the ground troops, would like nothing more than the end of free speech. The MSM has been at pains to pretend that only small groups of Muslims were responsible for the attacks in Egypt and Libya. We are asked to believe that a mere handful (wholly unrepresentative of the Arab peoples) successfully trashed our Embassy in Egypt and occupied the compound in Benghazi, before going on to the hiding place of Ambassador Stevens and killing him and two other Americans.

It is now being reported on some usually-reliable websites that Stevens was raped before being murdered.

It goes without saying that none of this is convenient for Obama’s election campaign. It is clear that the Embassy in Egypt and the Consulate in Benghazi were not adequately protected, for this was the anniversary of 9/11 and we can be sure that it was this date and not an obscure video on the Internet that inspired the attacks. It is hard to believe that at least some in the US security services did not warn of the dangers. Perhaps Obama was simply too busy with golf and fund-raising to pay attention. Just as likely, his Administration’s larger Media-created myth – that the world loves Obama – must not be questioned. Also, his willingness to downgrade America is supposed to play well in the world and Muslims must not be viewed as enemies. All this, plus his arrogant and casual attitude to his job seems to have left American property in the Arab World unprepared.

I doubt that Obama and his Media Class masters care much about events in the Middle East unless and until they impinge negatively on his re-election campaign. My own theory is that Obama and the Media Class welcomed the MSM-named ‘Arab Spring’ because they hoped that the new rulers would be progressives/Liberals who would usher in all the things that they pant for: same-sex marriage; abortion-on-demand; and concert halls where Madonna could bare her ass and shout obscenities. After all, these Media people occupy a world of fantasy.

They are smart enough however to know when events take place that they have not scripted and might give Romney a chance. And so the MSM wagons were speedily circled around Obama and Romney found himself speared in the MSM for telling the truth. Romney’s truths not only cast doubt on Obama policies but he made Obama look the empty and foolish braggart that he is. Hopefully, Romney will not back down one iota and will have learned that the MSM is his real enemy.

One last comment on this American catastrophe in Libya! It has been written by many on the counter-revolutionary websites (though never mentioned in the MSM) that Obama was quick to publicly and widely boast about his taking out of Bin Laden. There was no concern about inflaming Muslim sensibilities in the world – rather it was felt that boasting of this would help his re-election. I doubt that the obsequious General Dempsey advised him that he should play down this event.

Weather – Quite a heat-wave here in central California though September is always a hot month! In the UK our reporter says it is cool but mostly dry. Those Brits who try to console themselves that the UK has decent summers are always remembering something they call ‘Indian Summers’. By this they mean a late period of warm sunshine in September that prolongs summer. I can only remember one such ‘Indian Summer’ and that was in the mid-1970’s and it extended to October amidst warnings of catastrophic drought. ‘Experts’ are saying that 2012 has been England’s wettest year for 100 years. It must be due to MMGW.

Music Choice – I make no apology for returning to the music of Les Paul, the guitarist who spanned country music, jazz and Pop in the 1950 and early 1960’s. I am recommending you listen to his 1950 instrumental recording of the tune ‘Goofus’. This was a 1930 popular tune written by Wayne King and William Harold. I learned today that the great Gus Kahn wrote lyrics to it and the Carpenters also did a version. I do not claim this as a great tune and Les Paul did it as one of several ‘novelty’ pieces that he delighted in playing, which included ‘Nola’. Novelty pieces were popular back in the better days of our culture and this says much about our contemporary decline. Such tunes were always ‘catchy’ and ‘sing-able’ and this one had the added quality of being cheerful. Not much of that in today’s Pop world and none in the News.

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