Libya USA War – Media Stifles Debate

We are at war with the official Government of Libya and taking sides in a civil war in that Arab country, yet there is remarkably little public debate. I keep reading about polling data on many things but nothing on this undeclared war. I have read nothing about popular demonstrations against the war. San Francisco’s perverts and deadbeats may be marching against war but if so I have yet to read see or hear about it in the Mainstream Media (MSM). The few early critical comments from politicians and others concerning Obama’s failure to consult Congress seem to have petered out. Cindy Sheehan must be in retirement or deceased. Perhaps she and her little band of followers are on vacation down at Crawford Texas. I would like to know how many sorties our planes have flown over Libya and how many bombs have been dropped and at what cost but perhaps I am the only one who is curious. I have yet to hear a clear statement of our war aims and strategy.

I think there are two reasons why the MSM is ‘busy’ under-reporting this war and its conduct. The first is that this really is Obama’s War. I think we could also pin Afghanistan to him since he declared it to be the ‘right’ war during his election campaign but he didn’t start it and so the MSM can attribute it to Bush should it take a disastrous turn. But Libya is well and truly Obama’s War. He might attribute it to the UN if it becomes very unpopular but the American public will stick it to him no matter what. Since anti-war sentiment is publicly regarded as a Democrat/Leftist thing and the Leftist anti-war propaganda of the last decade is too recent and too much to be set aside even by this all-powerful Media Class, Obama and his comrades are now having to reverse course on the criminality and awfulness of War. Given that Obama instigated it (perhaps in an absent-minded moment on the gold course or as part of a cunning master-plan) it has to be a ‘good war’ but it is hard for the MSM to paint it as such. And so, the MSM is doing the next best thing to positively front-paging it and that is to both under report it and downplay its White House origin. The same thing applies to the public debate that usually erupts when a US Government goes to war. It is not being given space in the Media.

The other reason for the under-reporting of the war and the MSM suppression of debate is that the war is not going well. This is not to say that it is going badly but so far neither is it going well. Certainly it is not producing the kind of battle-field success that would enable the MSM to present Obama as a gung-ho guy. As far as I can tell from the reporting the war is a bit of a stalemate with the Gadhafi forces having a slight edge. The Obama Presidency’s image, manufactured by the MSM from the start of his election campaign, is not one of long-drawn-out struggles and trench warfare but one of short brilliant campaigns in which he charms, outwits, out thinks and out maneuvers all opponents whilst cracking walnuts with both hands. Perhaps the great minds that advise this even greater Presidential mind, assumed that Gadhafi had no popular base and that his army would evaporate once a cluster of bombs fell near them. It is now beginning to look like Libya is experiencing a civil war and that Gadhafi has substantial loyal forces. It is mostly the rebels who evaporate as soon as the bombs fall and this is not good news for Obama’s War and so the MSM is working hard to present it as no-one’s War – at least until Gadhafi is in full retreat. Make no mistake! If Gadhafi is toppled the MSM will overwhelm us with praises for Field Marshall Obama.

Yesterday I read the BNP article on the great MSM fabrication of Global Warming. Today I read their article on the race-purged UK Media/police reporting of a Black serial rapist of elderly and handicapped White victims. The BNP is to be congratulated for reporting news that is deliberately censored from the MSM and by the mainstream politicians of all other Parties. I got to thinking about the BNP leader Nick Griffin. I don’t think he is a very good Party leader but he most certainly is a very brave man. Few would dare take on the UK’s MSM, its mainstream Parties, its judiciary, its police forces, its Pop stars and celebrities, its bullying Unions, its Government bureaucracy and its Leftist street thugs. Even more to the point few would dare take on the murderous fanatics of Islamic Imperialism. All of the afore-mentioned violent forces are bolstered and encouraged by the official climate of BNP persecution. The events in Afghanistan, where once again the slightest of provocations (an American burning a Koran) has led to Muslim mobs going on a killing spree, brings home to me that Griffin and his family must live with the threat of death 24 hours a day.

While on the subject of brave politicians I must mention Donald Trump. His relentless questioning of the Obama birth records and his sending investigators to Hawaii is likely to put his life in danger. So far, few have dared to take up this issue and it is surely an explosive one.

Music Choice

If Frank Sinatra was (and still is) the King of popular singers then surely Ella Fitzgerald is the Queen. It is hard to pick one recording or even one album and say it is her best, for over a long professional life she never faltered. However she once appeared on a Sinatra TV Show and sang the great classic song “Body and Soul”. Apart from the many things that her version of this rich tune and lyric highlighted was her jazz musician’s ability to embellish the tune. One might easily not notice that she works through the tune and rarely sings the composer’s notes. Miss Fitzgerald is one more reminder that the contemporary Arts on which so much public money is showered, reward anything but talent.

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