Libya First, Now Syria! Will Obama Act?

The US intervention in Libya’s civil war is murky, controversial and so far lacking any consistent rationale by the Obama regime. US action has also been hesitant and delayed. None of this makes it wrong in principle. Conservatives are divided on whether or not to give political and moral support. This division is somewhat masked by a Republican leadership focus on the constitutionality of the process by which Obama unleashed air power. There has been no US declaration of war. Some like Mark Levin, seemingly an expert on constitutional questions, have already declared that Obama has not exceeded his authority. They cite Reagan’s bombing of Gadhafi’s compound after the Lockerbie incident. To others, it seems pretty clear that Obama has stepped outside his legal powers. Even some Leftist Democrats are outraged by his failure to seek Congressional approval for an act of war.

For those of us who feel extremely uncomfortable about this US military action, the problems start with the US and Western Media. In any situation that is outside the US we are inevitably reliant on the Media’s reporting, for how else are we to learn what is happening? Those who visit this website regularly know that we believe that the Mainstream Media is a propaganda machine and that everything it produces is distorted and deceitful, and subverted to a mostly hidden agenda. In this situation with Libya we can be sure that the MSM will only report those facts that make Obama look good for the 2012 elections, for he is their creature and is furthering their domestic social/moral agenda of revolution. In the light of a lack of truthful news and trustworthy investigative reporting we must do our best to discern the truth for ourselves. Gadhafi is no friend of the US. He has the American blood of Lockerbie and a European Night club bombing on his hands and this has never been avenged. He is a tyrant like most of the other Arab State leaders. In pursuing his grip on power he will be ruthless to those Libyans who have come out in opposition to him. Without foreign help it seems very likely that the rebels in his country will be quickly crushed by Gadhafi’s well-armed military. We cannot know how much support Gadhafi has from the Libyan people. It may be a lot, given the tribal loyalties that play such a big role in desert states. Perhaps no-one knows as is often the case in civil wars. We do not know the make-up of the rebels. Are they mostly people seeking a Western-style secular democracy or mostly well-organized Muslim Fundamentalists seeking to add yet another state to the growing Muslim Empire? This is an important question for the US and the West, for Gadhafi was an obstacle to the Fundamentalists. It is worth noting that so too were Mubarak in Egypt and the late Government in Tunisia. And so too is the now-threatened regime in Syria. For those on the Left and Right who argue that the US should not be involved in any foreign wars except where the US is directly threatened, the involvement in Libya is without justification. Of course we know that Leftists only use this argument as a tactical one for they are not concerned with US interests but have only international aspirations. Gadhafi’s Libya is not a threat to the US at this time. In fact he has been carefully nurturing relations with the US ever since Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq. I learned this week that the Obama regime had recently sought from Congress a small increase in the financial aid for Libya and we can assume that such aid has been finding its way into Gadhafi’s military budget. This very embarrassing (for the Obama regime) fact has been thoroughly suppressed by the MSM for it would shatter the humanitarian arguments that the Obama regime is now hurriedly putting together. This is one example of the MSM’s constant dishonesty with facts. The absence of Media pictures of smoking houses and hospitals as a backdrop to weeping Libyan mothers and children (all daily front page stuff when Bush was a wartime President) tell us that the war reporting by the MSM is totally driven by a hidden agenda. So too, the absence of peace marches in San Francisco and the disappearance of Cindy Sheehan tell us that the Left views war through the lens of domestic political considerations.

Despite all this it can be argued that (1) the US and its Western Allies are doing the morally right thing in intervening against Gadhafi with airstrikes for he undoubtedly intends to take cruel revenge on the rebels, who include at least some who seek a democratic Libya. (2) It can be argued that it is in the long-term US interest to intervene and ensure a regime change by installing a secular pro-American democracy. However this could only be achieved by large-scale on-the -ground troop deployment and Obama has seemingly ruled this out. Perhaps the UK, France and Holland (heroes or villains according to whether one favors intervention) will be willing to send ground troops but it is unlikely unless the US commits to the major share. There are many unconfirmed reports that US ground troops are already in Libya but what can we believe? Obama is certainly capable of saying one thing and doing another. Sending ground troops to achieve a favorable (to the US) regime change would at least have a logic.

The arguments against any involvement are, in the opinion of Radical and Right, persuasive. First, Gadhafi was not threatening the US. Secondly, it is generally wrong to interfere militarily or politically in the internal affairs of a sovereign Nation unless our own National interest is clearly at stake. Thirdly, in Arab countries it is hard to identify pro-Western allies powerful enough to achieve power. Much more likely is that regime change will result in the rise to power of Islamic Imperialist forces. Fourthly, the US is already embroiled in two wars in Muslim countries and stretched to the limits. Fifthly, the US is nearly bankrupt.

To all this we can add that Obama and his comrades are at best irresolute and at worst quite antipathetic to US interests. It is surely dangerous to become embroiled in another foreign war with a leader whose motives are questionable and whose military leadership is likely to be erratic and self-serving. What soldier will want to risk death for a leader who is at best contemptuous of the military and at worst hostile to it and the Nation? Some Media commentators have claimed to see cunning in Obama’s Libyan policy- a wait and see tactic and a seeking of allies. Some on the Right have been (rightly) outraged by his deference to the ghastly UN and that he has demonstrated his desire for a World Government body to replace American sovereignty. They are probably right that he favors World Government but it is more likely that in this instance he was hoping that he could hide behind UN inaction and was trapped by that hopeless body surprisingly making a decision.

The most plausible explanation for the US bombing campaign, which likely will lead to deeper involvement (for surely now Obama cannot allow Gadhafi to remain in control of Tripoli) is that all Government calculations have been made on the basis of lifting Obama’s 2012 election campaign. The fumbling route into this undeclared war, lacking any proclaimed rationale, is that Obama and his comrades and sponsors have been calculating it all only in terms of his political future. Bush, for all his faults and mis-judgments, was never motivated by personal ambition when he took the US to war. This truth is hidden from many because the MSM is able to make black white and vise versa. Thus we have Bush painted as a President who was manipulated by Big Oil, who was stupid and who lied the US into war, and we will have Obama painted as a President who is high-minded, smart and transparent in taking us into a new war. The ruling Media Class has the power to turn the truth on its head and mislead the majority of Americans. The rebellion now taking place in Syria is seemingly no different than the one in Libya. Will the US and the UK, France and Holland apply the same logic and support the rebels? More Arab States may soon erupt in civil war. Will we be drawn into all of them and where are the resources to come from? Whatever decisions are made, they will be based on Obama’s re-election requirements and the MSM will make the facts fit. The depressing truth is that Obama, his Media Class sponsors and his Leftist allies have no concern with America’s best interests. They have hidden agendas that converge. The Leftists seek the demise of the US. The ruling Media Class seeks a social and moral revolution and needs Obama in the White House to achieve it. As long as he enables the homosexual agenda to proceed through policy Czars, judicial appointments, and behind-the -scenes use of the Public Service bureaucracies, they will supply the propaganda and money to keep him in power.

Here in California the cool wet weather continues. Still no evidence of global warming, just weather that is variable from decade to decade as always. In Japan, the people continue to display an amazing self control and stoicism. The Leftists in the Media have been quick to go on the attack for they know that many are noting the distinction between the Japanese and the inhabitants of New Orleans. One sneering Leftist writer claimed that the Japanese are looting and attempted to equate one isolated and minor incident of looting for food with the wholesale looting and pillaging of luxury goods that took place in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. Revealing his real motive the writer accused those who have noted the absence of looting in Japan as racists. One thing about the Ruling MSM Class and its Leftist allies is that, like Stalin, they always accuse opponents and those who speak truth of the very methods and motives they employ themselves. I have been monitoring the Wall Street Journal to see if it will mention the constant thuggery of the Union members in Wisconsin. So far, not a mention! Every MSM outlet will hide it, of course. Those who fail to recognize the work of a ruling Media Class should explain how this unity arises.

Quite often Mark Levin closes his radio program with the Ray Charles recording of ‘America’. Levin mostly plays the most dreadful stuff on his program but you do not have to be an American patriot to be greatly moved by this Charles recording. The tune and lyric are only average but Charles gives them the best Gospel music treatment, perhaps on a par with the work of Mahalia Jackson, and a reminder that real Gospel Music is intensely spiritual. If only the Churches here in central California would encourage Gospel singing for it is more reflective of spirituality than all the sermons put together that I have listened to and seemingly from a different planet than some of the dreadful Rock and Whining Folk noise that are the normal noise before the sermon. Ray Charles surely felt intensely the patriotism that the song is about.

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