Libya – Can Anyone Articulate US Policy?

As we pointed out in our previous article, Obama policy on Libya was, from the beginning, a nice mixture of dilatoriness, intellectual paucity, blatant hypocrisy and self-centeredness. Here surely is the mark of a President who views all national events through the microscope of his own whims. The American people, easily controlled by a Media Class with its own selfish and morally destructive agenda, has elected into the White House a man who is driven by a feeling of entitlement. We can only make sense of his foreign policy decisions if we understand the man and his background. Leftists, knowing this to be true, but desperate to deny it, will scream ‘racism’.

Obama’s only employment prior to election was encouraging and organizing people to share his own sense of entitlement. A sense of entitlement can only exist alongside a sense of resentment, and Obama and his wife have both. We should not be surprised that once in office they enjoy its more pleasurable fruits. They do not view the White House primarily as a place for hard work on behalf of the American people but as a trough in which to gorge themselves and to distribute what remains to their equally resentful friends. Obama, who regularly looks straight at a fawning Mainstream Media (MSM) camera and claims to be hard at work for the American people, is on a manicured golf course at every opportunity – in between vacation trips. Michelle too, now has very expensive tastes. As a consummate opportunist (the one area in which he is truly smart) Obama understands that his followers will not view this as wrong, indeed many will admire his sense of “now it is our turn at the trough’, and that he is simply leading the way for them. He also understands that his White Leftist supporters in the Media and Academia, always nursing a little guilt, will look the other way. Finally he knows that the Media Class that got him elected will work hard to burnish his image in the MSM no matter how incompetent or disastrous his actions. There is not a scrap of evidence to support the MSM’s relentless presentation of him as an intellectual. Indeed to those with the gift of seeing when the King has no clothes, he is intellectually, embarrassingly shallow. There is however no evidence that he realizes this himself. Why should he though, when all his life he has been told by those around him that he is highly gifted and every door has been opened wide.

Given our view of him it is not difficult to picture him on a golf course during a vacation feeling more than a little irritated when the Libya situation erupted. After a time, when Libya would not go away, he had to endure the likes of Hillary Clinton and Gates pressing him to ‘do something’, if only to shore up his re-election chances. And so, after expecting that the UN would provide the cover of ‘no agreement’ and hence no US decision-making (the UN betrayed him by making a decision of sorts) we had the policy of a ‘no fly zone’ to protect what the MSM has designated ‘the good guys’ from being massacred. The ‘no fly zone’ quickly escalated to ‘bomb the Gadhafi forces on the ground’ – and who knows whether this was Obama’s decision or simply the result of a leadership vacuum? – despite there having been no consultation with Congress.

The lack of consultation with Congress may or may not have been the consequence of having a President who is overwhelmingly arrogant and determined not to have his new-found powers restricted by either comrades or Constitutions. There again it might just have been inattentiveness. Bombing the Gadhafi forces was and is most certainly an act of war and worthy of a declaration of war and a rationale that includes very compelling evidence that the US national interests are greatly threatened. There is no such evidence! Worse still, for both Obama and the US (for once his and our interests happen to coincide) the Gadhafi forces are gradually winning despite the US/coalition bombing. Obama has tried the sleight-of-hand claim that he has now handed over responsibility to Nato but everyone knows that Nato is still the US. And so, we now have what looks like steps towards US disengagement. Or do we? It is not clear. We have a President who constantly lies through his teeth about even the most trivial matters and positively enjoys lying on big matters. We have an MSM that is willing to do all in its considerable powers (including lie about everything and anything) to protect the man who is loyally furthering the Media Class social/moral agenda.

So we do not know if the US is disengaging or whether ground troops are being committed and we have no idea whether there is a policy or simply a muddle. We pointed out in a previous article that a US involvement that would further Obama’s 2012 election prospects would have to result in Gadhafi’s removal from Tripoli. We stick to that and that is surely all anyone can safely predict about this Libya fiasco.

Another winter storm is now forecast for the US north east. This is being portrayed by the MSM as a fluke event at the end of winter, when in fact it is simply the continuation of a record breaking cold winter throughout the northern hemisphere. Sometimes the MSM, in covering some other topic, inadvertently lets a truth slip out. I was reminded of this when I read recent reports in the MSM that were trying to whip up support for Socialist North Korea and its umpteenth famine. Since the MSM cannot, for ideological reasons, blame pure Socialist policies, it was revealed that North Korean agriculture was suffering from a record-breaking cold winter. Presumably this record-breaking cold winter also affected South Korea, yet I have not read that capitalist South Korea is facing a famine.For the record, here in California April appears to be ushering in a warm Spring. Is this global warming or simply weather being weather?

The excellent ‘Human Events’ website had a good article yesterday entitled “Still Witnessing – The Enduring Relevance of Whittaker Chambers. Heritage Foundation. Richard Reinsch II.” 1 On our website we have reviews of both Chambers’ own autobiography and the biography by Sam Tanenhaus, for we regard Chambers’ conversion from Soviet spy/US traitor to Christian patriot as a major event in the US struggle to resist Socialism. Chambers courageous campaign to reveal the traitors at work in Washington Government was opposed tooth and nail by almost every contemporary ‘moderate’ intellectual and politician, revealing their willingness to cover for their Hard Left comrades. Chambers was vilified much as Joe McCarthy was vilified and the Left, being unforgiving, continues to vilify both even today. The Hollywood gang of Leftists and perverts will never stop in their efforts to rewrite history. The same forces that worked to paint Chambers and McCarthy as liars, extremists and fatally flawed individuals now work to do the same to Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman and any who fight the good fight. Today however the Left is greatly fortified in its powers by being aligned with the new Ruling Media Class. Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists who fail to understand this dynamic will never succeed in halting the revolution that is destroying the Western World. The Reinsch article avoids mentioning Chambers’ homosexuality, for the Heritage Foundation like all modern conservative ‘Think Tanks’ thinks it can placate the Media forces by being non-discriminatory, tolerant and inclusive.

Chambers grew up in a very dysfunctional household. His father was a closet homosexual and his brother committed suicide. Chambers began practicing sodomy around the time that he became a revolutionary Marxist. It is surely reasonable to view his willingness to ‘go underground’ as a Soviet agent as greatly influenced by his self-disgust and the opportunities that underground life offered for a life of promiscuous sodomy. It is also reasonable to view his conversion to a Free Society, Christianity and a heterosexual married life as a release from perversion. Anthony Blunt and most of the British Communist traitors were also homosexuals. This is not mere coincidence. True, not all homosexuals are Leftist activists, but all homosexual activists are revolutionaries and are in the forefront of the Leftist and Media Class attack on the institutions that have made the US great.

This week, Mark Stein has been standing in for Rush Limbaugh on conservative Talk Radio. I only catch short bits of his broadcast but I am reminded that he should be included with any list of outstanding broadcasters.

Musical Choice – I make no apologies for picking another Charlie Parker recording, for Parker was surely the genius of modern era music. When not eating, injecting or fornicating, Parker was playing his alto saxophone and often in late night venues with pick-up bands. One such venue, captured on tape was at the Rockland Palace Dance Hall in New York. I recommend the casual ‘Sly Mongoose’ with an unknown guitar soloist and piano, bass and drums. Here is Parker at his most magisterial on a calypso rhythm.2 To the non-playing listener Parker can sound very laid-back and almost lazy on this track. For the sax player who tries to copy his solo however it comes as a surprise to find that the ‘laziness’ is misleading and that you have to hurry to fit the notes in. I am reminded of how great cricketers like Colin Cowdrey and Ted Dexter always seemed to have plenty of time when facing fast bowlers. For good measure I also like the guitarist who seems to share Parker’s casual style.

1. Still Witnessing: The Enduring Relevance of Whittaker Chambers
2. we7 : Charlie Parker – Rockland Palace Dance Hall – ‘Sly Mongoose’

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