Let the Trumpets Sound!

This website was the first and only website to identify the Media Class and then chronicle its capture of the White House, the Judiciary and the Government administration. We were the first to lay out its Class agenda and describe it as Revolutionary. We have consistently said we are living in Revolutionary times and that the old ‘politics as usual’ and a Democrat Party that is loyal to America are history. We are saying that those who resist are Counter-Revolutionaries. We are the first to describe Obama as a ‘Crypto Muslim’.

Now we are the first to describe the supporters of Donald Trump’s bid for the White House as ‘Trumpets’. We considered ‘Trumpites’ but like ‘Trumpets’ better. From this time on, unless The Donald falters, withdraws or is assassinated, we consider ourselves to be Trumpets, along with Trumpet Fellow Travelers, Quasi Trumpets, Crypto Trumpets and Crazies.

So, let the trumpets sound, blow your own trumpet for The Donald and trumpet his candidacy where ever you go!

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