Lesson from Iraq

The daily death toll in Iraq continues, with Iraqis being the main victims of Muslim inspired murder. The fanatics who infiltrate into the country from Iran, Syria, Egypt, North Africa, Jordan and elsewhere, seem willing to die themselves in order to kill ordinary fellow-Arabs by the score. Women and children are not spared, nor the countless numbers who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The suicide bombers have a mindset that is beyond the understanding of this writer and are a new phenomenon in recent history, but the people who organise and direct them are not. The killers of the IRA, and other terrorist organisations around the world have increasingly assumed that they can impose their will by random murder and maiming of innocents. In many instances, the IRA being a good example, they have calculated correctly and terrorist leaders have emerged on the world stage as “politicians”.

All civilised people should treat these people as rabied dogs, but unfortunately there are many in the Western World willing to give them aid and comfort. British Member of Parliament George Galloway has been in New York recently doing just that. At least he is open in his allegiance to our enemies, even if his “arguments” are limited to unsupported accusations and bluster. Others, like Senator Kennedy and Patrick Leahy are more devious in their encouragement of the terrorists. Sadly, all of the defeatists and Leftists in our midst are assured of sympathetic media treatment. When they say something quite outrageous, though not incompatible with what they believe, the media buries it for them. Cindy Sheahan has recently likened the troops in New Orleans to the “occupation” forces in Iraq and called for their immediate withdrawal. Do not expect this hysterical nonsense to make headlines, as the Media Class which has orchestrated her to fame knows when to ignore her. She might, after all, be useful again in the future.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, it becomes clearer and clearer, that the Sunni Muslims in the triangle have not paid sufficient retribution for neither their past crimes nor their ongoing ones. They do not yet have the feeling that they have been beaten. Surely, it is time to let the other peoples in Iraq settle some scores. They would be doing us all a favor.

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