Lesbians Are Everywhere! Or Are They?

When I saw the Comcast picture of the just-deceased Sally Ride, the first thing I thought was that she looked lesbian. I doubt that her sexual preferences were a secret to those who worked with her or were to her neighbors and acquaintances. I had already heard on the news that Ride, the first woman in space, had died of pancreatic cancer. Clearly she was a brave woman and presumably a very accomplished engineer and scientist. I have to be honest and admit that I didn’t know who she was or that she was ‘famous’ but then I couldn’t name any space pioneers other than the first few. I think most people actually pay little attention to the space program and the astronauts who take part unless something goes horribly wrong. I couldn’t name any soldier, male or female, who has died in Iraq or Afghanistan either, though I know that the troops there are bravely defending us all. There is just too much to remember in the modern world. Ride was only 61 and her death is a reminder that cancer in general and pancreatic cancer in particular is mostly a death sentence.

Besides being fearless in her work, she was also a private person and kept her sexual/romantic appetites below the radar. We are told that she only gave permission for her unnatural lifestyle to become public after her death and presumably she knew she could not have concealed it beyond the grave. She was, it seems, a wise enough woman to keep a dignified silence regarding her life outside of work. This has led to many homosexual activists criticizing her decision not to ‘come out of the closet’. Radical and Right believe it would be a better world if more people kept their sexual proclivities private and that includes heterosexuals.

Privacy, dignity, decency and modesty are values for which the Media Class has no time. This is the TV (Media Class) age of indecency, shamelessness, shock and self-advertisement and unfortunately this allows those who are coarse, vulgar, perverted and shameless to dominate the moral climate. There will always be people who either because of the lottery of birth or the deficiencies of parenting are cursed with few options for a wholly normal life or have abnormal appetites. Some years ago I went into a bar/restaurant in a large Californian city. I had been a regular there and the clientele were the usual mixture of Friday-night revelers. This night, the place was full of the ugliest and most grotesque-looking women I had ever seen gathered together in one place. Over 100 lesbians were there for an exclusive (of men) social occasion and a part of the premises was cordoned off for their benefit. They had posted a sign that read “No Men Admitted”. Some were as big as the biggest men, many were tattooed and had pieces of metal inserted in noses, ears, eyebrows and lips and there were a great many short-back-and-side haircuts. There were also a great many violent hair colors. Many had big rings on every finger. Their language was ‘salty’ to say the least. Tucked away among this grotesque horde were a handful of feminine girls.

Let me say immediately that these women were doing no harm to the rest of the patrons and were, I suppose, inadvertently providing entertainment for we regulars. Just as modern cinema-goers and many TV viewers like to be shocked by the grotesque and bizarre, so, that evening we were all guilty of voyeurism. My reaction – and I am sure it was shared by many patrons – was strong distaste mixed with fascination. It seemed to me that most of these women had deliberately made themselves even more unappealing than had nature and were declaring something to society at large by their dress and behavior. Later, on reflection, I speculated that a portion of these women had probably faced life with none of the attractions of femininity and had little chance of finding a male mate and thus having a normal family life of husband and children. For them, a sexual relationship with another woman or many women was preferable to a life of loneliness and sexual frustration. Some (I think the relevant term is ‘butch’) were undoubtedly born with the wrong sexual equipment. I am sure they were all making a public statement by arranging such a public gathering and this modern behavior has a modern name – “Gay Pride”. These women, and the grotesque male homosexuals who are their counterparts in “Gay Parades” and kiss-ins in front of Chick-fil-A restaurants, have no sense of modesty, dignity and privacy and are surely grossly immature. Many normal people, especially those of an older generation, view all this and feel that America is going to the dogs (no pun intended) and wonder why. This whole business of shameless, tasteless shocking public exhibitionism is one of the consequences of the Media Class revolution. Unless Obama and his Democrat comrades are defeated in November there is no chance of a return to a moral and self-respecting society.

Sally Ride would not have been among the lesbians that I watched for she clearly had more ‘class’ and self respect. It is a pity that the write-ups of her space trip did not omit her private sex-life but the Mainstream Media (MSM) is currently promoting the homosexual agenda with increasing ferocity and so her sex-life had to be exposed. Turn any MSM page, listen to the ABC News or log in to Comcast News and there is another piece pushing the ‘Gay’ agenda. There is no doubt where the whole MSM, without exception, stands.

The WSJ’s Market Place supplement of July 25th had a flattering front page picture of Beth Brooke “an openly gay executive at Ernst & Young”. The extremely long article which begins below the picture, written by Leslie Kwoh (male or female?), opens “For nearly two decades, Ernst & Young executive Beth Brooke navigated the office like it was a minefield, dodging water-cooler chatter for fear that someone might corner her with a personal question. Her colleagues whispered that she was a ‘loner’, she said. But Ms. Brooke was growing tired of hiding, particularly after being tapped to head the company’s diversity and inclusion efforts”. Let’s stop there and guess that she was tapped for this propagandist job just because progressives at the top of the company knew what practically everyone else knew about her sexual tastes.

“So, last year, while preaching openness in a company-sponsored video for the “It Gets Better” campaign, she rewrote the script. “I’m gay” she said, looking straight into the camera”.

Ernst & Young are obviously making big enough profits to be able to create high-paying social propaganda non-jobs and the company has started pumping large amounts of money into the homosexual cause, including the disgusting “Gay Parades”. WSJ reporter Kwoh goes on to lament that “There isn’t a single openly gay chief executive officer in the Fortune 1000, according to the Human Rights Campaign”. Well, there is no doubting where Mr./Ms. Kwoh’s sympathy lies. This situation that Kwoh laments is despite the presence of ‘diversity consultants’ in nearly every large company and despite the fact that every day more companies are rushing to announce huge donations to homosexual causes. The latest donors for sodomy are Amazon’s CEO and his wife who are going to give $2.5m to defeat a Christian-inspired referendum on same-sex marriage in Washington State.

I know as a fact that in most big companies, few if any, despite the claims of Beth Brooke, discuss their sexual preferences at the water-cooler. What no MSM articles about ‘fear and discrimination in the workplace’ mention is that Christians are now terrified to reveal their faith to colleagues. The MSM is brainwashing us to believe that ‘gay’ people are forced to hide their ‘gayness’ in commerce and industry whereas it is Christians who are being persecuted. Whatever you are told by the MSM, you can conclude that the opposite is the truth!

Another lesbian story being hyped in the MSM this week is that of “former basket-ball standout” Charlie Rogers. In case our visitors are confused by the Christian name, Charlie is a female and there is a picture of her in the Lincoln Journey Star above the sympathetic report by Jonathon Edwards. Charlie looks coy and her face looks unharmed, which is quite a contrast to the MSM pictures and comments about George Zimmerman. In contrast to the MSM reports of Zimmerman, who had extensive facial injuries but who has been branded a liar, Charlie’s reports of injuries are being treated by the MSM with great respect, as befits a chosen victim group. According to Charlie, who used to play basket-ball for Omaha University, last Sunday evening three masked men broke into her home and bound her with zip tape. They brutally assaulted her by beating her, “carving anti-gay slurs into her skin” and then spray painted more anti-gay slogans on her internal walls before pouring gasoline in the room and attempting to set fire to her home.

Some skeptical bloggers on Free Republic have queried whether any of the slurs were carved in parts of her body she would not be able to reach herself. Some are asking why her face is not bruised. Some are also querying how she knew that her alleged attackers were men. Yet others are asking why the alleged bigots would bother to spray-paint slogans when intending to burn down the house. A few cynics are asking why the house did not burn down and only $200 of damage was done. It seems that Charlie managed to crawl to a neighbor’s house – still bound with zip ties. One or two bloggers have suggested that zip ties are easy to put on ones self. The police have reported that they have no suspects and that they cannot exclude the possibility that this is a hoax.

If Ms. Rogers is telling the truth then we sincerely hope the alleged attackers are caught and severely punished for she has been the innocent victim of a violent and murderous crime. However, it is hard not to be skeptical, especially as she has hired an attorney to be her spokesperson and is not answering questions but insisting that her story is true. She is quoted as saying, “There’s fear, but there is resilience. There is forward”.

The improbabilities in her story have not prevented organized support for her, presumably by Lesbians, Feminists, Leftists, the gullible and those who crave MSM publicity. The MSM reports that “hundreds have attended (guess what? – Mr. Right!) a vigil outside her home intended to promote love after a hate crime”.

Any MSM reporter who expressed a lot of skepticism about Ms. Rogers’ story would never get past an editor – indeed would soon be unemployed. Any police officer who was too blunt would likely say goodbye to promotion. If Ms. Rogers is perpetrating a hoax, she will almost certainly not be punished. Her supporters will argue that even if she invented the attack, there is a greater truth that she is promoting. The MSM will bury the story if she admits to lying but if it proves to be true she will become an MSM poster child for same-sex marriage this election year. Obama will visit her and announce to a great MSM fanfare that she is the lesbian daughter he never had. We shall see!

Weather – The UK continues to enjoy sunny and hot weather for the MSM’s London Olympics. Here in California it is seasonably warm. Much more of this and we will have to admit that the planet is facing disaster.

Music Choice – This one is for the jazzers! Charlie Parker was a genius and was a standout at a time when jazz had many superb players. On every recording in his short career he dwarfed those around him, except for one time that was fortunately captured by a tape recorder. Around 1950, he was playing in New York’s Birdland club on 52nd Street with a quintet composed of Fat’s Navarro on trumpet, Bud Powell on piano and most likely Tommy Potter on bass and an up-and-coming Art Blakey on drums. The recording is terrible, probably a hand-held mike that was held near Parker so that Navarro sounds a long way off. Nevertheless, every tune from this set is gold dust. I have picked “Cool Blues”, a run-of-the mill 12 bar at speed. Navarro, who was already destined to die from TB at 27 years old, was a mere 24 yet he matches Parker in sheer brilliance. What a trumpeter! The best ever! Unfortunately, his early death, followed by the early death of Clifford Brown left the field open for the faltering and miserable Miles Davis and jazz was changed for ever. Powell, in between bouts of mental illness at this time, is stoked on these tracks and Blakey showed that he was about to become the king of jazz drumming. This recording will probably never be matched by improvising musicians. Enjoy, if you dare!

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