Leftist Thugs Do Media Dirty Work

It is a great pity that conservatives, Christians and Nationalists rarely support each other, for they face enemies who are willing to unite when it comes to suppressing their free speech. Christians have a habit of turning the other cheek, though for a time in the 1980’s people like Rev Jerry Falwell were very effective in intellectually counter-attacking those who would marginalize them. Since then the Media Class has been very successful in identifying weak links in the Christian chain and tarring all politically active Christians with the feathers of a few sinners.

In this new Century, Christians are once again on the defensive and in the 2008 elections may well sit on the sidelines. It will do them no good and they will be driven even further from the public domain. They should heed what is happening to conservatives and nationalists in both the UK and the USA.

Christians ought to have an investment in free speech for they have an obligation to spread the gospel everywhere and not just to each other in Houses of Worship. In my childhood in the UK, the Salvation Army paraded through towns with bands and stood on street corners and in public squares spreading the Gospel. No-one felt threatened by this, for true Christians only seek to save and persuade. For a time I played an instrument and marched with these good people until the Sunday cinema, jazz clubs, Guinness and girls lured me away. I was never hounded by them afterwards and there is no evidence, despite what Leftists claim, that Christians exercising their free speech rights are a threat to anyone’s liberties. I doubt whether the Salvation Army would now get permission to go into UK universities in uniform and spread the Gospel. Leftists and their recently acquired Islamic allies, supported by the UK’s version of the ACLU, would soon make sure of that.

In the last few weeks, the systematic strangulation of free speech has continued apace in both countries. New laws, designed to advance sodomy and its related perversions, have been quietly sliding through legislatures under the guise of extending ‘Human Rights’. These laws are really designed to criminalize free speech and suppress Christian beliefs. Christians will soon find that not only have they been excluded from public services like adoption and fostering, from running Cub and Scout troops and managing their own schools, but that they will not be able to employ true believers nor preach the Gospels uncensored. In the UK, Somerset County Council Social Services Department has moved a young boy from a foster home where he had been for some time and making good progress. He has been wrenched away and placed in a Children’s Home, not for his good, but to satisfy new laws that require all foster parents to expose children in care to positive homosexual experiences. The foster parents, a Christian couple, could not stomach this, since they were required to reinforce positive homosexuality teaching in their home. I have no doubt that modern social workers (all of whom are recruited by University Social Work Departments and therefore selected for their Leftist views and then indoctrinated further) are only too willing to enforce these new laws. Christians who comfort themselves by thinking that it is only the vulnerable children in Care who will suffer such exposure should open their eyes and see the writing on the wall. Legislators willing to pander to the homosexual agenda will soon insist that all parents must follow suit with their own children. After all, if it is good for the children in the care of the State to benefit from a positive familiarity with sodomy, then it must be beneficial for all children (and society at large) to be thus educated.

Conservatives and Nationalists will not mobilize on behalf of the Somerset foster parents and Christians will pay little heed to two examples of the suppression of free speech in US universities. It so happens that this week, the British National Party’s leader Nick Griffin has been on a speaking tour of US Universities. I suggest that conservatives and Christians visit the BNP website and hear the report on Griffin’s experience at Michigan State University where 70 or so Leftist agitators converged to prevent him from speaking to students. He had been invited by a group of students (Young Americans For Freedom) who wanted to hear his and the BNP’s political views. They were denied that opportunity by the imported Leftist thugs and minorities’ agitators who arrived with the stated intention of stopping the meeting. Whilst at the BNP website, it is worth watching a video of Leftists attempting to prevent BNP members from selling party newspapers in the square of a northern town. By shouting, chanting and obstructing, Leftist seek to deny speech they disagree with. In the week before, Leftists imported from afar, prevented local people from attending a BNP public meeting. The police connived by directing would-be listeners away from the venue for fear of their safety!

I suggest that website visitors then go to the website of FrontPage Magazine 1 where David Horowitz, who has organized an Islamic Awareness Week at over 100 US universities, is appealing for funds to provide protection for speakers. Leftists have already disrupted meetings at De Paul, Berkeley and Emory and speakers have been assaulted. Horowitz claims that the protestors/attackers include members of the Revolutionary Communist Party (Trotskyites) and the Young Democrats. I have no doubt that Islamic Imperialists, Feminists and pro-abortion activists were also in the line-up, for these people have no problem with alliances to smash their common enemy.

Of course only those diligent enough to visit this and certain other websites will know anything of these attacks on free speech by Leftist thugs, for you can be sure that the Mainstream Media will censor this important news. The truth is that the Leftists can organize the suppression of free speech and political views with which they disagree under cover of a Media blackout and the connivance of their friends in the academic world and (increasingly in the UK) the forces of law and order. The alarming truth is that these Leftist thugs are the shock troops of the Media Class, for they blindly serve our new masters who control news and decide which views are acceptable and which are to be suppressed. Soon, they will not need the shock troops for they will have enough laws in place to substitute them with the men in uniform.

The attacks on Horowitz’s speakers may get a mention on conservative Talk Radio and even the mighty Rush might spread the news to his faithful, but he will definitely not mention Griffin and the BNP. Nor will pastors and priests mention any of this in their sermons and newsletters. Divided they will fall!

Finally, one small piece of good news that will have reverberated around the editorial rooms and in the backrooms where sodomy practitioners meet to plot strategy but will not appear in the MSM. The BNP were only 19 votes short of winning a council seat on Epping Forest Council. The thugs will be told to redouble their efforts to break up BNP meetings and hound members. They will be assured of a media blackout on their violent activities and probably financial help from the many Soros-funded Front groups.

1. FrontPage Magazine

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