Leftist and Homosexual violence

In our last article we praised Sean Gabb for his defense in print of the BNP’s right to exist without persecution. Mr. Gabb, a Libertarian, favors same-sex marriage and other liberal causes so he has nothing to fear from the UK’s Homosexual activists. However he may find that the self-styled ‘anti-racist activists’ who are well-funded by rich Leftists and Union leaders and who enjoy covert support from leaders of all the mainstream Parties, the judiciary and police, are not at all tolerant of those who give even minimal support to the BNP. We hope he does not become the victim of persecution and violence at work and at home. It is our experience that almost all political violence and intimidation in this era of Media Class Rule comes from Leftist thugs who are confident that the Media and the Judiciary will always give them a pass. Any American who doubts this need only compare the Teacher Union and Leftist thuggery now unfolding in Madison Wisconsin (shown on the Internet but not in the Mainstream Media) with the orderly gatherings of Tea Party people back in the summer. In support of this website’s constant assertion that the Media Class always emits propaganda and not news, the Tea Party gatherings were reported as extremist and thuggish throughout the Mainstream Media (MSM).

It is primarily the fear of violence that prevents us (Radical and Right) from writing under our own names. We sometimes write things critical of the BNP and the English Nationalists and we would have no qualms about identifying ourselves to them for we do not believe that these so-called Right-wing extremists practice ‘smashing’ the opposition or suppressing opinions. Neither do we fear that a future BNP government would come looking for us. We do, however genuinely fear that Leftists and Homosexual activists would employ violence against us and our families and seek to silence us in any way possible. We also fear that a future UK Government, even one of the so-called ‘center Right’, will soon be moving on from the current semi-covert suppression of free speech to outright and thorough persecution of those who challenge mass immigration, multi-culturalism and the homosexual agenda. We are not impressed with UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent babbling criticisms of multi-culturalism for he is merely playing to the gallery. His past actions all reveal him to be intolerant of those who challenge the Media Class multi-culture, multi-racial agenda. Here in the USA, I do not fear the thugs of the Left and the fanatics of homosexuality for myself but for my family. Radical and Right do not believe that Leftists and Homosexuals should be silenced, for we believe in free speech. Unfortunately, our opponents make no secret of their desire to silence conservative, traditional Christian and Nationalist views.

In this week’s Wall Street Journal the radio host Michael Medved wrote an article defending President Obama from the attacks of his own radio colleagues, including Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Medved believes their assertions that Obama is deliberately pursuing policies that will damage the USA are both wrong and self-defeating. His main argument is not based on Obama’s policies or speeches but on the fact that no President in US history has ever deliberately sought to harm his own country or risked a second term with treasonous (my word) policies. Medved is one of many ‘conservatives’ who are busy trying to ‘moderate’ the Republican Party after the recent elections which actually strengthened the Right. Rush can look after himself, of course, and for what it is worth I sometimes think he credits Obama with more political cunning than the man is capable of. On this website we believe that Obama is, above all else an intellectually ill-equipped, self-obsessed opportunist who craves fame and the trappings of power. Nevertheless, Medved is surely wrong to suggest that Obama is simply one of a long line of all-American boys. For starters, Obama is clearly the first avowed Socialist in the White House. His Socialism may well be tempered by personal ambition and it may not run too doctrinally deep but it is all that he has absorbed on his way to the top. Since Socialists are internationalists first and foremost, and view the Third World as the victims of the US, they all believe that progress can only be achieved by bleeding American economic and military power. Even more significantly, we have good reason to be suspicious of Obama’s commitment to the US on a purely personal basis. His two books that claim to make his early life an ‘open book’ (no pun intended) are sheer works of fiction, and unlike every previous President in US history – Mr. Medved please take note – we know almost nothing of his life and roots. President Obama intends to keep it that way, for as the creature of the Media Class his self-serving books are safe from MSM investigation.

The Obama statements that cast doubt on his attachment to the USA and its traditions are too numerous to log, as are the statements that suggest he is more sympathetic to Islam than to Christianity. He may even be a closet Muslim though we think it unlikely. More likely he is merely a Muslim sympathizer. This last week we experienced yet another moment that surely gave the game away. This was when White House spokesmen and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood was a secular organization so we need not worry about its role in the Egyptian revolution. This astonishing and ridiculous statement drew immediate ridicule and rebuke from people like Rush Limbaugh (though perhaps not from Mr. Medved) and rightly so. The Brotherhood is, after all, a Muslim Brotherhood and not a National Brotherhood or an Egyptian Brotherhood. Many critics attributed the statement to incompetence and ignorance but we think Clapper was simply regurgitating the White House line. Obama and his people know well enough that the Brotherhood is very Muslim – even this White House is not that ignorant – but it is intent on lulling the American people so that Islamic Imperialists may prosper.

Here in California, the cold weather persists, broken only by occasional days of warmth. We have snow on the surrounding hills. It is, of course winter still and who knows what it will be like next week, for weather like Climate is mostly unpredictable. Last year, the High Priest of Global Warming, Al Gore, speaking from his carbon guzzling mansion predicted that Americans would not see snow again. I have yet to see the MSM confront him with this prediction against a backdrop of the blizzards that have blanketed much of the US with record-breaking snow. The whole Northern Hemisphere is experiencing the kind of cold weather that led doom-mongers in the 1960’s to predict a new Ice Age.

My musical recommendation today is the recording ‘Milestones’ made in 1958 by a Miles Davis-led sextet. I have never cared too much for Davis’ trumpet playing. Why the incomparable Charlie Parker chose Davis for many recordings is a mystery for Davis was clearly struggling to play coherently. His miserable, fumbling style mostly lacked any of the joy that characterized early bebop. A certain ugliness in his playing remained even when his technique improved with time. He was never in the same league as the young Fats Navarro and Clifford Brown but both died tragically young. However, when Davis partnered with John Coltrane and Julian ‘Cannonball’ Adderley to make ‘Milestones’ he helped create one of the great and timeless jazz recordings. The sextet was ably complemented by Red Garland (p), Paul Chambers (b) and Philly Joe Jones (d). This is music of the most soaring and exultant quality.

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