Leeds Trial Shock

For those who have been enjoying Nick Griffin’s daily blog of the Leeds Court proceedings, it will have been a disappointment yesterday to discover that the blog had been discontinued for “legal reasons”. Mr Radical has been researching this and believes that the case has been interrupted in order to raise contempt of court proceedings against both defendents today.Given that the purpose of this trial is a vindictive attempt to stifle free speech and deprive the BNP of leadership at a crucial political time, and that the trial is becoming an embarrassment to the prosecution, we ask if the State is trying to find an alternative means of punishing the BNP Two without resort to a jury. All who care about free speech should watch developments closely and post up any known information on the Internet or email us at radical-and-right. The mainstream media will be intent on peddling misinformation or stifling public interest.

Follow up in next entry for 9 November 2006

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