Last Day of Free Speech?

It is the belief of the writers of this website that as from today, 20th January 2009, the Media Class will use its newfound Government power to end free speech in the USA and embark upon the great social revolution that will end the ‘tyranny’ of Christianity and usher in a new era of ‘Human Rights’. Make no mistake, Obama is a creation of the Media Class and for those of you who doubt this we suggest you take a close look at the inauguration. For this inauguration will be like no other. The cost to the taxpayers is likely to exceed $200m, and the rich, who contributed almost a billion dollars to his election campaign, will also have chipped in another $100m. The object is to create a Hollywood-style coronation. What you will see will be a day of theater, staged and broadcast to arouse awe in the people, for those who are about to be enslaved should first be dazzled.

At a time when the USA, indeed the whole world, seems to be heading towards an economic meltdown, today in Washington DC will be a no-expenses spared gathering of the rich and famous. The stars of Hollywood, TV, popular music, Print, the theater, Fashion and anyone who is a celebrity will be there celebrating their political success. They chose Obama, funded him, campaigned for him, lied, deceived and concealed for him and they will continue to do so for they will not allow any failure of his to be exposed. Playing the race card at every stage, the Media Class will ensure that the confident but hollow Obama receives no scrutiny and no criticism as he bungles his way through the Nation’s foreign affairs and its economic travails. All that the Media Class cares about is its social agenda, and on this, Obama will deliver.

There is so much to say about all this and none of it will ever surface in the Media, for the subject people are not to be confused by facts and reality. The Media Class denizens draw their power and wealth from creating fantasy for the masses, whilst at the same time living out their own twisted, dysfunctional and largely perverted fantasies. Today the fantasy begins with the Obama train ride to Washington. We are intended to believe that this symbolic ride will confer on Obama the aura of Lincoln by reminding us of that President’s train ride in the days before the outbreak of the Civil War. Lincoln (a truly great President and man of immense intellect and honor) took office when the Nation faced its greatest test and ironically he took the ride to his inauguration in secret for he feared assassination. Obama’s train ride is intended to receive maximum publicity and to compare him, AT THE COMMENCEMENT OF HIS TIME IN OFFICE, with the President whose greatness was achieved after years of strife and then posthumously, is breathtakingly bold. This train ride is a cynical and shameless manipulation of history, designed to employ the race card and to manipulate the emotions of the ignorant amongst the masses. We should remember that whenever Hollywood touches history, it perverts it.

The cost of Obama’s election campaign, and now this shindig in Washington DC, would, of course fund many schools and health centers in US ghettoes or in any part of impoverished Africa, but we are not to dwell on such grubby facts at a time when history is being made. Plenty of time to tax us all in the near future so that such things can be put right and we can all atone for slavery!

Even the most generous examination of Congress will reveal that both the Senate and House are filled with political pygmies at best and scoundrels at worst. Obama had two years in the Senate without once rising above the rest of his mediocre comrades. Before that his political apprenticeship was served in the grubby politics of Chicago, Illinois. His academic record is ‘off-limits’, as is his Law School record and his birth details. He sat in the congregation of a ranting preacher for 20 years without hearing his messages and schmoozed with an unrepentent terrorist without detecting his beliefs or learning his past. He benefitted financially from his friendship with a Chicago crook but was an innocent amongst thieves. He has no work record and yet we are to begin believing that we have elected an outstanding man to the White House. This weekend, Peggy Noonan, joining the ranks of fawning old journalist hacks wrote about him as a talented writer (“He is the author of two books, the first of considerable literary merit”) and intellectual! Since flexing his political skills in public we have seen him back down to Governor Blagojevich over the appointment of the hapless Burris, bid farewell to the ethically tainted Governor Richardson of New Mexico and pick a Treasury Chief who cheated on his taxes. On the latter, Obama has gone on record as knowing about the cheating but that his pick made a “common mistake”. What can we conclude from this episode? Either Obama is already so arrogant that he thinks he can explain away just about any bad judgement or he is so immersed in a culture of cheating that he sees little wrong with it. This is the man who, during the election campaign welched on his committments to debate in Town Halls and on his committment to curb campaign spending. Of course, any rogue or bumbler can prosper in politics if he has the whole Media Class working flat out to erase every blemish from his everyday record.

We believe that the Media Class will celebrate itself today, for it now has its man in the White House, its Party dominant in Congress, the Business world trembling at its feet, the academic world busy brainwashing future generations with Leftist social propaganda and the legislative means to control the airwaves and Internet.

Those of us who like to monitor the activities of the perverts who infest the new Master Class will have enjoyed the spectacle of the tubby, aging, balding George O’Dowd, (aka Boy George) being sentenced to a term in prison for handcuffing and frightening a former employed ‘lover’. Since bondage and humiliation are part of the everyday lovelife of sodomites it is difficult not to feel sorry for Mr. O’Dowd. He was, after all, only doing what comes naturally and his victim had willingly submitted to tying up games in the past and presumably enjoyed the experiences. This time he objected. I suppose if a member of the oppressed homosexual ‘community’ is the victim of a victim, then legally that trumps all else. At any rate, I understand that outside the Courthouse in the UK the families of both O’Dowd and his male-ex-lover clashed. This must have been a sight to see. O’Dowd has both family and friends and it seems that they are desperately worried about how he will fare in prison. I would have thought that his very first experience in the prison showers will allay his and their fears. He will surely have much to warble about.

The UK’s ever-shrinking band of responsible working people have much to celebrate for I see that Council Taxpayers (for US readers these are property tax-payers) face only a projected 3.5% rise this Spring. This will be the lowest property tax hike for some years. Not that they will get much for their money, for their streets get more dangerous every year, and they have to go to the back of the line for every service to make way for legal and illegal immigrants and all those classed as minorities. In many cities the native people already live in perpetual fear. On the one hand, African and West Indian gangs carry out turf/drug warfare in between mugging and burgling white pensioners and on the other hand militant Muslims (now busy colonizing the UK for their Imperialist Mullahs) are rioting at will in town centers. If you do not believe me I suggest you visit the BNP website for January 17th as soon as possible and read the Nick Griffin article. It will enable you to see “The Muslim March The BBC didn’t let you see”. One video, shot by a brave and alert BNP activist in the northern industrial city of Blackburn, shows some 10,000 demonstrators trashing the city center. I understand that the Muslims marched on Sunday 11th January to ‘protest’ the events in Gaza. I suppose any old excuse will do to both vent anger and exercise domination of the streets. The demo is as anti-Semitic as any that Hitler ever led but the underlying motive is to establish control of the streets. White Leftists do much to organize these Demos and it is hard not to see parallels with the Red terror in Berlin in the 1920’s. As you watch the hapless policemen retreating in confusion down street after street, leaving each to the advancing mob of fanatical Muslims and bellowing White Leftists who are providing ‘leadership’, remember that the British Media and especially the BBC deliberately conceal all such events from the native British people. What is even more alarming is that the Blackburn police, no doubt under orders from above, escorted a BNP camera crew out of town before the violence erupted. Fortunately, another BNP activist with a camera evaded the police roundup.

There is another BNP video of the London Muslim riots which again feature the police in retreat. Since this video was made there have been more such riots in London and last Saturday two more Starbucks were attacked, one in Piccadilly and one in Shaftesbury Avenue. I suppose the Starbucks are symbols either of America or Judaism, but the real targets are law and order. Watching the leaderless policemen scamper before the mob I am reminded of that old saying about the First World War soldiers “lions led by donkeys”.

This coming week in the UK there are some more local elections in wards in Bexley, in Haywards Heath and in the North East’s Fenham Ward (29th Jan). If all the native British people had access to the BNP videos, the BNP candidates would be elected on a landslide, but of course the British Media Class (like the US Media Class) ensures that the voters remain largely ignorant of the developing disaster that is the multi-cultural, multi-racial society. To round this topic off I will mention a criminal case that has just concluded in the UK. Three young Black men, who were part of a larger undetected gang, were convicted of luring and raping a 16 year old mentally handicapped girl. After the multiple rapes they threw caustic soda on her and she is now grossly scarred for life. The Haringey (London) police officer who led the investigation is quoted as saying, “A lack of co-operation by the community made it extremely difficult to investigate.” No doubt the ‘community’ she is referring to is the Black community. When Britain was a homogenous society, the police would have found no problem, not even in the poorest neighborhoods, receiving co-operation to bring scum to justice for such a cruel crime.

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