Larry Craig – Reckless As Well As Hypocritical

In my personal life I almost never meet a homosexual man or lesbian woman. Not because I avoid them but because they seem to be ‘thin on the ground’. I realize that if I frequented the ballet, worked in ladies hairdressing or mixed with Hollywood types, I would have a different experience.

Indeed, if I worked in the UK’s BBC Children’s Department I would be the male heterosexual minority and if I became a US Senator I would be have to be very careful in the bathrooms. Despite my personal experiences, that I am sure reflect those of most visitors to this website, I find that in commenting on the Media Class and political power I am constantly having to write about those who practice same-sex sodomy and other unnatural behaviors. I began to wonder, as I took to writing this current article, whether I am becoming homophobic, for that is the charge constantly made against the brave but foolhardy few who do not publicly subscribe to the ‘gay’ agenda. On reflection I realized that it is impossible to avoid the topic of homosexuality because homosexual activists and their Media allies are determined to keep the topic constantly in the news and on the offensive.

Last week we had the ruling by a single judge in one US state that overthrew the decision of the elected state representatives to ban same-sex marriage, in response to a handful of well-funded ‘gay’ appellants. Early Associated Press reports, trumpeting this victory for human rights, referred to it as a court decision, though it took only one judge and he was probably cherry-picked by the plaintiffs. As we pointed out in our previous article, Bill Ford is still giving oodles of Ford Motor Co. money to this wealthy minority to help further their causes, whilst sacking factory workers and sales people to reduce Ford losses. A big article in the Wall Street Journal last Monday, August 27th by their journalist Farnaz Fassihi featured the success of ‘gay-friendly’ tourist destinations in the Lebanon that are organized by homosexual travel agent Bertho Makso. He is, so we were told, the sole representative in the Middle East of the US-based International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association and the report was enhanced by a picture of a dozen men embracing affectionately in the Roman ruins at Baalbek. A careful reading of the whole piece revealed that Makso is not having much success in finding ‘gay-friendly’ spots which suggests that the article is not actually newsworthy. Still, it got a big write-up and a picture that is intended to make us all more comfortable with homosexuality paraded in public. My point is that the Media makes sure that homosexual-focused articles and news are, and will be featured endlessly until we all believe that damn-near everyone is a sodomite and how nice it all is.

Later in the week the Larry Craig arrest dominated all news and this will probably continue to do so for a while longer just as the Mark Foley (Florida Republican congressman who wrote suggestive emails to congressional pages) story had legs. For the Media Class knows how to turn every scandal into an advantage for its agenda. For those in the UK who have not yet heard about Craig, he is, or was up until the time of writing, the Republican Senator for Idaho. Idaho is a ‘red-neck’ state and therefore socially conservative and Christian. Craig, although married, was entrapped in an airport lavatory cubicle by a plainclothes police officer who was occupying the next cubicle. Craig, who was sitting on the toilet, stretched his foot into the adjoining cubicle and then ran his hand along the floor. This apparently is the way that homosexuals who are ‘cruising’ (I learned this word from an article on the conservative Human Events web site) in public lavatories make contact with each other for brisk sexual activities.

I have listened to the taped exchanges between Craig and the arresting policeman, courtesy of the Sean Hannity Talk Radio Show. Unlike some conservative commentators I am not blaming the cop. He was only doing his job and there had been complaints by members of the public that homosexual men were using the toilets at Minneapolis airport for sex. The charge against Craig was disorderly conduct, but it is hard not to view the whole episode as entrapment, for nothing of an explicitly sexual nature happened. It seems that Craig pleaded guilty in order to avoid the scandal of a court appearance, but his admitted actions strongly suggest that he was initiating a homosexual contact. He also has a bit of a history in that a homosexual man had already been claiming on the Internet that he had had a ‘gay’ affair with him and several years ago there was an accusation that Craig, along with others had been involved in homosexual activities with congressional pages. Craig insists he is not homosexual and that his toilet behavior has been misunderstood. Nevertheless it is hard to believe that the actions, innocuous though they were, were not with a view to same-sex activity, perhaps in the cubicle. It is widely reported that Craig was a regular caller at the Minneapolis airport restrooms.

The first AP bulletins of the incident were quick to point out that Craig had voted against same-sex marriage in Congress and generally been a social conservative in his voting. There is nothing wrong in the Media people drawing attention to hypocrisy except that they are very selective in this regard. For instance, when Teddy or Michael Kennedy issue public pronouncements on ecological matters, the AP never mentions their resistance to wind farms near their own homes. When George Clooney talks about poverty no mention is made of his expensive lifestyle and luxury villas in Europe. Hypocrisy, it seems, can only be detected by Media reporters when it involves conservatives and Christians.

I think that Craig, and any other homosexuals misusing the airport toilets should have been quietly cautioned by the police in order to curb what is after all a nuisance activity. I say this not because his entrapment embarrasses conservatives, but because I don’t think the activities in themselves justify either prosecution or public humiliation and the whole business gets the law into private (though only just private) sexual behavior. This in turn confers too much power on to policemen and the state for anyone’s good.

Conservative op-ed writers have been perplexed by this case, partly because it is damaging to the already damaged Republican Party and partly because it offends those with libertarian leanings. They seek to discover why the Republican Party is so vulnerable to sex scandals and what should be the conservative stance on homosexuality. Some writers sense that the ‘tide’ of public opinion on homosexuality is running against the social Christian/conservative condemnation of sodomy and that it should somehow be abandoned.

They are wrong to take this issue and others related to it out of the context of a Media Class (with its agenda) that is controlling news. For unless the Christian/conservative base caves in on all moral issues, it will have to live with a Media Class and its political mouthpieces that are highly selective about what constitutes a scandal and which people are the hypocrites.

Human nature being what it is, there will always be those who succumb to temptation, and some will be in the ranks of the religious and some will be conservatives. The Media will generally punish only them and rarely those of the Left. That is how it is going to be from now on and those on the Right should fully understand this, for the Media Class has made moral behavior a political battlefield.

It is not illogical for a Congressman on the Right to vote against same-sex marriage or similar pro-homosexual legislation whilst succumbing to homosexual temptations, for it is possible to know what is right whilst doing the wrong thing. It is only hypocritical when the bad behavior is kept secret. Having said that, why should the public elect people who practice the wrong thing when they can elect people who practice the right thing? If conservative and Christian electors want to be sure that legislation is conservative and Christian they are justified in being discriminatory and rejecting those legislators who are homosexual. Craig has likely concealed his sexual orientation and his Party is justified in asking him to resign and not just to avoid embarrassment.

Most commentators on the Craig incident (and not just those on the Left) have avoided the detail. What kind of sexual drive is it that finds satisfaction in ‘cruising’ public toilets of all places and seeking contact with strangers? What kind of drive is it that is not repulsed by the setting? It surely is sex stripped of anything vaguely romantic or personal and on a par with heterosexuals who visit prostitutes, though brothels must be more atmospheric than a public bog. I assume these men in the Minneapolis toilets couple in the cubicles, so how do they clean themselves after acts of sodomy? There is surely a public health dimension here and Idaho electors are entitled to want to be represented by politicians who smell a little sweeter.

I have left until last the other reason why having a Senator guilty of homosexual cruising in public toilets should worry Idaho electors, and that is the sheer recklessness of it. First there is AIDS, still a deadly disease, and well known enough to deter any intelligent person from anonymous sex. There are also several other sexually transmitted diseases that such anonymous and casual sex must expose a person to. Then there is the threat of becoming a victim of violence and robbery. There is still, as in this case, the danger of police entrapment and finally that of blackmail. Senator Craig (if he is guilty) and others like him in Congress have no judgment and are therefore unfit to legislate.

Congratulations to the BNP victor in the by-election in Epping Forest in the UK. Despite Herculean efforts by the Media and their many political allies, the BNP candidate topped the poll and got nearly as many votes as Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem and UKIP candidates combined. The voters of Loughton Alderton ward are also to be congratulated and we on this website hope there will be many more BNP victories in the coming year.

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