Koran Burning

Pastor Terry Jones has a small Protestant Church in Gainsville Florida. According to all Media reports his congregation numbers about 50. In Church terms this is about as small as an American Church gets. The congregation could easily meet in someone’s living room. How many Korans are there in the world? How many are there in the USA? I have no idea and nor does anyone else but there must be at least hundreds of thousands in the USA and millions upon millions in the world. Pastor Jones has threatened to burn a single Koran on September 11th as a protest against Islam and to mark the 9th anniversary of the Muslim attack on the twin towers of New York. When one considers how many Muslims there are in the world and how many Korans and how many Muslim and non-Muslim deaths occur each day at the hands of Muslim militants, it is surely rational to view Jones’ threatened little demonstration as a mere pinprick. I am attempting to do on this website what the Mainstream Media (MSM) will not do and that is to restore a sense of proportion that has been overlooked in the MSM-orchestrated hysteria now building to a crescendo. Terry Jones only represents 50 people.

We are informed that General Petraeus and other top US military officials are fearful that Jones will ignite Muslim violence in Afghanistan and around the world, putting US troops at risk. Petraeus has spoken publicly on this, yet I doubt he would comment publicly and critically if Leftists in New York or San Francisco marched in support of the Taliban. President Obama himself called upon Jones to cancel his burning protest. Hilary Clinton has condemned Jones – which should surely frighten the Pastor even if Muslim threats of vengeance do not. Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin have joined in the chorus of alarmists. Some have accused Jones of sitting comfortably and safely in Florida whilst US troops face the extra violence that it is falsely claimed his protest will ignite. Actually I think Jones is either incredibly brave or incredibly foolish for he is surely a marked man from now on.

Let me state here and now that I would not burn a Koran, in the same way that I would not burn a Bible or other serious Holy book. I see no point in provoking the Almighty. Neither would I draw cartoons of Mohammed or otherwise gratuitously insult the hundreds of millions of ordinary Muslims around the world by cartoon drawing. But I do believe in free speech and the American freedom to offend people. I also believe that we should be resisting the advance of Islam. And so on this website we do not call upon Jones to stop his Koran burning and nor do we call upon cartoonists to avoid depicting the Prophet. And I have to question whether it really makes a scrap of difference to any Muslim anywhere if Jones or anyone else burns that Koran tomorrow. It is Jones’ own copy and no Muslim is going to be deprived of his Koran as a result. Jones, whether he wishes to make a political or religious statement, only has 50 followers. It is not as though he is Pastor of a mega church or leader of a great political party. Why would sane and nominal Muslims get their knickers in such a twist over this pinprick of a protest? Well the answer to that is that huge numbers of Muslims are not moderate, and like Ghetto rappers, are ready to be enraged by anything that ‘disrespects’ them. It seems incredible to me that we are being told to believe that Jones’ planned miniscule protest has ignited Muslim fury around the world and threatens (according to Petraeus), the lives of US soldiers in the war zones. Are they not already facing death each day? The truth is that the Islamic Imperialists are already at full stretch in their endeavors to destroy us. If they could carry out another 9/11 they would be doing so now and would need no provocation. If they could nuke us they would. And millions of Muslims all around the world would deliriously dance in the streets. US Leftists would be invited into every MSM studio to tell us that we deserved it.

Yesterday, the Imam behind the Ground Zero mosque plan appeared on a TV Show and like Petraeus warned that if his mosque doesn’t get the go-ahead then we all face danger from provoked Muslims, both here in the US and around the world. It seems that many Americans and Europeans are truly intimidated by such threats though I suspect that the MSM and their Leftist allies are happy to empower Islam, further humiliate the US and pave the way for the destruction of Christianity by playing upon fear. These MSM fear-mongers hate their own country and its traditions and are eager to lead and orchestrate our submission to Islamic threats.

Pastor Jones could not have foreseen the Media publicity, all of it extremely hostile, that his Koran-burning gig would drum up. We cannot know whether he is a muddle-headed man genuinely outraged by the Elite’s endless pandering to Islamic Imperialism or he is a publicity seeker with a death wish. Either way I think he has unwittingly performed a public service for he has revealed that the Islamists are ever more strident and wholly intolerant, and the rulers and opinion makers of our Nation are ever more willing and eager to suck up to them.

The lesson we are supposed to draw from all this is that if any brave or foolish individual anywhere, here or in the UK or in any Western country threatens a Koran burning or otherwise obstructs the Muslim advance, he will bring the world down around our ears. Incidentally, on the same day that Petraeus issued his warning, the US Army in Afghanistan burned hundreds of Christian Bibles that had been sent to tempt and incite Muslims. This morning the Associated Press announced that it will not distribute any images or audio reports of the Jones Koran burning, should it take place. Adding to the sense of alarm, Interpol this morning issued an alert.

No doubt this article will be classed as ‘hate-speech’. Perhaps it will be cited to justify the Islamic Muslim retribution that is already planned for us. We are to believe that no-one dare risk the consequences for all of free speech that offends the Islamic Imperialists? On the subject of ‘hate-speech’ we strongly recommend an article on Townhall.com on September 8th 2010. It is by Mike Adams and is entitled “My Hate Speech Conviction” 1. It is the best non-religious critique of sodomy and homosexuality that I have ever read. Wish I could have written it! Congratulations Mr. Adams!
1. Townhall columnist Mike Adams – My Hate Speech Conviction

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