Know Thy Foe

We make no apologies on this website for constantly repeating our belief that the Media Class is now the dominant class in the USA and UK. Without this starting point, there can be no real understanding of the cultural and political war being waged against conservatism, Christianity, nationalism and traditional family values.

When we refer to the “Media Class” we are grouping together the TV and radio industry, the film industry, the fashion industry, the newspaper and magazine industry and much of the professional entertainment industry of sport, music and the other arts.

Of course, there are many small segments of these industries whose participants would be surprised to know they are part of the Master Class, just as many 19th and 20th Century small backstreet industrial workshop owners would not have identified with Ford, Austin, Carnegie etc. Nevertheless, make no mistake, the big players in the Media Class know their power and are using it to advance a political and social agenda to their liking.

The evidence of their emerging power as a Class is so omnipresent that few have recognized it. A case of not seeing the wood for the trees! On this website, we have so far concentrated on giving day by day examples of the power and the agenda of the Media Class, though at some time in the future we will have much more to say about the origins of the Media Class and the reasons for its agenda.

We recognise that the Media Class does not yet have things all its own way, at least not in the USA, where a written Constitution, a strong Christian religion and a robust conservative movement have fought an impressive rearguard action. Two methods of communication have aided the rearguard fighters. One is the newly revived radio industry and the other is the internet. The latter has allowed ordinary people to pass news and ideas to each other, thus breaking the Media Class’ near monopoly. We ourselves are taking advantage of this freedom, like tens of thousands of other bloggers. Expect the Media Class and its troops in the political and legislative battalions to do all they can to stifle this freedom. Many means will be employed until one, or a combination, succeeds. Currently, watch out for the U.N. being canvassed to take over a controlling role worldwide under some pretext or other. Political correctness would not be far behind such a move and only Leftist bloggers would be premitted access to the web.

Talk Radio in the USA (where many conservative stations flourish with huge audiences), must also be under constant threat of closure. The role which Talk Radio is now playing in the political arena, is actually evidence of the claim of this website, for it now plays a greater role in the political and culture war, than elected politicians of the Right and their Party.

Rush Limbaugh has now become the pre-eminent conservative leader in the USA. Limbaugh, with a daily 3 hour nationally syndicated program (weekdays only) is far more influential than any conservative politician or group, indeed it is not stretching things too far to say that he props up both the President and the Republican Party. It is Limbaugh who explains the Government’s policies, strips away the falsehoods of the Left and presents alternative news that the mainstream Media ignores or distorts. He and other regional Talk Show hosts such as Lee Rogers and David Gould, have rejuvenated rank and file conservatives across the Nation. Limbaugh was the trail blazer in the 1980s and his success revealed that there were vast numbers of ordinary people hungry for an alternative to the Media Class agenda. Without Talk Radio, Bush and conservative Republican politicians would have all their public statements perverted before their supporters could hear them. There have been attempts to destroy Limbaugh’s character and there will be more, as no-one else seems capable of playing his role in keeping up the morale of rank and file conservatives. Even Limbaugh, with 20 million listeners, is wary of certain topics which most offend the Master Class, and he was soon driven from TV when he made a mild comment about race on a sports program.

Across the political and cultural divide, we see even more evidence of the claims of this website. Recently, Donald Sutherland, a Hollywood has-been, whose career is being resurrected as a reward for his political activism, was on BBC TV in the UK. Anyone who heard his interview will be aware that it was all about politics and was an unrestrained attack on the USA and its President. Despite lacking any kind of coherence, Sutherland was not inhibited and seemingly broke down with emotion when reaching the climax of his interview. Predictably, his BBC interviewer was accomodating and enabling – no tough questions here!

The significance of this and other highly publicised political statements by Showbiz types, should not be missed. They increase with each passing day and what we are witnessing is Media Class activists elbowing aside their political pawns in the Democrat Party and taking a leading role on the political scene. Intellectual incoherence, emotional posturing etc should not surprise us, as this is their stock-in-trade, but they have clearly become impatient with the Democrats’ failure to destroy Bush. Since they control most of the means of communication, what is to stop them? They sense they now have the power and they are impatient to use it.

It is time that conservatives, Christians and nationalists recognised who and what is behind the war against them and the American and British people. Only with a proper historical perspective of the emergence and role of classes in society, can an effective counter-offensive begin.

Note! This website has many differences of opinion with Bush, Limbaugh, the Republican Party, The British National Party etc but takes the view that the enemy of our enemy is our friend, at least for the time being. We are unequivocal in supporting free speech and the dissemination of truth and that brings us into head-on collision with the Media Class.

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